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  1. Takoma

    A few things Atomic has taught me

    I still exist.
  2. Takoma

    Did something just happen?

    Well goodness gracious me.
  3. Takoma

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    God speed buddy. Thanks for all the good times.
  4. Takoma

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    At least he stuck with Takoma and not Katoma..... that was a wierd time dude.... dont do that again :P Ah it was fine, don't worry about it.
  5. Takoma

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Round round git around, I get around....and all the way down to Kokomo.
  6. Takoma

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I haven't been around much. I didn't leave here on purpose. Just closed the tab one day when I went to bed, and just sort of never opened it again. I'm on Facebook all day, guess that's taken over now. The last ten years actually encompasses the bulk of my time with Atomic, but in the time since I waned I got married, moved into management, had a hundred parties with my friends who these days comprise almost entirely Atomic-sourced people, got divorced. Moved around some more, in Bunbury right now, in fact these last two years hence. Took up jiujitsu. Broke my collarbone doing jiujitsu. Discovered upon returning from the collarbone that jiujitsu place no longer taught jiujitsu. Never really picked that up again either, though I hear there's quite a good school where I am now. Miss it a bit. Don't get roughed up any more. Crashed my car, bought another car. So on and so forth. Life shit. You know how it is. I don't ever really seem to get ahead, I just sort of move gradually up in station and accomplishment at a rate approximating inflation, which I suppose has mostly to do with my not really knowing what I want in life. If I knew that I'd probably work towards it, but as it stands no path or future or potential endgame really jumps out and appeals to me, so I just sort of coast. It's not a bad life, probably sounds that way when I say it but I'm just being real chill, man. Real fucking chill. The pizza place here is good and really, what more do you want?
  7. Takoma

    The story behind your Avatar?

    i play a marioes
  8. Morning all Some time back, 2007 in fact, I ran a quiz on the forums, offering a box full of random trinkets from my home as a prize. Tastywheat was the smartest man in the room, so I sent it out and thought no more of it. The other day a parcel turned up for me, full of random bits from good old T-Dubs himself. Came in what looked like a motherboard box, but upon closer inspection was a box for a remote controlled helicopter. Upon opening that's exactly what it was too, which is brililant because although I want one I'd never spring the money for it, so nice job. Underneath were a few bits and pieces, an Arduino board that according the the letter that came with was used in a drone designed to catch rhino poachers in Africa, and I'm all about rhinos so that's a cool thing to have around. There was a bracelet apparently given to TW by a Maasai tribe in Il Ngwesi, and while I can't say it's made from human skin, I can't guarantee it's not, either. There's a shell from Watamu, a dice used in drinking games, a b ook from a backpacker's hostel that's probably been seen by more eyes from more nations than the Rolling Stones. There's a plastic skull that TW 3d printed from a scan of a relic in the Celtic & Prehistoric Museum Of Ireland, and was apparently polished MacGuyver style in a vapour bath made from a modified rice cooker. Pics, and it did happen: Box outer: http://i.imgur.com/mEGk4vn.jpg Box inner: http://i.imgur.com/dkOGolS.jpg Box inner inner: http://i.imgur.com/p1QR8l6.jpg 3D Skull: http://i.imgur.com/m9sLifV.jpg 3D Skull with his new best mate Smitty and 1337 Atomic stubbie holder for scale: http://i.imgur.com/but4bNt.jpg Sweet rhino-related Arduino: http://i.imgur.com/Dv8tOOW.jpg Big thanks to TastyWheat for even remembering the box seven years later, and mad props for actually boxing something up and sending it. I'll be sure to post bloody results when I crash the heli into my face. I mentioned a letter before, and it really was a beauty, with background details on all the bits and told a pretty impressive story of a dude who jets around the globe, meets sweet cannibal tribespeople and is probably also a bit of a mad genius what with the scanning skulls from prehistoric museums and making acetone vapour baths from household items. Was a really nice gesture, and in fact that puts me in mind of an idea. I propose an Atomic Stuff Exchange, wherein we all send each other boxes of odds and ends from our houses. One of the things TW pointed out in his letter was that the things inside spoke about me, and I'd have to agree on his contributions. (Hey TastyWheat, do you remember what I sent you? I have no idea. Hit us up, let us know.) Therefore, I pledge that I will send a box of random stuff to the first person to post a picture of themselves with a can of Spam, and let's see if we can't get some other people pledging boxes of fun and curiosity. Make your own demands, and send boxes of things to those who would call you on them. Can of Spam, go!
  9. Takoma

    Atomic Top 20 Games

    Can you see each submitted form in its entirety? If so, I bet you can guess which one's mine. Also if Snow Bros doesn't come in at number 1 I'm going to eat a chilli on camera.
  10. Takoma

    Atomic 3.14 Changelog

    How are ya buddy? Long time no see! Been a while, no doubt. And I am consistently spectacular.
  11. Takoma

    Grudges. Do you keep them?

    Not even slightly.
  12. Takoma

    to update or not.

    I was saying the other day that I had a moment recently when I couldn't remember how much RAM I had. Couple years ago I could have told you the serial number of each stick. Do need biggar hard drives though. Maybe next month.
  13. Takoma

    Winning Lotto

    All yours buddy.
  14. Takoma

    Winning Lotto

    Good thing the Lotto this week is 70...
  15. Takoma

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    New Zippo. I have two already, but one's from my brother, who died a few months later, and one's from the ex wife, and I'm worried I'll lose them. Zippo Armor, which means the shell is 1.5 times thicker than an ordinary one. So that'll be nice.