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  1. deadpeep

    What's on your mind?

    The past few weeks have been emotionally exhausting. Listening to people I once trusted talk about Pell and Jackson, saying they don't believe the alleged victims and there should be a statute of limitations.... Had one suggest that memory is so fallible, 'we remember what we want to remember'.... As a person who has suffered sexual abuse, it's absolutely fucking heartbreaking to hear the people who claim to care about you spout their hurtful opinions and make you question if you've ever been believed....
  2. deadpeep

    Relationship issues.

    Oh dude :( that's horrible. Couples therapy, or at the very least, talk to a counsellor by yourself. It sounds like she's got some whacky stuff going on, and while I understand postnatal can cause a lot of crazy behaviour, it's not okay for her to be doing these things to you. Goodluck, I hope you reach a resolution.
  3. deadpeep

    Google Play Reviews Outs You!

    Unless you have a unique name, like mine, which I don't think anyone else has, as no other search results come up for anyone else, and there's no one else with it even on FB
  4. deadpeep

    Google Play Reviews Outs You!

    As someone who has been stalked (more than once by people on the internet), I like to keep things to a minumum. Yes, people can track me down easy enough, I have a very unique name. But I like to limit how easy it is, and just leave stuff associated with my name on FB etc
  5. deadpeep

    What's on your mind?

    Does that mean we don't need food, water, or an assortment of other things either? :P
  6. deadpeep

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    Alright I'll start a thread for planning Meet 14
  7. deadpeep

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    How's this afternoon for you? Free and easy. Lets set something up. ' Alright. Orange Hungry Jacks 6pm
  8. deadpeep

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    How's this afternoon for you?
  9. deadpeep

    How many partners?

    It's atomic. Ofcourse. Pretty sure BOTH of those threads have been done before.
  10. deadpeep

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    Congratulations foods, I hadn't heard. You'll make an excellent father/husband.
  11. deadpeep

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    I have an awful memory though I do remember talking to him a few times. RIP. Very tragic that we're still losing people to depression. That's the second 25 year old I've known to pass away this October alone. Thinking of your family and friends, may you find the peace you were seeking xoxo (Just because I can't seem to find anything on it through a search, was he the video store guy?)
  12. deadpeep

    Open relationships

    She may not think it, but I think it'd be fairer on her to end it now. You'll be putting her through a charade of trying to make it work, only to break it off because you've met someone you actually like. If she already has abandonment issues, it sounds like you're going to do even more damage by staying with her like this.
  13. deadpeep

    What's on your mind?

    Cos that makes it okay
  14. deadpeep

    So who remembers me...

    Sorry to hear that Fred. I hope you're doing okay
  15. deadpeep

    What's on your mind?

    You're already halfway there, just need a boat. ' A few months away from a nice romantic cruise. Wanna come?