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  1. icearcher

    CPU Waterblock for 1RU Server

    Its too keep the noise down, currently they sound like a swarm of bees that can be heard just about anywhere in the house. They are servers from an ex-business so they are noisy as hell, i never thought little 60mm fans could be so loud. I think the fact that the water cooler is rack mounted makes it the top choice for my friend and the fact that theres a bit less work to do. The 1RU servers dont run too hot so i doubt they will add to much load to the system and the 2RU will have blocks with 1/2inch barbs. Can you get "splitters" to create multiple loops? as in 1 input out to say 4 loops? I might start a work log and keep you all up to date as we progress.
  2. icearcher

    CPU Waterblock for 1RU Server

    The plan is to use a Koolance external water cooler to connect to 3-4 rack mount servers, there will most likely be a mix of 2RU and 1RU systems. The external cooler is http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/prod...product_id=1172 We still need to figure out how to split the cooling loops between all systems. Its only in the panning phase so far and we need to work out all the little kinks, like how to water cool a 1RU. Any advice would be very helpful.
  3. icearcher

    CPU Waterblock for 1RU Server

    Thanks Dasa. The swiftech looks like a good idea but will have to get it from the us. Do you think a GPU waterblock would handle the heat output of a CPU and can you get adapter plates to fit them to CPUs?
  4. Hi All I'm starting a little water cooling project to cool a few rack server, the 2RU servers are fine, there's plenty of room but the 1RU servers are being a bit of a pain to figure out. I need a CPU water block that has the hose connectors coming out the side instead of the top or a block with right angle connectors with a total hight under about 35mm. Also trying to keep it at 1/2inch ID but not a deal breaker. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Chris
  5. icearcher

    A quick question on GPUs and Boinc

    Thanx Aliali, Boinc can use multiple gpus with a simple command but i think sli messes with it somewhat. The cards wont be used for their graphics performance, just for boinc performance. My board is easily capable, hell i could get three in if i was thinking crazy :)
  6. icearcher

    A quick question on GPUs and Boinc

    Hey all Looking to add a cheapish second gpu to my system to boost boinc performance. Would you add say a GT 440 or look towards and older gen card say a 9800 gt? which would be more powerful? would like to keep it well under $100 I already have an 8800 gt kicking along in there already. Regards Chris
  7. Hi All Looking at a new SB build and was very impressed by the performance of some of the new air coolers on the market. I was taking a closer look at the Noctua NH-C14 and noticed that it weighs in at nearly a tonne eh kilo. :P My question is, has anyone heard of or found any issues with using a cooler this heavy in a tower case? Thanx in advance Chris