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  1. Hmm, I've been a contractor for years, decades probably, with a few short interludes that confirmed for me that it is best that I be my own boss or I am likely to be up on homicide charges from being employed by morons. Everything Ry has said is utterly correct, my best advice would be set aside a separate bank account and chuck a minimum of 15%, I usually manage 20%, into it, you will need it for the lean times and the occasional holiday breaks. Is it worth it? Probably, here I had to build a reputation, years ago, but W.A. is somewhat like that. In real terms job-for-life security went out the window decades ago, it is dog eat dog, better to be the carnivore than the fodder Cheers
  2. chrisg

    Do own many things that others wouldn't?

    Trying to think... Not many people would have Class T monoblock amps I guess and mine are unique in that I I did quite a bit of modifying on them, completely invalidated the warranty but it hardly mattered, the company went broke. I have this very large collection of cat figurines from all over the world, it's sort of a ritual every time I travel anywhere to go find one so essentially irreplaceable. I'm sure there are other things but ever since my disastrous move at the beginning of the year I've had real trouble finding things. That removalist was hopeless... Cheers
  3. chrisg

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    Hmmm, I decided anarchy and deadly weapons to immediate hand made far better sense than so called "government" a very long time ago... Cheers
  4. chrisg

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Hmm, Been using it for a few days and mostly all good. Two niggles: Not sure I like pre-post replies being white on black, just as a post is, makes it less intuitive to know you have not hit send yet. Hitting Enter to start a new paragraph ends up with a double space, like this ^ I'm sure it never did that and it is pretty automatic to use Enter to start a new para. Other than those, looking good Cheers
  5. chrisg

    Help! Baby on the way ... what do I need to know?

    First congrats, then a bit of a story In my family, a very large one, a common saying is kids arrive with a scotch in one hand, a big cigar in the other and ask who is in charge here ? "wrong." I always had a tiny advantage of being the eldest of five and having an active part in raising my siblings, but they are all different and THEY will decide what they need, and what you have to do, not you I don't think I've ever illustrated just how different one child can be from another by comparing how my pair arrived. The eldest gave my then wife a near- perfect pregnancy, finally she went into nesting mode, had a shower and woke me to say it was time to go to the hospital. Had enough time to get her settled, go find a coffee and be back in time for the birth and to be handed my little bundle of joy, always an easy kid. Just as well, my wife fell pregnant again rather quickly and just a few months in I get a call from my brother-in-law to say she was at his place in the hills and had arrived bleeding from a client visit up there. His place was a lot closer to Flinders hospital than mine and I needed to get mother-in-law to look after my daughter but I still beat them to the hospital, I guess supersonic flying has advantages... The doctors started to tell us it was a miscarriage but my wife suddenly interrupted to say she had felt the baby kick... never seen docs move so fast. She was in hospital until the birth, which they thought would be premature but instead had to be induced, leaving me to finish establishing a business and look after a barely walking child - I gave up sleep for a time. There had been some detachment of the umbilical, but it had re-attached apparently and a very healthy child, definitely smoking a cigar, arrived. A study in contrasts are my daughters and I was left to look after them, with much family assistance, because my wife had to remain in hospital for a time. They basically took over my life, especially the younger one, who whenever awake was as like as not to be crying and in need of attention until she figured out how to sit up, then the crying stopped and her world conquest began... I guess that illustrates to some degree why preparing for childbirth is false security, they will determine what they need Cheers
  6. TBH Nich I would not know, as noted one of my kids refused to take it the other has no symptome to suggest she could have needed it. But I have a lot of friends who are teachers, I hear the story quite often, along with parent/teacher meetings have become much less useful over time. Cheers
  7. chrisg

    Any car gurus around?

    :) Not really. I ended up getting a mechanic to take a look, stumped him as well so it was taken to his workshop. Turns out something odd, very odd, happened, there was a blown capacitor on the engine control computer BCI I think they call it. The guys replaced that, and then found that one of the injectors was not happy - it was fine before-hand so who knows ? Either way it will be back tomorrow all fixed but with quite a bill involved, I can handle it in two bites, which they are fine about, so hopefully end of saga. I really do suspect Marshall did something daft but they'll never admit to it so can only write it off to experience. Not exactly the best of times for me to be getting unexpected bills, but they have a bit of a habit of doing that I find... Cheers
  8. A mix of factors Nich, parents giving kids their meds before they head off to school, kids get affected by say first break, getting over it by home time, parents being blissfully unaware. Too many people just blindly take or give to kids whatever is prescribed to them. Cheers
  9. It's a damned strange medication Ritalin. For a while over here the docs seemed to be handing out to kids like lollies leaving classes full of zonked out kids - teachers ended up complaining about it and it seems to be improving of late. One of my own daughters was prescribed it years ago - she is extremely wary of ANY medications, looked it up, gave the then doctor a piece of her mind and changed doctors. It just seemed to be the go- to diagnosis for any out of norm behaviour by a child for a while "must be ADD/ADHD, prescribe Ritalin." Fortunately that seems to be changing, at least here. Cheers
  10. TBH not sure we can, it seems inevitable with disparate projects globally. l suppose the consolation is that nothing I've seen thus far seems aggressively anti-human but we have a bad reputation with "slaves." I do think too many people think "Terminator" has some basis in reality - overall it's a time travel tale and most of those are "do not go this way." :) Limpet mines - lots of limpet mines... :) Cheers
  11. :) You can count me in on that mate :) Cheers
  12. No Probs. Let me know if you need a had with anything when you get here. ;0 I may well take you up on that mate, many thanks for the offer :) Cheers
  13. :) Good to hear mate, thanks :) I've a lot to do to get completely back on track but slowly, slowly catchee monkey :) Cheers
  14. Hmm, it responded well to two weeks on an anti-biotic drip Ev, but certainly not fun. The doc told me pneumonia is not the killer it once was, dunno, I've known a lot of people have it and survive. Cheers
  15. chrisg

    Any car gurus around?

    :) Makes sense, I've read a lot of rubbish trying to fix this, up to and including must be the carbie - it doesn't have one... :) Cheers