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  1. 13 hours ago, @~thehung said:

    ...but what they don't normally have to hand, however, is many weeks worth of shit paper.  so there it is.  "mystery" solved.



    What you're talking about is rational.


    What we're seeing is people loading up trolleys with months worth.


    SUVs and "mum vans" packed to the brim with paper.


    That's the bewilderment. That's what's fucking dumb.



    It's Corona time right now.


    Image result for corona


    My Woolies still has some TP, thank fuck...


    What's the origin of the "stockpile TP" meme? I never heard advice through the radio to do so... one of those Facebook Mum things perhaps?

  3. 20 hours ago, NZT48 said:

    So we shouldn't have a law against murder because murder being wrong is someone's belief?


    Not for that reason, no.



  4. 5 hours ago, Leonid said:



    Today's left anachronistically cling on to the notion that they are 'anti-establishment', and yet our cultural establishment today is unquestionably and unquestioningly left wing, and tolerates little else in terms of thought.




    -Maajid Nawaz, ex Hizb ut-Tahrir


    I don't know whether or not a far-right god-fearing population is a preferable alternative. 


    It's swings and roundabouts though, it'll all be different in 20 years.

  5. Even Albo, love or hate Labor, is out there spending his own personal money to make life easier for the firies.


    TBH I thought some of the earliest bushfire-related criticism of Scummo was perhaps misguided, but as things unfold I'm less and less impressed with our PM and his attitude toward others.

  6. Can I just take a moment to retract any flippant remarks I may have made over the years about the personal character of Tony Abbott?




    @Leonid You were right, away from parliament, he's a good guy.

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  7. 3 hours ago, eveln said:

    So, according to your theory ( which I still dispute, but nevermind ) if the impeachment does not mean elected official is removed from office then ( in my head ) the elected official did not get impeached 🙂


    It's not Leo's "theory". Impeachment isn't the whole process of removing a president, just the first step.


    To compare it to an individual accused of a crime, impeachment is only the equivalent of an indictment, not a conviction and sentencing.

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  8. C'mon man, you know what I mean.


    If somebody did it before, and wasn't impeached over it, then at best it's implicitly OK. This instance is going to a hearing, with a "jury", the result of which will explicitly spell out, in whatever the US Senate's equivalent of Hansard is, that this is OK.


    I say "jury" because the "jurors" are partisan politicians with a stake in the outcome. It's impossible for this process to be impartial, regardless of your view on the merit or motive of the case.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Leonid said:

    The Democrats are in a lot more danger than Trump. It’s why every time they announce something to do with impeachment, they immediately announce a policy win for him so that the impeachment isn’t used later against them as proof that they did nothing for 4 years other than obstruct and attempt a partisan shakedown.


    As a bulk, Democrats don’t hate Trump as Republicans love him. That presents a problem because the country is divided along partisan lines and there’s negligible net support for impeachment.


    When the senate acquits him in January, do you think this sets a precedent that it's perfectly OK to financially pressure foreign leaders to further your election campaign?


    Like, the transcript is black and white.

  10. 15 hours ago, @~thehung said:


    you mean beg-a like "begger" right? 

    in australia, its like Bega (cheese), ie. Seger (Bob)


    the correct latin american pronunciation of the surname Vega (eg. Suzanne Vega) is closest to "bair-gah", which americans process as "vay-gah". in silicon valley especially, they were always destined to do the same with SEGA.


    americans do some weird shit.  they dont really have the short 'o' in Carlos like we do.  their 'loss' is a hybrid of 'loss'/'lahss'.  so their only other option to make Carlos with familiar sounds is use their long 'o' and make a meal of the last syllable - carl-OSE



    When they entered the Japanese market (in their pre-video-games era), they obviously pronounced it the way it looked to them: セガ (seh gah), and since the Japanese created Sonic and a lot of their first party content, Americans would continue to say seh-gah, or say-gah.


    Australia had a longer weaning period on to Sega, the Master System was waaayyyy more popular here than in the US, so we "grew up" without the pronunciation key given by the famous Mega Drive splash screen. Hence See-gah.


    Funny story though... from actual former Sega OziSoft employees:


    SEGA is short for Service Games, so they joked that maybe we should all be saying "Ser-gah" 😛

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  11. On 11/22/2019 at 7:43 AM, NZT48 said:

    Other states/countries funding tourism advertising here means wealth is taken from here to there. If we want wealth here then we should let their wealth stay there. If there is no government funded tourism advertising anywhere then the total wealth that exists would be greater because wealth is not wasted on advertising. People will come here anyway because of word of mouth.


    Tourism Australia exists, we do in other countries exactly what other countries do here.


    Golden rule satisfied.



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  12. Heard on the Facetards that RFS firefighters in QLD or NSW were having their fuel cards bounce, and having to buy diesel out of their own pockets, can anybody confirm or deny?


    I'm imagining that if anything, it's just a "system down" type situation, rather than anything malicious or clerical.

  13. 2 minutes ago, NZT48 said:

    Do you mean "in a situation where there is stagnation and deflation" or are you talking about both stagnation and deflation together?


    I don't know quite what you're asking there, why "or"? I'm talking about them together, but they are separate things.


    Stagnation is the neutral state between growth and recession, deflation is the opposite of inflation. They are related, in that the former typically results in the latter, but they are not the same.



  14. On 11/5/2019 at 10:57 AM, NZT48 said:

    But that person can be an entrepreneur or find work in another growing business.




    In economic stagnation and deflation, there isn't "another growing business", but there is a growing population of unemployed fighting for a shrinking number of jobs.


    When there is rising unemployment, people don't have money to gamble on entrepreneurial ventures. Banks are averse to lending money to new businesses, when the existing businesses are already experiencing losses.


    2 hours ago, NZT48 said:

    I think the answer is free-market capitalism, not inflation. In free-market capitalism it is easier for people to get wealthy. With inflation it is those who get the new money first who benefit at the expense of the rest.


    Nothing in this sentence makes any sense, and at this point, you're just spilling word soup all over the place.


    You won't be taken more seriously, just because you litter your posts with keywords, much less as you proceed to demonstrate nothing more than a passing understanding of the meanings of the words you're using.


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