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  1. chrisg

    What a year!!

    Thanks, It will all be dealt with, but it all takes time - what a day, what a year...
  2. chrisg

    Did something just happen?

    Amen Cybes, AMEN!!! Cheers
  3. chrisg

    Did something just happen?

    Nice to see you Ben, you should post more often Good news though, as Ry says this place is, for the dedicated Atomicans. a home and a place of friends (mostly ) that does not have the Zuckerberg stamp on it _ you'd scare me if FB bought the place Now (tilting at windmills) can the mag get reincarnated? Yeah, I know, but I can dream Cheers
  4. chrisg

    What a year!!

    Thankyou all (especially Fenzy hugs ) I can hope Ry, I can hope... Cheers
  5. chrisg

    What a year!!

    Overall yes J, the only way to look at it, but still so sad. She was the most placid of my siblings, just a lovely person, the rest of us sort of get up to mischief or good deeds in a bigger way I guess, but she would never harm a fly, has left a lovely family including grandchildren. just very sad when such a person dies, she lost her husband to the same curse years ago, which meant she knew just what to expect and that weighed heavily upon her.
  6. chrisg

    What a year!!

    Already mentioned it in another thread that I was in the midst of when the 'phone rang, took my mind off the conversation entirely. A little after 4am W.A. time my sister died, apparently peacefully, possibly assisted by a large dose of painkillers, she had been in a great deal of pain for many days. If it did help her to go peacefully then thankyou some anonymous doctor. Probably morphine, she had been on increasing doses, patches I think, for weeks. Somehow I doubt ketamine but a few friends have speculated on that... The odd thing, I woke up just a few minutes before my younger sister called with the news, apparently I awoke pretty much on the dot of when she passed - not at all my normal waking time at all. Probably a coincidence, but it did make me wonder. She had terminal cancer, no quality of life left, it is for the best but still not nice even though we knew it was inevitable.
  7. Not far from you actually Cybes, Naracoorte. Sorting out when to head over. Thanks. Cheers
  8. It ALMOST sounds like you agree with Trump NATO was essentially a U.S creation, led to this situation. ...Sorry, just heard my sister has died, a couple of hours ago, not in the mood for cerebral arguments about Europe right now...
  9. I think not. He has been on a rant about NATO countries needing to input more and referencing it to the tariff issues between Europe and the U.S. two utterly different subjects. The NATO members in the main have pretty good self defense forces, the U.K. Germany, France and Italy in particular but most others at least pull their weight or do what they can within their means. The U.S, and Canada, who never seem to have much issue in the matter are there because of why NATO was created - the U'S and Canada did not want to see another European war that they would have to come and put their weight and lives and money to so they created NATO, a complex organisation that can be discussed later, but at core it was and is about preventing another European war, mostly with the Russians, who having lost many of their former Warsaw pact allies, a pale shadow of NATO in the first instance, with several now part of NATO. With Trump it is always about money and power, I'm not at all convinced he is that good at the former and he seems to forget that NATO has always had a U.S supreme commander, some of whom have been superannuated morons. The old saw is that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, I doubt Trump remembers when he last had a dump... For all Putin's grandstanding he is not going to attack Europe, he'd be signing his own death warrant and Europe would never succumb - I think he does know that, he at least is not QUITE as stupid as Trump. You cannot fight a nuclear war in Europe without destroying the Northern hemisphere at the least, which includes the U.S. and Canada, but he seems to think his nukes make a difference - they don't, never was a doctrine so aptly named as MAD- he'd be ash, very fast, but so would at least half the planet. Can someone take the "football" away from him please,? Give him tiddly winks or UNO to play with, he is not competent to be in the position he occupies and the sooner he is gone the better. Cheers
  10. Hmm, Whilst as Ry says you should never reset CMOS with power on, in fact the PC should not just be off, but unplugged as mentioned here in several ways to rest CMOS: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-clear-cmos-2624545 However you MAY get away with it, but I'd personally never try it, doing so interrupts a process that has done it's primary job, the BIOS, and then is sitting in the background but by doing it whilst on you just lobotomised your computer. However, I would doubt you actually damaged any components as such, unless you were not wearing a static strap and the jumper removal sparked the board - even then modern components are reasonably static tolerant. You have a conundrum, it would be nice to flash the BIOS - not something I ever much like doing but you can't even get to the old BIOS to boot off a USB for example so that is out. The only option there is to buy a new BIOS chip, assuming the one on the board is removable, 50/50 on that these days. One thing you have not mentioned is, after your foobah, did you replace the jumper? If you did not then most boards will go into a reboot loop something like you describe, the jumper is usually in series with the circuit. I can't make any comment about the PSU or MOBO replacement - that's the two cores of a new system so something is decidedly odd unless you were reckless and installed all your RAM and add on boards instead of doing a bare bones boot. If you did then pull them out back to minimum RAM and you may be on the trail of a culprit component. It's a lesson for anyone wanting to put CMOS back to default via the jumper, NEVER do it powered on and unplug it as well and leave it a few minutes - on the rare occasions I have needed to do it using the jumper, the BIOS default setting usually is fine, I have even unplugged the PSU, power capacitors can hold a charge for many hours. I suggest you are probably somewhat out of your depth, but go back to basics, that is the essence of troubleshooting, original board, minimum ram, no add on cards, don't even install a boot drive, if the BIOS starts and you get to boot drive fail then you are ready to go forwards, and, make sure the jumper is installed, correctly Cheers
  11. chrisg

    i see dead people

    Comicdom will be in mourning today, Stan Lee of Marvel fame has passed away at 95. He gave the world some rather amazing creations and redefined the superhero. A not bad write up on his life here: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/marvel-creator-stan-lee-dead-at-95/news-story/3a6473da0abb5b523972a16a69bf9384 RIP Stan, loved your stuff as a teen, many of my adult friends still buy and read comics in preference to most anything else and are always searching for those many rare issues. Cheers
  12. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    Ah privacy issues - never worry about them much, the systems are a bit of a joke, if you get concerned... well, hackers will be Cheers
  13. chrisg

    What a year!!

    I don't mind Adelaide heat, have a portable airtcon, so no biggee if it gets too incinerating Thanks. Cheers
  14. chrisg

    What a year!!

    I don't want anything to do with the Queen's anus... Will do Fenzy, busy, busy packing right now. Cheers
  15. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    A bit late on this Scruffy, but why do you say that ? I'm genuinely interested because my own doc seems pretty relaxed about it in fact thinks it is a good idea overall to give him in theory rapid access to new patient records. I had that happen when I moved here, I don't see doctors much but my first doc here had to contact my S.A. doc to get background and my U.K records have I suppose totally disappeared unless I or a doctor make a formal request. Here when I moved across the city my new doc was able to get my records from the other W.A. doctor very quickly, it was no issue. Are there privacy issues? Druggies for example, or prostitutes I suppose but I would have thought the Hippocratic oath would cover that. Genuinely interested to know what down-sides you can see. Cheers