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  1. Hi all, I have an issue in that when I plug in the HDMI cable to my BenQ 22" full HD monitor the image does not expand to fill the whole monitor (and the writing is very small for that matter). If I unplug the HDMI cable and use the DVI cable the whole monitor is used up. Does anyone know how to make the image fill the screen when the HDMI cable is attached? The other issue with the HDMI cable I am having is that when I shut down the computer the screen does not change to stand by and stays lit up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. When i put XP CD in it says unable to install because computer is already running a newer version! I need to delete W7 somehow to be able to install XP. Assistance greatly appreciated
  3. Dear experts, I have just purchased all the parts for my first time computer build except for the optical drive. Unfortunately everywhere in Melbourne seems to be sold out of the LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray combo which I was recommended to me (I've seen its price range from $165-$235 :-o). Now I have to either keep searching for it or purchase a different one but don't know which one? I'm looking for an optical drive that plays Blu-Ray and burns CDs and DVDs. Hopefully under $200 if possible but can bend on this. Please help with any suggestions. Thanks in advance
  4. Was just about to build new computer and get Benq E2200HD but everyone seems to be sold out. Heard great reviews about the E2200HD but does anyone know if the G2220HD is a good alternative? Cheers in advance
  5. Thanx so much Archi and other for your advice... The plot thickens but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I guess the 640GB WD HDD is more expensive ($132 instead of $110) because it is the 32MB Cache one and I think the $110 one must be the Green or something. I don't really know if I need the 32MB Cache over the 16MB Cache but I guess if it's faster?? Tempting to get a VX450 or HX520 but I guess if I get something out of this build (metaphorically speaking) I may want to use that extra power in a future build. P.S. Just had a look at Tom's hardware and can't work out those charts for nuts... Guess I'll have to try again at them tomorrow when tonight's hangover wears off!!! Also still can't decide whether to go for the ASUS P6T or the Gigabyte EX58 DS4 which is 20 bucks cheaper. Cheers RadaR
  6. Oops, I meant HX620 was more expensive and thanx for explanation... I'm sold! I live on carpet and thought the wrist band thingy was the way to go?? Am I showing my newbiness? hehe I was also gonna lay cardboard all over the floor coz I saw this dude on Utube do it? Can anyone help me with how I make TV come out of my computer? Also, I have a wireless router/modem for the internet (which worked miraculously on my pre made laptop) but will I need some kind of card for my home made computer to communicate with said modem? Cheers in advance (again)
  7. I think I'll stick with the i7 and I am interested in encoding movies (I can't find where anyone has accidently written moves instead of movies ;-) I'd be very interested to know which 640GB HDD you found for $80?? That sounds awesome I have now swapped the Nvidia 9600GT for the 4670 ATI thanx very much (different brands appear to have slightly dif. prices which i assume is due to mem speed etc - should i buy the cheapest, middle of road or most expensive, bearing in mind it's only a $9 difference between the 3 brands listed on MSY's price list?) Can anyone explain to me why the HX650 is more expensive than the TX620 and whether I need the more expensive one?? (i'll most likely get one of them depending on your advice even tho they are both more than twice the price of the Coolermaster PSU I was originally looking at purchasing) I can feel it's getting closer to the time I'm gonna have to strap on that static electricity wrist band thingy and get stuck in... eeek Cheers in advance
  8. Thanks so much for your thoughts... It's reassuring to know you are on the right track. Which Motherboard do you think would be more appropriate - ASUS P6T or G-B EX58 DS4?? Why the 640GiB over the 500GiB HDD? or the 320GiB for that matter? (I think I read somewhere that the 640GiB is the fastest but why would that be if the specs look the same? or is it just price effective?) Is there any reason for the 3GiB or 6GiB RAM over the 4GiB? Sorry for requesting further clarification just attempting to understand this wonderful world of computers Cheers again
  9. I'm building a computer for the first time.. Scary I know. This is what I have researched over the last month: CPU - Intel Core i7 920 $469 MBoard - ASUS P6T $359 or G-B EX58 DS4 $339 (won't be doing any crossfire or anything if that makes a difference?) RAM - 4G Kit (2x2G) 1333 G.Skill NQ $139 (pretty much plucked from the sky as is hard to make sense of reviews) HDD - W.D. SATA Caviar Black 500GB $121 (already have a 750GB external HD) GPU - 512M 9600GT ASUS $155 (don't play many games.. mainly for movie watching) ODrive - LG GGC H20L Blu-Ray Combo $113 Case - Coolermaster RC690 $129 PSU - Coolermaster Extreme 550W V2 $89 OS - Already have XP professional on DVD Monitor - 21.5" Benq E2200HD Full HD $239 Keyboard and Mouse - Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave $78 Prices are from MSY, PC Maniacs and CentreCom Total $1871 -$1891 Thankyou heaps for some guidance/thoughts/comments??