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  1. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    You pay them, if they pay you is negotiable.... Cheers
  2. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    Must be a bot.... Cheers
  3. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    So you best hope CV is not a pathogen Cheers
  4. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    ... Well, that kicked over 30 years of rust off my last stats prac.... Good luck explaining it to Trump... To go back a bit, no Chaos I'm not suggesting there is a conspiracy at all so I probably named the thread badly but that was a while back. What I am suggesting is that there is a plausible explanation for why CV has hit Northern Italy and Iran as hard as it has. I'm also not suggesting China was tinkering with the SARS virus with nefarious intent but I am suggesting that the virus, in the lab, could mutate of its own accord and that through neglect it escaped into the wild. Why not ? Computer viruses have a nasty habit of doing just that. What it does look like at the moment is that China is busier than a cat covering shit to put the origin in the past and look good shipping tonnes of supplies into afflicted areas. The evidence is pretty solid that it began in China, the dispute is if in a lab or a market. With bio-lab research in China concentrated on Wuhan and how close to the scapegoat market the lab is and their demonstrated lack of secure procedures there has to be consideration given to it having originated in the lab, not in the market although undoubtedly the market could have been an early vector. Cheers
  5. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Yeah, Guess the prophet let them down again. Cheers
  6. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Indeed, a lot of variables, too many to draw simplistic conclusions. Northern Italy is often a surprise to people, it is starkly different to the South where most of the stereotypes originate from but those are primarily driven by the large U.S. population of Italians who primarily came from the South. In the north you would see a lot less multi-generational homes, more wealth although in Italy that can be relative, blonde Italians,which always surprises first time visitors, overall larger homes etc. Italy begins to become more purely Italian at Rome and south, the north is very aligned to France and Switzerland in particular but not so much Germany. All these decades and the Northern Italians particularly harbour a dislike of Germans. Iran hardly helped itself with religious fools licking icons or whatever but that alone does not account for the rapid bloom of infection and the death toll. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    The population density of Northern Italy is not much different to most of Europe overall, Hong Kong for example has far, far higher density and is directly connected to China but has far lower incidence of corona. The secondary infections in Europe, moving out from Italy to Spain, Germany and France can be seen as cross-border movements but Hong Kong by all rights ought to have been hit hard. However as it turns out there is not a lot of traffic between Hong Kong and Wuhan. Iran is rather isolated by sanctions, an unfriendly mix of neighbours and some secular disagreements but it bloomed, and quite early on and in a country that is not densely populated at all and where public shows of affection are minimal. You could almost say the place practices social distancing as a characteristic yet it is badly hit. This may not be the reason, or only a part of one, but it is a working hypothesis. Cheers
  8. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Oh don't get me wrong, I have no comprehension of racism whatsoever, would be hard to with the number of friends I have of all nationalities, including Chinese. I'm just following the path and seeing what might make sense, this does, to a degree. Cheers
  9. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    They operate in different fashions, with voice interactions it tends to be a call centre with supervisor oversight, with text chat it can easily be from home. Don't worry Chaos, I just happened to notice it I had a very, very vague memory of Victoria and the Belt and Road project but it is in a different manner to the overland project obviously, Ultimately in the great,grand plan China wants easy routes everywhere so a land and sea route down through Indonesia and hoping into, Darwin, then on through Australia is the longer term intent. Its a massive project with typical 100 year plan vision. Cheers
  10. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    That is how conclusions can be drawn from available evidence. Or to put it another way how would you explain the eruption of CV in Iran and Italy ? Cheers
  11. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Both I think, I don't use them a real lot but I have seen them with less than perfect English giving away their possibly being O/S but also definitely had Aussies quite often. Cheers
  12. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    "Didn't that idiot Andrews in VIC sign up? " Dunno Logic but Australia is not exactly a part of the Belt and Road project. Cheers
  13. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    So far as I'm aware they do work from home, which makes it a bit odd... I think you edited one of my posts up there somehow Chaos, I don't suggest at all that the Chinese mutated the SARS virus into corona but mutation happens naturally without any artificial input and particularly in this class of viruses as the common cold and flu show us every season. It may in other words well have mutated of its own accord in the lab, hardly unusual. Cheers
  14. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I'm not a big fan of The Federalist either but whilst agreeing the first infection was from Japanese tourists that still does not account for how quickly and broadly the virus took hold in Northern Italy where it is indisputable that there is inter-community contagion. Italy has been a lead participant in the Belt and Road initiative with a lot of money pouring into the region along with a lot of Chinese know-how: http://theconversation.com/italy-joins-chinas-belt-and-road-initiative-heres-how-it-exposes-cracks-in-europe-and-the-g7-114039 Iran likewise has signed on but other nations along the proposed route have not been as deeply involved as yet: https://ifpnews.com/iran-ready-for-active-participation-in-chinas-one-belt-one-road It seems China's plan has been to build the road in segments according to willingness to participate and then join them up which in a project of this size makes perfect sense. Further in strategic areas such as Italy and Iran there are near immediate gains in trade, not least oil from the latter. I don't really even see this as a conspiracy, I do see it as a possible explanation for how the virus spread the way it did and perhaps involving sloppy lab procedures in Wuhan. Cheers
  15. chrisg

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Hmm, Yes you are right although it has also been described in other fashions several of which allude to its closeness to SARS. Cheers