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    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    I'd missed their reporting another software glitch. Doesn't sound anywhere near as bad as MCAS but still another delay. I suppose in the big scheme of things having access to rather than actually drawing down on a $10B loan is just prudent but it would certainly make my head spin Cheers
  2. There would not be THAT much wrong with adopting the American Bill of Rights, so long as all the gun stuff was omitted. However Westminster Law, which we basically follow, makes such a document rather unnecessary - the Americans were trying to start from a clean sheet. Cheers
  3. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    True Ali, but he didn't have to land it on one or none. Davies described landing the 747 on one engine in such a matter-of-fact manner that it was difficult to see it as much of a problem, until he mentioned the crab angle requiring the pilot to be looking out of one of the side windows... I don't completely recall if he actually flew the aircraft to a full stop or just set up the approach and theorised the rest, I can check that when I get my books back, all in storage at the moment. The book is an absolute classic, especially the later editions when he moved it from being purely generic to admitting that since only one aircraft at the time, the 747, was truly a BIG jet he might as well identify it. He was chief test pilot for the UK's CAA for quite a number of years. Cheers
  4. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Unfortunately it is becoming a witch hunt against Boeing. Any new airliner is going to have issues during its first months of service, they are so complex that there will always be things that slip past. The intent of the test pilots is to push the aircraft further than it could reasonably be expected to experience in service flying and be satisfied that it will be able to deal with emergencies of all types. Sometimes they really do push it hard, D.P. Davies in the classic "Handling the Big Jets" very matter-of-factly reported flying a 747 on one engine, an outboard one at that, to a full stop. So far as I'm aware no 747 has ever lost three engines. John Cunningham when queried over possible tail-slaps with the Comet put a rubber bumper on it and tail walked it down a runway. I don't recall a Comet ever suffering a tail-slap. All of which makes it difficult to understand how the MAX was so easily "rubber-stamped" into service. It appears that inside Boeing there was an awareness of issues with the aircraft but the FAA seems to have taken Boeing at its word that it was just another 737. Even a cursory examination of the aircraft should have shown that not to be so. In sort all the holes in the cheese chose to line up and anther learning curve in aviation began-hardly the first one. Cheers
  5. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Figured you would know more about them stadl, I think I must have hit them in a doldrums period between bigger contracts/projects. Still no one is game to name a return to service date for the MAX: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/20/business/boeing-737-max-return/index.html I'm beginning to think mid-year as in July before they are carrying passengers again, at the earliest. One thing is certain, it is going to be one very safe aircraft when it does fly again. Cheers
  6. chrisg

    My leg and the last 2 months

    There yes, if rehab is anything like the last time the sadists got their hands on me getting back might be a challenge All worth it though - perhaps the most annoying is how quickly being stuck in bed leads to your losing muscle tone but it recovers pretty well. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Good to hear!!! Cheers
  8. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    Climate change perhaps. We had one storm of note in 30 years, now have had three in the past four years.... That's Adelaide, Perth has had two in the past eight or so years as well. No one really remembered any there before. Cheers
  9. chrisg

    What's on your mind?

    Bloody hail, seems to be getting more frequent, had a minor storm here just last week. Cheers
  10. I think you are right, been 20 odd years since I read about it. Cheers
  11. chrisg

    NSW / QLD fires

    ... Now you are just talking common sense.... Cheers
  12. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Boeing Australia is an interesting beast, I've considered working for them a few times but never been quite able to determine just what they do outside of supporting the large Boeing presence in Australia - that doesn't really interest me much. They do seem to from time to time get involved in various IT and defense projects but it is always rather quiet which I suppose really is the case, they are simply a quiet achiever. However they are pretty much disconnected from the Boeing design and production sides of the business. The big Boeing customers in Australia are of course Qantas, Virgin and Defense but those deal directly with Boeing most of the time or are, apart from when making new buys pretty much self-sufficient apart from spares. It's a somewhat strange amorphous entity - some years ago I had a chat with one of their managers - he really could not tell me what, exactly, he did. I suppose it must make money, it's a large organisation unto itself. Appointing a pollie as Chairman is not exactly unusual though, sort of reminds me of the Hunter Biden fiasco. In general you rarely see much of chairmen in the daily running of a business, makes you wonder what boards do sometimes Cheers
  13. You can in Leo's mind... Cheers
  14. chrisg

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Yeah, That tanker has given them a lot of trouble and really it shouldn't, Boeing would have to be THE most experienced company in the world for aerial tankers. However to be fair the Air Force asked for the remote camera system that is giving trouble in connecting the boom to aircraft, Boeing were just as happy to continue with a boom operator at the rear of the aircraft as they had with the KC-135 and KC-10. The USAF has been very stubborn over persevering with boom refueling when the rest of the world and the Navy and Marines are happy with drogues. It's understandable, fuel is transferred at a much higher rate via the rigid boom, but what is not so understandable is wanting to move to this camera system when the operator approach has always worked so well. It's a bit like EMALS on the Ford class carriers but that has better justification in reducing stress on aircraft over steam catapults. It will get fixed the same way I expect, by persistence in climbing a new learning curve. The other issues with the tanker are much more vague nit-picking but the difficulties with the boom are a real show-stopper although again to be fair it works fine in most conditions just not all.. That is of course not acceptable, but it is proving stubborn to completely cure. I can't say I envy the new boss at Boeing much, but he is certainly getting the big bucks to fix the big problems. Cheers
  15. INAL but the ACCC actually states that Australia does not have any laws against monopolies as such whereas American law is very specific on the matter, that was how AT&T was broken up. It is indeed necessary to treat a lot of news today from whatever source with skepticism but news is also frequently wrapped in opinion which is much more difficult to dispute because it is just that. Cheers
  16. Within the constraints of the law(s) of the countries in which it operates - which the Internet has made a mockery of. However FB originated in the US and it is the laws of that nation that are working to take it to court. Australia does not really have monopoly laws but the US does - just how PB has been able to absorb Instagram and WhatsApp without being taken to task is perhaps an admission that those laws really do not have much bite. MS received a rap over the knuckles from them years ago but in a bizarre fashion Apple and then emergent Linux protected Redmond to a degree . Now Apple is worth more than MS - go figure. You have to climb a long way down to find any even potential let alone actual competition to FB. MySpace still exists, but a shadow of its former self. Then there is Pinterst- I have no idea what that is... It is rather dangerous to have FB decreeing the news but tbh the guardians of that flame, the newsmongers, sort of surrendered their responsibility courtesy of Murdoch et al a looong time ago. It makes any belief structure very suspect. Case in point - if you believe Trump's tweets there's a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in... Cheers
  17. chrisg

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Heh, A quarter century in very flat, almost manicured by comparison WA had me forgetting that SA seems never to have used a spirit level - the degree to which this place is 'chair hostile - not that I use one - is unreal. The locals seem to have adapted and I guess I will but even after a year I spend far more time than I used to watching where I'm putting my feet. Sympathies TMFP - guess that prosthesis can't come soon enough... Cheers
  18. chrisg

    i see dead people

    An unusual emoticon in this thread. Took me years to bite the bullet on Linux even though I was using it on servers routinely. 10 did it, moved to Ubuntu over two years ago now, never regretted it. I run Mint on my aged Netbook because it is a bit resource scarce but otherwise everything is now Ubuntu. Cheers
  19. I had to get his attention somehow..he was on an escape orbit trajectory... Cheers
  20. Yes, And both dove-tail well into the other. Communism does not scale, I utterly agree, even big kibbutzim run into problems. Small libertarian is exactly where I exist - which makes one wonder why we are arguing - could just be tyranny of text - but I think it is more because ultimately it has a great deal of difficulty in a population on its way to 7 billion. We need to find a form that allows those numbers with the freedoms of small libertarian and at the moment we are heading down totally the wrong roads. However we will not find that way through criticism, it will be found via exploration. Cheers
  21. By that measure, which by the way I find ridiculous the last bastion of realistic journalism would be The Sun.... Communism per se is not inherently bad you know, it's just when it is applied to societies. To give you an example a well run commune, and they do exist, is an effective form of communism. I really do not expect a Russian emigre to understand that though - you were polluted from birth... I' m at a loss to know what form of government you really think is preferable, you seem to sneer at all of them - do not tell me that at heart you are an anarchist ? Cheers
  22. Now that really is an asinine comment Leo, I've been trying not to bite but enough is enough. What the hell defines a good journalist ? I highly fucking doubt it is age, in fact probably not, most journos tend to get cynical and burn out. The Guardian is actually one of the more august of media outlets and actively distances itself from influence - you might want to look into it. Cheers
  23. chrisg

    What a joke

    I have no idea, but he is innocent until proven guilty and investigations did not reveal any guilt. Contrariwise I find it interesting that he did actually get a corrupt official removed in Ukraine, a country that has long been demonstrably corrupt as he pointed out on a couple of talk shows. Hunter is somewhere in his forties, not exactly a child, perfectly capable of being his own kind of fuckup. However compared to the demonstrable and increasingly obvious culpability of Trump I'd say Biden is way on the pure side. Cheers
  24. chrisg

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I have sometimes been a bit the opposite - there is only so much you can do in Bali, The Maldives or even Mauritius beyond 10 days or so but all of them are rather inexpensive from Perth so I have used them as "escapes" on occasion, just for a few days. For a real holiday though... It has been a very long time but a month of pure escapism on the French Rivera is something I still recall rather fondly - didn't even cost me that much, half the time I slept on the beach - bet you can't do that now - then again probably neither could I The world has changed a hell of a lot in getting on for half a century, I really do not think one iota for the better... Cheers
  25. chrisg

    My leg and the last 2 months

    In a way, anyone over 65 ( I think 60 for women) can apply for a "plan." Mine is just what they seem to refer to as a "Level One" and it is sort of rubber-stamp. (At least it is at this end of the year.) My mother was I think on a level 4 for the last months of her life. It was not at all easy to get but if you saw her death certificate it was more a case of what was NOT wrong with her - chronic lymphatic leukemia, lung cancer, leg tumor, pneumonia, right down to macular degeneration, which is hardly fatal but it actually was on the certificate. The government would always rather that people stay in their own homes as long as they can, next step some sort retirement home, then nursing but the longer they can keep people out of hospital the better. Actually I, within reason quite agree with that and my mother was very, very strongly against going to hospital, despite having 13 visits the last year of her life. I think the value of the package was about $55k so it is understandable that they don't exactly give them out easily. Contrariwise it doesn't really go all that far. It covered a gardener, a nurse twice a week, two visits to help with showering, could have included social if she had wanted it but I was pretty much a doorman for friends 9 to 5 from January on. It also contributed to a mobility scooter that was her last gasp at freedom. She never was well enough to take it out much but loved it when she could. I sort of forget what else but it was certainly burning up via the agency here that handled it. It seems to vary a bit by State, year before last in WA without my asking whilst I was in hospital I was assigned a social worker, non-government, just gave me a call a few times really. That did not transfer over to SA and I don't think it does this time either, the physio and my doc, who are in the same building, can take care of it. I can't say that I know any detail beyond that, it was somewhat of a surprise to me that any of it existed, until pneumonia knocked me clean of my feet I'd had very little in the way of health problems for a very long time. It probably has nothing much at all to do with NDIS because I'm not disabled, it's a temporary condition on the way, I hope, to recovery. It does come under Aged Care, but I've yet to need to even contact them, which is just as well because attempting to even logon from MyGov rarely works Cheers