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  1. Nobody can know anything "for sure". Which is why, in court, you prove your case "beyond reasonable doubt". Yes, that applies to murder cases too.
  2. SquallStrife

    Multi monitor slide show

    Thats awesome dude! I'm so glad the program worked out for you! ?
  3. "The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." Did you perhaps forget to read the definition of murder? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM????? Let me re-iterate, if a doctor determines that INACTION will cause the loss of TWO lives, while an ABORTION will reduce this to the loss of ONE life, he is not only legally obligated, but ethically and morally obligated to minimise the loss of life. If he fails to perform, or at least recommend the abortion in this instance, he is not only negligent in his duty of care, but ethically and morally bankrupt, for consciously choosing a path leading to the loss of more lives, over one leading to the loss of fewer. People CAN and HAVE been charged with manslaughter by way of gross negligence for choosing inaction, where choosing action would have saved a life. In the EXACT SAME WAY that police officers and armed forces personnel are ethically and morally obligated to take one life / a few lives to save many as part of their duty.
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    The most special people

    Aw shucks! Thanks so much!! Love you guys!
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    Magazine Clearout!

    I'm looking for the one where I was published gushing about MechWarrior 2. I think it was a "genre defining games" special of some sort. I have NFI which issue that was.
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    Did something just happen?

    Oh shit it's Tak!!
  7. SquallStrife

    Did something just happen?

    Yes sir, very at0mic! Fantastic update Ben, great to see you!
  8. Welcome to at0mic, don't feed the trolls, ignore Tak........ Oh shit it's cheekychops!!! What's goin on fam?
  9. SquallStrife

    Arduino for kids.

    What's the target age group? It looks good, if in need of some editing/formatting TLC. ?
  10. Well, there it is. End of an era. The news isn't all bad, Dave assures me that the forums will be around for a while yet! If you want to recover any articles, the Wayback Machine is probably now your best bet. Of course, Dan's Data and others still have their sites about. Let's link them here for posterity, and to show some love! Everyone raise a beer to our benevolent overlords Dave and Ben, and to the end of the empire they built together. The reason we're all here. Love your work, guys. Thanks for everything!
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    Where does everybody live these days?

    Still in Brisbane. ?
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    PAX AUS 2018

    I'm shattered that I won't get to go this year. Especially since I would've got to meet all my new Twitch friends! I'll be there in spirit though!
  13. SquallStrife

    my politics

  14. SquallStrife

    my politics

    It also requires far less thinking to just rattle off names, than actually look at the numbers and consider the viability of what you're proposing. For instance, have you contemplated the policing and judicial costs of your ridiculously draconian adultery laws? Or are you of the mindset that "no cost is too great" when it comes to imposing your personal beliefs on others? In which case, how do you ever expect to be taken seriously? Seriously, how??
  15. SquallStrife

    Very unwell family

    These things always happen in clusters, remember to take time for yourself chrisg, and practice self care.
  16. SquallStrife

    my politics

    Name calling would be calling him an idiot. He's being hypocritical. He is a hypocrite. It's completely objective.
  17. SquallStrife

    my politics

    But what people do to each other's genitals is entirely the government's business. Fucking hypocrite.
  18. SquallStrife

    my politics

    Thing bad, except when thing good.
  19. SquallStrife

    my politics

    "I still want freedom, except when I think there should be less freedom." Literally you. Reconcile your own hypocrisy before you concern yourself with my views. You're continuously bellowing about freedom. Freedom freedom freedom. Then in the same breath you want the GOVERNMENT, the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT that needs to go away, to concern itself with people's private, personal affairs. YOU. ARE. A. HYPOCRITE. Where is your budgetary estimate to support this statement? Most of the data you would need to produce such a report is public knowledge, so go and figure it out. The fact that your policies are philosophically sound to you is a terrible argument for economic reform.
  20. SquallStrife

    my politics

    "Freedom! Little/no Government! Except when I personally don't like it, in which case BIG BROTHER SHOULD WATCH YOU FUCK!!! LEGISLATE, OUTLAW, PUNISH!!!!! IRON FIST!!!!!" Literally you.
  21. You know, it's great that you found religion a useful tool to get you through life. Many people have. What's less than great is the subtext that because it worked for you, that it's a universal truth and everyone else is wrong.
  22. SquallStrife

    Atomicans Gettin' the (tw)Itch!

    Hi all, I've started streaming retro game content on Twitch, twice a week, 9:30PM Friday and Saturday night Brisbane time. http://www.twitch.tv/RetroSwimAU Anybody else on the bandwagon?
  23. SquallStrife

    Atomicans Gettin' the (tw)Itch!

    Mm! I remember too! I think the issue I had at the time was why you'd deliberately inconvenience yourself to attract attention out in public? Twitch puts a layer between me and other human beings, it's far less intimidating even though I'm potentially in front of more eyes that are directed at me. But yeah, I'm also just recently starting to get past some pretty severe self-esteem / self-loathing issues. Twitch has helped me with that. Not just seeing the viewer count and engaging with viewers, but talking to people in the Brisbane Twitch community, finding other cool Aussie streamers, and little things like seeing someone else do the simulated-old-Windows-environment overlay thing, which helped me not feel like my idea to do that was silly.
  24. SquallStrife


    You're yet to provide a basis for this claim. Specifically, all you've done is quote the law, you haven't provided any precedent for your narrow and specific interpretation of it. I realise that in your head, you saying "I think we should XYZ" is sufficient explanation for anything and everything, but out here on planet Earth, you'll need to be a bit more specific.