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  1. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    Not seen you for a bit Leo , utterly agree "Loose Change" I did watch - once -idiotic load of rubbish. Ah well, conspiracy theory seems to be the new kiddie game, at least it makes them sort of read, unlike Pacman. understand ? Doubt it Cheers
  2. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    More so on the BBQ site actually, i don't recall much of such on the adult site, it's not really that type of an adult site anyway, more a discussion place for people who are having sexual issues, like not getting any with rather a lot of fantasy rolled in. I mostly just look after the security there anyway with a degree of counseling and non sexual but entertaining discussion tossed in. Essentially a bunch of nice folks with relationship issues. I have to pay the comment though, very amusing However if you want some great recipes the bbq site is the place to go Cheers
  3. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    Banning in the end for anything but the geek ignorant is a bit of a waste of effort anyway. I seem to recall I was actually banned once, cannot recall what for. I look after other forums so I just shrugged and went to them for a couple of weeks - It wasn't a long ban as I recalll. It's almost a badge of honer sometimes to get banned, not always, but it usually means you were in a "vocal" discussion Funny thing though, on two forums I admin on BBQ and adult, we've never banned anyone, different stance and didactic I guess. Cheers
  4. chrisg

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    Having just been to the shops and waded through Saturday bogans I actually tend to agree with NZT, they are here, in very poor skin suits BTW, nobody answered but DMB was, possibly still is, a very entertaining if somewhat unusual member who was banned ages ago. The odd thing was I had a couple of great 'phone conversations with him - nice guy - possibly just not suited to forum life Cheers
  5. chrisg

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    Yeah' last I looked they were swimming., not walking around in fields Cheers
  6. Hmm, You are not a woman, I suspect you are not even a father so I would regard your opinion is ill-informed and extremely ignorant. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    There are quite a few variations of lox but if you order it here on in the U.S you'll get cold thin sliced bribed salmon, ask in the U'K and you will likely get a blank look, they prefer hot smoked salmon. In Scandinavia they call it gravlox, more herbs and spices. They all taste great so who cares? Cheers
  8. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    ? Facts? Don't think so, just conspiracy crap, as usual.... 19 of the hijackers have been identified, all of Arabic, primarily Saudi origin, Saudi and Israel do not get on very well, never have, if there had been Israeli pilots in those aircraft, I'd think more on your conspiracy contentions, but there were none. Israelis tend not to be suicidal anyway, uneducated and indoctrinated Arabs tend to be. Look else where to see what led to the atrocity, one that cost me a lot of friends, many of Jewish origin, so the "stay home" contention is just conspiracy crap again. I think it is well past time you did some traveling rather than net surfing and see the real world, not the delusional one you seem to live in and believe. Cheers
  9. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    " facts:
  10. Hmm, Let me tell you three stories that illustrate why the question is not an easy or perhaps even relevant one to ask. My ex had a sudden loss of blood a few weeks into her second pregnancy. She made it to my sister's place and my brother-in-law rushed her to hospital. It was a longer trip for me but I still beat him to it, no idea how I avoided a ticket... The doctors were quietly telling us to expect a miscarriage in the next few hours when she interrupted them to say the baby had just kicked her. I think they were about to suggest an abortion to protect her but that all changed when she told them that. She went the rest of the pregnancy in a hospital bed and the docs were convinced we would be dealing with a premmie, to the extent they took us on a tour of the premmie ward - a very sobering experience. Instead she had to be induced and now we have one very healthy daughter. I was working with a girl who was in about month four when she passed out at her desk. The baby was dying inside her. She was rushed to hospital and all the docs could do was abort to save her life, the baby died during the forced delivery but the mother is still alive and now has two lovely kids. There's a junior MercyCare at the end of my street - I love kids so I volunteer there every few weeks - fair enough MC clean my house every couple of weeks, I have this amazing carer ever since my little brush with cardiac and clot issues, she organised it. One of the kids there is very, very severely brain damaged but oh what a kid. Most of the other carers can't really cope with him, but whenever I drop in he runs to meet me and usually I have to catch him, he's a delight. I had a chat to his mum once, apparently they knew before he was born that he had brain issues and suggested an abortion. she refused and has never regretted it - pragmatic woman, he has one wall in their house he can draw on whenever he wants, which is often. He does do it at MC as well, but he is hardly alone, he and I go clean walls quite often, a chore he seems to love, the world would be a poorer place without him. Just how adulthood will be for him I'm rather concerned about, but regardless I'd adopt him in an instant and keep him protected from a world that has troubles dealing with people with his issues. Crazy part is he is damned smart but in a sort of right angled way to most folks - the other kids love him to death - kids are much more tolerant than most adults. That's a long way of saying I'm not averse to abortion in extremis, but it probably happens more often than is appropriate. Cheers
  11. chrisg

    Israel did it.

    Hmm, perhaps you should read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsibility_for_the_September_11_attacks Perhaps you may wish to consider just how Israel could or indeed has even vaguely benefited from the attacks The U.S is one of the primary supporters of Israel, there is no discernible reason why Israel would in any way attack the U.S but plenty of reasons why Al Queda would. Time to look at the facts and ignore the moronic net sites making utterly unsupported claims I would suggest... Cheers
  12. That's why I'm kind of keen on people needing a license to have, or at least to keep children, but sometimes they do make parents grow up. Children require endless patience and even the best will lose their temper sometimes. I have a study in contrasts with my two daughters, the first was and remains a quiet and very easy child/adult to get along with, the younger one quite literally screamed for the first few months of her life unless cuddled, then she learned to sit up and has been hell-bent on world domination ever since Cheers
  13. Funny, I was going to suggest Python as well, pretty easy to learn, very popular with ISPs, but if you have not used it that makes it a bit moot. Unfortunately I have to agree with Ry, Basic is no longer appropriate, generations of coders started there. C# would be a not bad alternative but I also agree that just getting the basics right, flow charting etc, is probably a good way to get the mind set ready for actual coding. Cheers
  14. "Justifiable Homicide " is when someone is trying to kill you but you get in first Cheers
  15. Even with a lot of nurture I doubt any solitary, or maybe not even solitarymale has a bedful of babies ? (Actually babies in bed are a very bad idea - my daughter could give me bruises I didn't know you could get bruises on the odd occasion she needed comfort - very restless sleeper ) Cheers