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    Reflecting on Two Atomic Decades

    I guess it's a good thing they are on my car and not yours then I like Meisters, RPF-1 belong on SW20s, and watanabes on anything but an S30, S13, TA22 or RA23 etc are generally rubbish. My favs would be LMGT2s.
  2. fr3nzy

    Reflecting on Two Atomic Decades

    Blue and Gold is kind of a Subaru Impreza WRX (GC8), so I can't really do it to my Nissan xD I remember that! Ah it's all good, we had plenty of other awesome times since though
  3. fr3nzy

    Reflecting on Two Atomic Decades

    White on blue works well and they are rare enough these days - Yokohama Advan AVS5. I actually don't like the common style on TV3 Blue S15s of Anthracite, Gunmetal, Titanium, Bronze or Black wheels. Wheels are shoes, and should contrast the body. IE: Brown leather shoes with grey trousers, white hitops with blue jeans - but that's my aesthetic, and can't please everyone.
  4. fr3nzy

    Atomic Origins

    First pc when I joined atomic was: Athlon Xp 1800+, 512mb ram, GeForce ti4200. Later C2D w/ 512mb GeForce 8800Gt 2x 17"CRT Some others along the way. Now: I5 6600k @ 4.5ghz, watercooled. 16gb ddr4. 3x 250gb ssds, 1 nvme, 2 sata. 2tb hdd Gtx1070 2x 24" 1080p 165hz All the rgb bits.
  5. fr3nzy

    Reflecting on Two Atomic Decades

    A few photos of where I am today too! Weightlifting, diving with seals and a brief stint as a model hahaha
  6. As this curtain closes, I'm feeling a little sentimental so figured I'd share some key moments over the last 2 decades, give or take, that atomic has played a part in. I joined here at 16, in 2001, as a naive fuckwit, and looking back on the shit I got up to, I'm not surprised I eventually got banned, I'm surprised it took so long. Atomic helped shape me as a person, and many key life experiences were directly or indirectly a result of being an atomican. Shit, I lost my virginity as a result of atomic! Ah, good times. I last posted here in 2012, and life has taken me in many directions since. Figured I'd share of my fondest memories, in no particular order: Getting absolutely shitfaced underage at paddies on way too many occasions. Sneaking in to some fox studios venue for atomicmeet whatever, again underaged and getting destroyed. The drunken drive back to Juggs and Cheekies where I shouted from the back seet after Juggs was breathtested: "bullshit, test him again!" Randomly jumping in a car with HCB and agent1337 for a road trip to atomiclan in Brisbane. Roadtripping with Felipe and others to Broken Hill and back. Being a groomsman at Felipe's wedding, an honour and memory I treasure! Being slipped a valium but someone who shall remained unnamed at Jackson's on George. Becoming a living meme due to my obsession with MDMA for a time. Throughout it all, I was generally an insufferable cunt, but you crazy assholes accepted and tolerated me, for that I will always be thankful. Time goes on, and we all grow up. I'm now a functioning member of society, a commercial construction underwriter, avid scuba diver, traveller, car enthusiast (S15 4lyf), powerlifting scrub, still a massive nerd and generally tolerable human being. Dropped the pills for single malt scotch occasionally, started focusing on my health and longevity more after a decade spent abusing my life, health and relationships throughout my 20s. It's been a ride, and I hope you magnificent bastards are doing well! Thanks for attending my tedtalk and I'd love to read your stories as well!
  7. fr3nzy

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Click on me you dirty bitch hahaha.
  8. fr3nzy

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    End of an era Also I'm back bitches