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  1. chrisg

    I thought of this today

    Heh, Sad but probably true. Cheers
  2. chrisg

    What a joke

    I can't say that I have ever had a bad experience directly with a U.S. cop but at second hand I've seen it a few times. It's always dangerous to generalise and some allowance needs to be given for the fact that they are policing a heavily armed society but they can often come across as far too heavy handed for no reason. Cheers
  3. chrisg

    I thought of this today

    I totally agree but so many people seem of the opposite view. Cheers
  4. chrisg

    I thought of this today

    Not unless you include essentially baseless threats, no. Cheers
  5. chrisg

    I thought of this today

    Not something anyone could imagine Trump doing. Cheers
  6. chrisg

    What a joke

    Interesting, I go away for the evening and it all blows up. The real reason behind the rioting is far more than just the killing of an unfortunate black person by a cop with a history of lesser offenses. America has been progressing toward this melt down for quite a while but Trump has inflamed it with his moronic tweets, his tacit encouragement of disobedience over the lockdowns and by most every act he has executed in the past three and a half years. He may not have started any new wars Leo - somewhat difficult to think of where to go for another one at the moment anyway once he backed off on Iran, but he has not really stopped any either. He made some half-assed attempt to pull out of Syria which was disastrous for the Kurds, he is letting Russia literally get away with murder in Libya, he is bogged down in Afghanistan and not able to properly complete the withdrawal from Iraq. His record on war is far from stellar. Before you go and shift that to well, Obama did no better, I won't disagree with you although he did his level best to disentangle as much of the mess that Bush landed him with as he could. Trump has just left it status quo with the odd statement that turns out to be completely wishful thinking, like the Syrian withdrawal that really just shifted the troops around to being more SF. That at the moment however is mostly irrelevant because his domestic policy has just come completely unraveled because he kept denying the virus was anything to worry about. Now he has over 100,000 dead, rapidly rising unemployment, the economy melting down around him and the streets filling with people who have had enough. There are a lot of different reasons why the cities are burning up, not just the death of George Floyd but that has proven to be the catalyst. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    Just in case you did not know, Finland has been dragging itself back from a period of near prohibition way back in the sixties and seventies that had it go through a period of fighting extremes of alcoholism to where it is sort of stable. They discovered, to really no one's great surprise that if you dramatically restrict alcohol it flourishes as an underground economy lacking reasonable control. Cheers
  8. chrisg

    What a joke

    ..and I might need to spend some time deciding if that is sarcasm, or not... Cheers
  9. chrisg

    What a joke

    That leaves the beast headless but under the control of a dangerous moron Leo. I don't like the alternative, it's ridiculous that the Dems, or some new party cannot come up with a valid and relevant alternative to this pestilence but it appears they can't. However give that is the case I'll take Biden, he is decidedly less likely to doom us all, there is zero guarantee of that around orange man. Cheers
  10. chrisg

    What a joke

    No, There is reality and there is the presentation of reality by the media. I do not subscribe and never have to the latter. It's time to 'fess up Leo, do you support Trump? Because if you do then for all your purported smarts you have careened off the right hand edge into utter stupidity. Cheers
  11. chrisg

    What a joke

    No, not at all all Trump's fault but he has been a remarkable catalyst. If he were even a shadow of a President he would have been dampening down the national angst, dealing with Corona in an adult manner, as Australia did, and actually managing the economy not trashing it. Instead the fuckwit has basically bolloxed everything in sight. I saw the article about the captain being killed, nothing can excuse such action but it is nothing but a passing tragedy on the way to the peak, one that trump is way too fucking stupid to see. If something does not change civil war is coming to that country - some might say it already has. Cheers Cheers
  12. chrisg

    What a joke

    Heh. Anarchy in the U.S.A is basically a reality, well and truly incited by Trump. The uptake of covid promises to be horrendous over the next few weeks given how much their distancing is being ignored and their ignorant attempts to reopen the economy after not quelling covid enough in the first place. Basically he is presiding over the downfall of the nation at the moment so what does he do? Go wave a Bible around, upside down by the way, outside a church after clearing a path with tear gas and rubber bullets... If I believed in a God I'd hope he did enter a church so he could be struck down... He's is a shit-stain upon humanity and the quicker he is gone the better. Unfortunately the Dems are so far not fielding a hugely viable candidate either, it's geriatrics on parade over there at the moment but if Biden picks a strong VP that should reinvigorate matters. God help them all if Trump croaks and the Bible bashing zombie takes over. Cheers
  13. chrisg

    A Snowbird crash in Canada

    It appears it may have been a birdstrike: https://theaviationist.com/2020/06/02/bird-strike-possible-factor-in-snowbirds-ct-114-crash-that-killed-one-injured-pilot/ But nonetheless it does sound like the days of the Tutor may be numbered. The Snowbirds have had their issues over the years but it would be a shame to see them disappear. I've not seen them perform in many years and they rarely do outside of North America, I vaguely recall they did come to Paris one year but that would have been a very long time ago if my memory is not playing tricks. Cheers
  14. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    I'd missed the latest, or near latest anyway, released figures on what has been happening to the MAX orders: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/14/boeing-customers-cancel-staggering-number-of-737-max-orders.html No one is really saying it but that must be among the largest cancellations in aviation history outside of the military. There have been incidences in the past of options not being taken up, Concorde was a classic example of that, but not orders. Of course the pandemic complicates things as well and none of those orders seem as yet to have gone across to Airbus but it is certainly taking dollars off of Boeing's bottom line. With the South Carolina plant production temporarily suspended all Boeing are putting out the door at the moment are a small number of military fulfillments. Desperate times for them... Cheers
  15. chrisg

    What a joke

    It's what Trump and his followers have to believe - they are at core so racist they cannot see it in themselves. Cheers