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  1. wheelz

    x79 is coming

    RE- Mobo fan You guys are worried about noise? The twin 120MM fans on the CPU HSF and triple 80Mm fans of the GPU not to mention the 7, or 8 case fans ranging from 180mm down arent going to be more of a concern? seriously, these LGA 2011 systems are touted to run very hot, and even watercooling requires fans, larger, faster and louder than that mobo fan..
  2. I have a Dell U2711 which I run at 2560 x 1440, and a GTX580 1.5 Gb Card feeding it. (you MUST bump stock voltage up to 1.18, and clocks to 900/1800/2100) It can, and does hit the limit quite often, I can have playable frame rates (anything over 60) but it requires some settings in games to be reduced. Theres no running BF3 on ULTRA and HBAO with just one of these cards, my solution will be to run 2 of them, but if its a single card you are sticking with, definately get the extra 1.5Gb, because you will use it.
  3. wheelz

    New cards for 3/4 Quarter

    so exactly what will it take to amaze you? seriously? Frostbite 2 looks like the best game engine I've ever seen, I'm amazed that you aren't impressed.
  4. wheelz

    hd 4870x2 or hd 5770cf

    Just to let you know Im getting around 45 frames on Crysis 2 with a 4870X2 at 1920 x 1080 with very high settings. Only issue is the strobe flicker, but that seems present in all crossfire setups, so just a driver issue, should be fixed up in a new driver release. soon. I will be grabbing a 6990 soon tho, as I want that frame rate at 2560 x 1440 at Extreme settings ;) Quick edit- I am running a Q9550 @ 3.6 tho, that may well have some impact on FPS.
  5. When you say fresh install, you are referring to just the PSU not the whole system right? Also, with my specs whats the minimum wattage regarding having everything work correctly? Also, Since this is my first build, the PSU came at recommendation of the seller I bought my parts from, I'll sure return to him and have a talk! It's way too hard to see If my GPU is at the top 16x PCI-E port because it's so big. I'm not going to go and take everything out to see that. So how does a budget PSU affect performance even though it is a high wattage? ALso I disabled hyperthreading. Very slight improvement in fallout 3. Performance is even worse in cod4, 23fps. WHy does age of empires 3 run so well? EDIT: Ok i found the other PCI-E x16 slot. The confusion was that the label underneath it said pcie express 2.0. I checked in the manual and yes that too is a x16 slot. But still my GPU is in the top slot as recommended. First things first, Id do some research and choose the best PSU you can afford, Im not recommending anything in particular, but with a bit of googling, and some reading, you will figure out what you need. Secondly, after replacing the PSU, I (notice I'm saying 'I', not saying 'you') would re-install everything from scratch. OS, and all drivers, update MoBo bios, re-install all apps. I would only do this because it eliminates everything that could be software based in one fell swoop, and I cant stand trial and error with software anymore! Lastly, 'I' would make sure both my CPU and GPU had brand new thermal compound, case had sufficient air flow and all my cabling was neatly and gently tucked away. With that system, you should be murdering COD4, with your biggest concern being the crappy 60 Hz screen refresh rate that allows screen tearing at high FPS!! But really, if you aren't as anal as me, and wont go the full re-install gig, the PSU is your first step here.
  6. thats a terrible rate to be running COD4 at with that system. I still have a q9550 and a 4870X2 and I get 120 plus easily with all the glowy bits turned up at 1920 X 1080. definately bin that PSU and try a fresh install, I would..
  7. wheelz

    so i took apart an LCD

    Last time I did that I ground up the sheets and snorted the resulting magic dust. It went from world bending to mind bending. My brain still hurts
  8. wheelz

    Power down or leave on?

    I turn it off at the end of each day, and boot it up when I get home from work. My PC seems to get slower and slower and windows gets screwier and screwier, the longer I leave it running. Could just be superstition, but it 'feels' snappier after a fresh reboot. Who keeps any PC long enough to 'wear it out'? My first ever PC is still running somewhere, I think my sons mate has it as a file server or something, and I really cant think of any time I've ever had a component failure in six generations of PC. Maybe the off/on is good for a PC? who knows? Another thing is my PC is in my bedroom and the fan noise would send me insane if I left it on, not to mention the damn heat...
  9. wheelz

    "Don't become a statistic"

    My anaconda don't want none unless it's got buns hun...
  10. wheelz

    If you had 6 months to train for a fight

    I would start with serious cardio and some tai chi (the exercise version) for fitness, form and control, and study grappling and ju-jitsu only. Dont waste your time with kicking and punching, you want holds and joint locks. No matter how good someone is with their fists, a good joint lock or grappling hold will reduce anyone to an ineffective blubberer. My third choice, if I had it, would be simple kung fu, where all my focus would be on footwork, positional avoidance and defence. Fitness and strength training would be key here. the longer you can hold a lock or hold, the quicker it all ends. 6 months is plenty of time. With focus you could be ready in 3.
  11. wheelz

    Combat flying - been a while :)

    Wow. that was chilling mate. Nice Job. Thankyou for sharing!
  12. wheelz

    Ok,all blokes in relationships.

    :) Brilliant post, problem I guess is this credit based society we live in, allowed me to do some things last year that were essential, now I have to pay it off :) Cheers One good thing I suppose is that after nearly 10 years with no access to credit, I've learned how to save again, I literally pay for everything upfront. Requires patience, but is ultimately more rewarding and allows bucket loads of time for research. This exactly^^^ I was naive and trusting, and let my partner do finances while I just earned. Everything was in my name.. everything. She was brilliant at covering up, I hadn't started using internet banking and never looked at the bills. I dont blame my new partner for anything that has happened to me in the past, and honestly, the set-up suits her just fine. If we want to, and often we do, we spend together, and on each other. I hide nothing from her, because I dont need to. I use maturity and consideration when making purchases and no-one in our house hold misses out on anything, ever. Works great, no fights, no secrets, no justification for my hobbies. I spend what I want, when I want and never ever have an issue with it, and because I have to save up, there are never any impulse purchases that create all the problems anyway.
  13. wheelz

    Ok,all blokes in relationships.

    Half half. I pay half the bills, she pays the other half. What she does with the rest is not my concern, and vice verse. I went down the shared road before, in my first marriage, cost me nearly 70 grand and my credit rating. NEVER EVER again. No matter how much you think you are in love, you just never know. I spend my money how I see fit, albeit with consideration of course, but if I want something, I buy it with my money.
  14. Awesome. It's OK for HIM to buy overseas cheap, but not ME. hmmm.. I already payed my tax on my income before I started spending, not him tho.. he pays his with a fat mark up from anyone who allows this middleman to peddle identical products at a huge margin, just because you can walk out of the store with it. So I should pay double so he can get richer and I can save our economy by being gouged? Sigh. Identical product, cheaper price.. dont we all?
  15. Turbulence creates heat doesn't it? Even down at such a presumably insignificant level like inside a PC case. Im the same, very anal about cable management, nice to know its been confirmed as an actual effect.