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  1. Come in spinner Cheers
  2. I guess we are at a cusp in that regard, trusting other people to be decent can be suspect. Personally I cannot be bothered, if I remember I lock the door, if I don't, I don't. Most all of my family are much the same, one of my bro's has yet to fix a lock that busted a decade ago. It was a bit of a shock to care for my mother in her last months. the last time I'd spent any time with her my dad was alive - he never even vaguely believed in locks. She had become utterly the opposite, wanted doors AND flyscreens locked every night and the whole place lit up, all night. It did not help my pointing out that a flyscreen you could beat with a blunt pocket knife... So, dutifully every night I locked the doors and told her I had... She still checked I tend to think of it the other way around, having been burgled a couple of times, if they are good enough not to wake me then insurance gets me new for old, if they happen to wake me they are sort of locked in with me-which has not happened. In the two cases when I was burgled in reality the idiots achieved very little and both were caught, eventually. About the worst I had to put up with was replacing cards and getting cash from the local branch until my card was replaced - annoying but not disastrous. Women can be different, totally understand that, but if it really bothers you, get security screens. My last house in WA to keep ex wife happy because I was away a lot I had them installed. Came home one night and she was away and I'd forgotten my keys. Had to wake her and get her to come back because without making a lot of noise, and setting off the alarm that she also insisted upon there was no way I was getting in, which would have been destructive any way. Not even via the roof - if you are going to install an alarm do it right. Where I live now It is difficult to even vaguely worry, nothing happens here after 11, but if it were to the place has enough muscle to deal with it. Out of interest I checked, one of the unit occupants has been here over a decade, never been a break-in. With most of my gear in storage anyway it would be very slim pickings Cheers
  3. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    I have to go out, but if you expect them to be able to undo what has taken over a century to accumulate in total in a matter of a few years I want some of what you are smoking... Cheers
  4. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Power production globally is nowhere near 50% nuclear, and I'm glad it is not until we can produce better plants. The planet does not need another Fukushima. In one respect you are correct, China and India need to migrate off of coal and that is their plan - not sure just how they can move any faster... Cheers
  5. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    There is no arbitrary date, if we begin proper reduction, which is happening although hard to see as yet, and if we are sufficiently aggressive with lead times on nuke plants etc we should be seeing dramatic change by 2040. But the key is to reverse the trend, we are going to see it rise further before it begins to fall. Joyce, not a person I normally take much notice of, says Qantas will be carbon neutral by 2050. On the assumption that is not just offsets it ought to be achievable. However if other technological initiatives are taken on board we could be seeing significant reductions by 2035. Cheers Edit. Of course I get it, but you are downplaying NASA's role, they look at spectroscopic data, not just colour. It is plain and simply going to take time and the road will be rocky but placing all the blame on China is pathetic and not helpful.
  6. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    ...And I already told you, nothing will do that in 8 years but the ozone issue was different to climate change. What are you suggesting Leo ? We just go on our merry way polluting as we see fit because China pollutes more ? That's madness. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Again you miss the point - the CFCs are not out of the atmosphere yet, despite the bans, the ozone still has a hole but it is shrinking. I wonder, do you subscribe to The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ? They have been having a great deal to say about climate change for quite a while. No, no technologies will do much between now and then. If NASA is on track we can be back on the moon but the L1 trip will still be a way off. Electric cars will be becoming more common but the estimate there is 15 years minimum before there are more of them than ICE cars. Not that CO is such a big GHG overall, it's primarily CO2 then methane. The drone seeding idea Twinny linked looks interesting, especially if it does not plant pines. It will be an aggregate of initiatives to get us out of the bind and none should be overlooked or dismissed. Cheers
  8. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Geez, you even argue like Trump.... I'm in agreement with you that tech has a significant place in addressing the crisis but there is absolutely no harm in becoming better behaved global citizens and totally nothing wrong with tree planting initiatives. Not everyone is going to be able to contribute technically, anyone with mobility can plant trees and water them, so long as there is water available.... Cheers
  9. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    It's an interesting analogy, very dramatic, but not correct, in just the same way that the gradual elimination of CFCs reversed the hole in the ozone layer so every ton of carbon hat does not go up in smoke is not adding to the problem. Cheers
  10. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Not particularly interested in math, interested in the will to make changes. The oceans, which I believe I have mentioned before are a significant carbon sink, nowhere near as efficient as trees but 70% of the world is water. We need to be being much more proactive about cleaning it up. Cheers
  11. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Heh, Trees are trees Leo, in part they are indeed reducing desert encroachment but NASA has commented upon significant increases in greening in both countries. You really do seem to believe that two enormous countries are in total climate change denial. It is totally not the case, China in particular have huge concerns over more and more violent weather events. Cheers
  12. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    I think it is fair to say that we all understand your argument, we just disagree with it. On the principle of "every bit helps" it is foolish to do nothing and by doing all we can we also encourage China, and India to move as quickly as they can. Cheers
  13. chrisg

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I have this massive preference for using a trackball, less desk space needed and no RSI (so far ) Cheers
  14. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    *Sigh* I already linked a completely reputable publication that says they are. Cheers
  15. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    Yeah. I'm not a one-eyed nuclear supporter at all although I do think thorium has huge promise, so does Continuous Wave concepts, but nuclear overall makes far less demands upon the environment until it either fails or has to be decommissioned. Thorium is looking to address both those concerns. But what you say is completely correct J, coal fired plants use a lot of water - Port Augusta is only just beginning to recover some cleaner air as you enter it after decades of the cooling ponds, called "Lake Knockout," being thoughtfully placed right across Highway One... Cheers