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    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I didn't even know this place was still here, let alone my account. Not sure I've ever been on here in 10 years (edit: must've been, since my sig is from an ep of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia from 2007). Hmm ok, since 2006... Got married in Nov that year (10 years coming up, wow), had 2 kids, moved to a bigger house to fit them and all the pets (2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 geckos, 5 fish, and now 6 birds). Still working in the same place, no plans to move anywhere else. Played a metric fuck-tonne of games in that time (of course)... not a great deal else to report though... I like stability and predictability (overall) :-)
  2. Thylacine

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    Never read the books (and probably won't, more due to a lack of time than any expectation that I wouldn't like them; I'm sure I'd love them), but when I watched it, and saw the burnt remnants of Winterfell I felt at the time that it had been left deliberately vague, so the cause could be revealed in s3, so the viewer's somewhat like the characters seeing it, not knowing who did it.
  3. Thylacine

    (Everyone) Mykl's Greatest Shave

    Just working out what we can swing, then we'll contribute... EDIT: Done!
  4. Thylacine

    'Smith' - has anyone seen this series?

    Hey I liked it (saw all the eps too; got the unaired ones a couple of months after it was axed, in small crappy RealPlayer versions, but watchable enough). The reason it was pulled, despite good reviews, was that it was at the time the most expensive TV show ever made, but unfortunately didn't get the ratings quickly enough to justify its existence. Gone are the days where shows could take years to reach their peak - if you're not a hit straight away these days, you're canned.
  5. Thylacine

    Anyone here tried absinthe?

    No worries mate :-) Methinks I need to go buy another bottle soon, it's been too long...
  6. Thylacine

    Anyone here tried absinthe?

    Yeah look I should clarify, and relax my position, as per hawkeye's post - it's obviously up to the individual how they drink it... but in terms of the history and origin of it, if that's where you're coming from, just don't try and call it 'traditional' when you're igniting a Czech oil blend. Oh and don't get me started on a 'martini' made with vodka instead of gin ;-)
  7. Thylacine

    Anyone here tried absinthe?

    This man speaks truth. I got big into absinthe a few years back (and have well and truly become an absinthe purist and snob, for which I make no apologies haha), initially Green Fairy (since that was the most easily available) before discovering that it and the majority of its 'e'-less brethren (ie absinth, vs absinthe) are not remotely authentic or traditional and don't really have the right to a name that even resembles that of the traditional product. The effects of thujone (the hallucinogenic ingredient, a component of wormwood) have been wildly exaggerated over the years, and especially these days you're more likely to pass out drunk before experiencing any hallucinogenic effects, and I've been through 2/3 of a good bottle in one sitting (and know many who've done much more than that) and not seen any fairies or been tempted to cut off my own ears. I can't speak for every product ever released of course, but some of the links below lead to reviews of various products. The difference between the shit ('absinth', though this rule of 'with an e' or 'without an e' isn't without exception) and the good stuff, is that the former is an oil blend, whereas the latter is distilled. Also, part of the reason they don't deserve to be called absinth(e) is that they don't even louche, the term used to describe the almost instantaneous cloudiness that spreads through the drink when water is added. These fake products owe their origin to Czechoslovakia in the early '90s, so their claims of being traditional etc are absolute bullshit - traditional absinthe is mainly French or Swiss (though Germany has done some decent ones, and even Marilyn Manson - a big absinthe buff - has made his own, quite a good one too), but unfortunately these are by far the most easily available. I recently visited Tamborine Mountain Distillery in Qld, who have made the only proper distilled absinthe in Australia, 'Moulin Rooz', quite nice, but on the more bitter side. The fakes also make a point of going on about how much alcohol they contain, which is in no way a measure of the quality of the product (nor is the thujone content). Oh, and another thing? NEVER EVER EVER LIGHT IT. That is more bullshit made up by the purveyors of the fake crap (can you tell it annoys me?) to make their product seem more exotic, and unfortunately it's trickled into popular portrayals of absinthe ('From Hell' comes to mind). This ruins the flavours and is an absolute affront to connoisseurs of traditional absinthe and the absinthe ritual. Absinthe CAN be consumed straight, but it's not intended to be - the addition of chilled water brings out all the flavours and nuances. Often the water is run through a sugar cube placed on a special perforated spoon (I've got about 6 of these, not for any different function, they're each just cool in their own way), but this is optional (some absinthes are more bitter than others, so the sugar can make them more palatable if the bitterness is too much for you). Some excellent resources, the info from which I'd be wasting time to attempt to reproduce as concisely, can be found here... http://www.oxygenee.com/absinthe-faq/ http://www.absinthe.se/ http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/ If you're in Sydney there's the great Absinthe Salon in Albion St which sells many legitimate products - http://www.absinthesalon.com.au/ . You can see the products they sell at http://www.absinthesalon.com.au/page/products.html (click the left-most image); I doubt you'd recognise any of the brands from what you'd see in pretty much any liquor shop or licensed premises.
  8. Thylacine

    Show us Your collection

    Very nice! I'm a collector too, though I've had to curtail my habit, by buying cupboards for them, so that if I find I can't fit any more, I have a sell-off :-) I'd love to just keep expanding it, but considering I'd never have the time to watch them all, and with an 18 month old and another one the way, other things to spend time and money on these days. I still love to know I own the movies etc I love. No photos at the moment, but currently up to 558 DVDs and 201 BDs (that includes movies, TV, docos, music etc). How many would you have CE, do you know?
  9. Thylacine

    First shots from AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    Loved it... ... especially the reveal of next season's heroine. She showed up and everyone on the train must've thought I was a bit odd when a big smile spread across my face, "Michonne, fuck yeah!"
  10. Thylacine

    First shots from AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    +1 hec... I think Shane's death was done well in the way it differed from the source - Carl killed him in the books didn't he, shot him when he attacked Rick? If memory serves... An actor's already been cast as The Governor for season 3, if that storyline plays out anywhere near as awesomely as it does in the books, I'll be verrrrry happy!
  11. Thylacine

    Another celebrity death

    Sad end. I always loved Degrassi (have all the DVDs of Jr High, High, and the School's Out special... never watched The New Generation or whatever it's called), and Wheels was always my favourite.
  12. Thylacine

    Atomic M33t 12!

    Perth would be cool, we have friends in Perth we've been hoping to visit for a while. However Melbourne would be just as good for me, and another whole level of awesome if it coincided with Comic Con there :-)
  13. Thylacine


    lmao that was funny as Haha nice one. Loved that vid haha... "Bit da shit out of diss bitch, fuckin poosy, you a fuckin badass".
  14. Thylacine


    LOL hilarious...
  15. Thylacine


    Dont you find it funny that if your turn it off for any other game; it stays off, but with Bethesda you get updates forced onto you whether you like it or not.... /rage I noticed that too! I turned it off after the bad 1.2 reports started coming out, only to have it start updating a few seconds later; I'd thought maybe I wasn't fast enough. I had no problems with 1.2, but had left updating turned off, only to find it updating yesterday, and the setting had reverted to 'keep updated'. Wha?