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  1. SquallStrife


    You (and millions before you) have thusfar failed to demonstrate this claim. For 50 years, a million dollars was available to anybody who could demonstrate a superpower. Nobody did.
  2. SquallStrife

    What's on your mind?

    No it's not.
  3. SquallStrife

    PAX AUS 2019

    3-day badges are 90% sold out! If you're planning to be there all weekend, get in now! 1-day badges still plentiful, and flights+accommodation haven't gotten crazy yet. Still plenty of bargains to be had on Skyscanner and AirBnB!!
  4. SquallStrife


    For instance... for the "Water into wine" trick - An empty room with no access to outside materials - Water supplied in transparent containers - If necessary, a workbench, but one with open sides for observation purposes - The performer to be searched for concealed apparatus, and not permitted to bring any equipment with them. - Analysis of the provided water for contaminants prior to supply, and during the procedure - Continuous observation of the entire room, and of the performer from arrival at the facility until conclusion of the trick, with constant video (visible and non-visible, eg. IR) and data recording. The idea is to eliminate the opportunity for the person performing the "miracle" to conceal their method, and for the observations to be recorded in a meaningful and reproducible manner. Which is to say, the CONDITIONS for the "miracle" are CONTROLLED.
  5. SquallStrife


    It doesn't strike me as thorough to look for confirmation of miracles only in other Abrahamic religions' holy books. Looking at the Quran (or, say, the Torah) as examples of "nonbiblical" sources is lawyering your way around the thrust of the question. Are Christ's so-called miracles documented in any scientific journals? Did he perform his miracles under controlled scientific conditions for impartial observers?
  6. SquallStrife


    How so? At least "There is a teapot orbiting Jupiter" is a claim that can be tested through observation. As inconsequential as it is. What does "seek and you will find" add to the discussion?
  7. SquallStrife


    "It talks about XYZ" is scantly a reference. "Seek and you will find" is as pointless a thing to say as "There is a teapot orbiting Jupiter. Prove me wrong."
  8. SquallStrife

    PAX AUS 2019

    My AirBnB is booked and paid for. Hell yea. Anybody else from the AtomiSphere going to be there? Mini m33t?
  9. Prompted by some tweets by @hawkeye I went looking for some of the awesome cover photos from at0mic's past. Bois.... We found em. https://www.10wallpaper.com/list/Australian_computer_gamers_magazine_Atomic_MPC_hardware_wallpaper.html The newer batch anyway, including the one I was specifically after: Enjoy, fam.
  10. SquallStrife


    The rate at which we could complete S@H WU's was a bragging right among my old LAN party friends. We had a team, and the top spots on that leaderboard were as hotly contested as any shooter game you care to name. I'm talking 2001-2004. https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_display.php?teamid=31546 There we are!
  11. SquallStrife

    My Adventures with 4G

    The Nighthawk M2 is a Cat20 device. Up to 2Gbps.
  12. SquallStrife

    Israel Folau and freedom of communication

    If two people want to do something to each other, and they both consent, to whom must they justify their actions? Not me. Certainly not you. And definitely not to some unseen moral arbiter in the sky.
  13. SquallStrife

    Israel Folau and freedom of communication

    Israel's post is both broad and scathing, and your response was "Oh but he's just trying to warn and help people!", as if the buffoon has a shred of good intention in his body. First of all, social media is about generating exactly this kind of hype/hysteria, it doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative, people are talking about him, so he feels relevant, and will receive offers for paid promotion out of it. Secondly, there's an old saying that goes "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar". If Israel genuinely wanted to bring people across to his faith, there is plenty to love about individual church groups that would make a good sell. "Come to church on Sunday, there's music, it's warm and cosy, the people are friendly, and there's a place to sit down!" will convert more people than "BE ONE OF US OR BURN IN HELL". Posts like the one in your OP are NOT designed to warn/help people, they're there to be divisive and create controversy, and at that, Israel has succeeded. I wouldn't want somebody so petty and narcissistic working for me, regardless of the subject matter, and apparently, neither did Israel's employer. Organisation like Australian Rugby Union and the NRL want their players to be positive role models, not doomsayers. It speaks volumes that the ACL is standing behind Israel, rather than distancing themselves. It's not about the good that individual churches do for their communities, it's about trying to be the state sanctioned morality police.
  14. SquallStrife

    Israel Folau and freedom of communication

    The goblin throws a cobbled-together explosive device at the party. The rest of you take .....(rolls dice).... 9 burning damage.