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  1. TheFrunj

    The end of an era, thanks Core 2

    My old Q6600 (OC to 3GHz its entire life) and Tuniq Tower is running as an office PC for my parents, still plenty of power, just not the most power efficient any more. That and the 2500K are regarded as amazing value chips, there haven't been ones like them in quite a while now.
  2. TheFrunj

    How to blow

    You won't massively increase the temperatures inside the case if you have the rads as intake, so long as there is enough air passing through the system to prevent heat buildup. So high static pressure fans at a decent 800+RPM should do it. With 9 fans as exhaust it's gonna suck air from every tiny crack in the case, especially with no intake fans to balance it out. Maybe post some photos of the case so we can brainstorm?
  3. TheFrunj

    What's on your mind?

    I managed to get 61GB of data tethering my prepaid phone to my pc with a usb cable. A bunch of steam updates/patches, game installs from uplay, watched a few YouTube videos while it was coming. Got a sustained 4000kB/s, where the ADSL2 normally gets 400kB/s. It was glorious.
  4. TheFrunj

    What's on your mind?

    I use YouTube Enhancer Plus on Firefox, allows auto pausing with no buffering of videos, possibly allows them to buffer if you want that I guess. https://www.mrfdev.com/youtube-enhancer-plus
  5. TheFrunj

    Zip ties.

    Dad's cramped work computer, power cables kept hitting the heatsink's fan blades. Cable ties fix so many things :)
  6. TheFrunj

    Addicted to sugar

    I try and avoid processed sugars, though soon as I'm having a shitty day I reach for the junk like most people. Otherwise low GI and protein is usually enough. I find I do better if I have a large breakfast, small to medium lunch and a medium dinner. Helps avoid that mid-afternoon snooze.
  7. Nice! I think you had vsync on in those fraps screenshots, they are all at 60fps and might be higher with it off. Not that 60fps is bad :) I threw this together in 30 minutes, hope you don't mind. I forgot to keep your watermark and didn't save any of the process, oops :P
  8. TheFrunj

    What's on your mind?

    I'm spending NYE alone too, but I'm not motivated enough to do anything productive.
  9. TheFrunj

    ht vs ram

    That's a 6% difference at stock and a 5% difference at 4.2 with hyperthreading on. Interesting that it's that threaded, I wonder if they had developed it with the PS3 Cell chip in mind and later ported it to x86. Memory bandwidth is making an impact too, going from OC 1600 HT to OC 2400 HT is a 13% improvement.
  10. TheFrunj

    Watercooled GTX980ti

    Odd PR post, a video on YouTube by 'arabhardware' is not what I expected. Something more official I guess. What about Australian availability, RRP, those sorts of things?
  11. It does sort of look like the scout stormtroopers. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Scout_trooper Assuming you're getting UV reactive coolant with all those black lights, hope the LEDs will be strong enough to illuminate it.
  12. Nice, looks like the ARC Reactor from Iron Man :D What LED chips are on those PCBs? Any reason you chose those over LED tape?
  13. TheFrunj

    Thermal goop, what's your preference these days?

    I swapped from AS5 to Noctua NT-H1 as soon as it launched, preferring the consistency and ease of removal (plus it's non-conductive). It lasts for ages without drying and needs no curing time. One tube/syringe goes a long way.
  14. First post October 7, last post October 11, you did a huge amount of work in (seemingly) four days. Without a personalised introduction that made you seem more human, you could have been a bot that was automated to paste ASUS spam. I know you're not but people online aren't always so trusting :) I don't mean that cutting and pasting is bad practice, just explaining that the content was original but the timeframe was compressed, it had unfolded in real time on other forums. A "This is a copy of my build log to bring you guys up to date" would have solved any confusion. Hi Ken! Thanks for the introduction, you are definitely not a bot :) It's nice to have an expression of your creativity that's paired with a hobby you enjoy, game textures are fun but you can't really work with them the same way as something IRL. It's a long road to success, another aussie has gotten relatively successful with custom PC mods and runs a YouTube channel called SingularityComputers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqChlb8y4cQ0jAFaNFPQLqA Best of luck, I'm curious to see how this project turns out, especially thermal performance. It's hard not to scratch those pieces when you work with them!