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    Don't Starve in full release!

    I bought Reign of Giants a couple of days ago. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, been flat out, but it looks freaking wicked :D
  2. SohBriKay

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Yeah I'm in Romps clan ^_^ I was a member of AMPC at one point, confirmed it with my man last night XD lol XD So I downloaded tanks... and the file was somehow corrupted -_- so, I have to download the whole damn thing over again! Might just pinch the files off a friend XD
  3. SohBriKay

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Urk the download for tanks is tanking forever XD so... I tried Karl out on my man's account, omg Karl is so weird! XD hahahaha :') psml at how retarded it all feels XD Changed my account name cos it was something retarded XD So, once that goes through my account name will be SohBriKay so if you guys wanna 'toon I'd be thrilled :D But, I aint too skilled... I was, but then life got in the way and my skills kinda depleted a bit XD anyway, I've never actually added anyone before XD Usually people just add me and i click the button that says "who the hell are you?! Piss off!" hahaha XD so yeah, lemme know if i should look you guys up :D I remember teams being totally crap rather often, so it would be nice to actually have some decent people to tank with XD The guys I normally tank with only log in on a friday it seems, and I'm always out on friday evenings XD drama, i know XD Also I do believe the name AMPC sounds familiar... I might have actually been a member at one point... That was a while ago, when the team first started doing clan wars I believe XD Might ask my tank-friends and confirm with them XD until I know for sure, pretend I'm rambling nonsense ;p
  4. SohBriKay

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    I haven't checked out Karl yet XD I'm deliberately avoiding it because... Well, I have no reason, it just kinda looks annoying as hell to play tanks in a level that difficult, WoT is frustrating enough as it is XD I'm not a serious Tanker or anything, I'm more of a "Play it whenever I damn well feel like it" and then I usually fall in love with it and play it for a few days straight XD I used to be more serious, but my account was hacked and I lost everything... No drama though, made a new account and bought back all my tanks in the same day XD screw you hackers! :D Pfft don't ask me my account name, I have no dang clue XD I'll have to reinstall tanks as I had to reinstall my computer a week or so ago and I lost all my games as a result (Forgot to back up my WoT folder -_-) I'm already a member of a clan though, and I am aware we can only be a member of one at a time, true yah? LoLtraktor is my favourite tank ^_^ It's just got this quality about it XD plus it's teeny tiny and super cute hahahaha XD OH!!! My server, Erm I'm on the S.E.A servier, so I'm pretty sure that's the ASIA server XD I'll reinstall tanks and let you know my name hahaha XD
  5. SohBriKay

    Don't Starve in full release!

    Pfft! how far through?! I have no dang idea!!! I've gone through that door thing Maxwell's made, and I've survived for a while in just regular adventure but I always freeze, starve, or those dang dogs get me! I don't think I've actually achieved that much XD It's more that I get on the game and attempt to... Well... Not starve XD But yeah, I checked out the caves and then sorta got new games and haven't played Don't starve since then XD But I do agree it can be very stressful XD
  6. SohBriKay

    Surgeon Simulator 2013

    This game is awesome :D I played it and loved it until I had to reinstall my computer and lost all my saved data for the game and haven't touched it since... All that hard work :'( The controls are a bit of a C U Next Tuesday to figure out but once you've got them down it becomes the most infuriatingly awesome gamer ever! :D 10/10 ^_^
  7. SohBriKay

    Don't Starve in full release!

    THIS GAME!!! Omg it looked so STUPID when I saw it on the steam store, and yet I bought the dang game XD I've loved every second of this game and died many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many.... Well, I've died a lot XD But this game... It has devoured many hours of my life and I don't want them back, I continue to feed many hours of my life to this game whilst I scream at my monitor when I die or when I accidentally burn down every tree in the game XD teehee ^_^ This game is just... Awesome :D 10/10 ^_^
  8. SohBriKay

    I just tried the Occulus Rift

    This thing looks totally wicked! :D I want one! :D EEEK! it would make horror games unbearable though XD
  9. SohBriKay

    Diablo 3 expansion.

    I'm still undecided as to whether or not to buy this expansion for my man... He seemed to be REALLY into Diablo 2 and 3, so I'm assuming he'd love this expansion... I mean it sounds fun even to me :D
  10. SohBriKay

    Violence in video games

    I find with most people I know that is a game contains violence it is rarely turned down, and if it is then it's only because we are playing it in front of younger people or because it makes our systems lag. I personally see no point in turning down violence. If I buy a game that is a first person shooter I'm going to expect violence, same as any other zombie apocalypse or horror games I play. Maybe not so much in my Indie games but they all have killing things with their own kind of "Violence" I suppose it depends on what you consider "Violence". Even Angry Birds is considered Violent by some people XD But yeah, as I've said; violence is good XD
  11. SohBriKay

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Currently I'm playing a number of games... On my PC I'm currently playing; Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, Plants VS Zombies, and I'm about to begin playing The Walking Dead ^_^ On my PS3 I'm playing The Last Of Us, but I'm struggling because I keep getting my arse handed to me XD On my XBOX I'm playing Fable just for lol's, though I literally have not touched my XBOX in months (I'm a PC gamer at heart, I just play consoles sometimes to shake things up) On my gameboy advance SP I'm playing Pokemon Emerald and kicking serious Poke-behind! :D And last but certainly not least, On my 3DS I'm playing the latest Yoshi's Island game, the 3DS version ^_^ So yeah... TaDa XD *awkwardly shuffles away*
  12. SohBriKay

    South Park The Stick Of Truth

    Hey guys! :D I couldn't find a place to yammer away about this game, so I decided to make one :D I dunno how many of you actually have played this game, and let's face it... Most people know from hard lessons that when you buy a game based off of a TV series or movie, it's rather disappointing. I personally would never have touched it, but PewDiePie on YouTube gave it a go and I was beyond thrilled with the prospects of what the game seemed to offer, so... I pre-ordered it, downloaded it, and began the most awesome and amazing journey of my gaming life... Well, this year anyway... I can't stress enough that this game is totally awesome but is very true to the nature of South Park, so if you don't really like South Park as a TV series, you likely won't enjoy this game XD But it's just... Wow! :D So now I'm gonna warn you... SPOILERS ALERT!!! 'Cos I'm gonna talk about the game a little further :D You play as "The New Kid" In South Park after having just moved there with your parents, you quickly make friends with the usual gang (yayyyy Cartman & Kenny!!!) And these friends are all playing a role playing game of sorts, two sides (Elves and humans) fighting for the mighty relic which grants its wielder control over the universe; The Stick... Of Truth! :D *Awesome ambience* ^_^ Of course there's the usual things, violence, sex, anal probing, abortions, aliens, nazi zombies, and all the lovely swearing and even the death of dear sweet Kenny ^_^ (Kenny always dies, this isn't exactly new hahaha) But the character customisation is totally awesome! :D You play as a boy, but you can dress up as a girl if you feel so inclined to have a slight amount of confusion about your gender XD You can choose your skin colour, hair style and colour, clothes and colour, and then you can even find customisations all over South Park which you can equip to alter your look :D (Such as new hairstyles or clothes, or some pretty make-up for your face) The weapons are very creative as you wander around South Park beating up kids dressed up as elves and looting everything you can touch :D The combat system is surprisingly fun and humorous with a touch of difficulty (Don't ask how many times I hit the wrong key) and there's even perks to timing your hits properly resulting in extra damage ^_^ The game has its main story as well as many side-quests, all of which offer their own hilarity and good fun :D The only down side to this game, if you live in Australia, is that the game has certain scenes completely cut out to be replaced with a cartoon koala crying, and didgeridoo music playing in the background, with a text explanation of what is happening and an apology for being unable to show it. (these scenes are the 5 anal probing scenes and the abortion scene) Personally I loved every minute of this game, and will certainly play it many times again :D I'd rate this game 10/10, or 10 stars, or 10 rubber chickens for those of you who watch GGSP XD Anyway... I'm not much of a game review person... So I've kinda run out of things to talk about XD Hopefully you guys enjoyed this game if you've played it :D Toodles ^_^ Ash xxx
  13. SohBriKay

    Starbound: My Review

    This was another game my friend Kasper recommended to me, and after scoffing at his recommendation of Teraria and being thoroughly and pleasantly surprised by what that little pixelated world had to offer, I jumped online and purchased Starbound as soon as I had the cash :D I won't pretend this game is easily, it's actually a bit of a challenge when getting started, but once you've got it all down pat then it becomes one of the most awesome games in existence :D For me it blows Minecraft and Teraria WAYYYYY out of the water :D and the best part? They just keep adding awesome stuff to it ^_^
  14. SohBriKay

    [PC] Terraria

    I will admit, when my friend Kasper suggested my man and I buy this game I scoffed and told him I would never even touch such a dreadful game. He nagged and dropped hints and simply wouldn't give up. So, I caved. And I bought the damn game! WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!! I lost my life for the next week or so as a result, I could not stop! This game is totally awesome and exceeded all expectations and far surpassed my thoughts on what made a good game. For me this game re-wrote all the rules and introduced me to a whole new world of awesome-ness :D Moral of the story? Buy this game! :D and be entertained ^_^
  15. SohBriKay

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Had a few good laughs while reading through this thread :) I've hung around this forum for a while now so I finally decided to sign up XD I do enjoy tanks quite a bit personally, I must say I'm very much a Light Tanker myself XD Mostly because I enjoy the hilarity and fun of zipping around and waiting for someone to finally hit me, whilst lighting them all up hahaha XD