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  1. iain671

    New ios 4 bug

    Doesn't happen in iOS 4.2b3, so I guess they've been aware of it a while.
  2. iain671

    Sick Kitteh

    Fingers crossed mate. Our kitties are our furry child substitutes.
  3. iain671

    Mac for iphone/pad app development

    I would buy that.
  4. iain671

    Happy Birthday Caelum!

    Muahahaha :) You can't avoid birthdays mate :)
  5. iain671

    Onlookers watch woman attacked and don't help

    You have very generous mates.
  6. Fuck me roman. And the approximate cost?
  7. Because that's the excess on claims. If you claim within the first 3 months it's ~$250
  8. iain671

    Forgot to turn the oven off?

    I was more thinking getting a root from the next door neighbour. Dude, I know we live in Tasmania.. but isn't your next door neighbour family?
  9. iain671

    Gen 5 Video Ipod Cover

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the OP is referring to an iPod Classic 5G Video, not a Nanoo Nanoo Like this:
  10. iain671

    wot's your pet hate?

    *smirk* Patience, padawan
  11. iain671

    wot's your pet hate?

    I see your lolcat and raise you an entertaining instructional video.
  12. iain671

    Sick and tired of these bloody ebay scammers

    I still sell a little bit of stuff on ebay. I also don't accept bids from overseas buyers, among other conditions. Haven't had any real issues for a while..
  13. iain671

    wot's your pet hate?

    Both my cats hate being bathed.