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    What of Atomic?

  2. Unfortunate story; I came across Spamz0r at a couple of the Brisbane Atomic meets also. What better way to remember a man than by that which is most important - acorns. RIP. Rating NSFW1, not suitable for commemerative slideshows. This photo is from Elvenwhore's photobucket account. Quite obviously any gross offense attributed to this post is entirely her responsibility. (sorry... not really)
  3. segger

    What of Atomic?

    One bonus latex fist to Hawkeye if he manages to gradually expand the Atomic content in PC&TA until the point that it is consumed and renamed to Atomic MPC.
  4. segger

    What of Atomic?

    Sure. You might get a bit of beard rash on your junk though.
  5. segger

    What of Atomic?

    Fuck me dead. I suppose this day is inevitable for any publication and comes as more of a surprise for the general community than those who create it. But still... fuck me dead. Atomic was always a shining beacon of geekery among a news stand of fit-for-general-consumption tech drudgery. Everyone owes a debt of dry humping to Hawkeye, Flouncy, that Ashton n00b and the many contributors for building and supporting both a mag and a community of actual interest to the real geeks. The mag might be assimilated but we can only hope the forum and community don't go down like an Atomic editor groupie.
  6. segger

    Learning the ways of Cisco

    I did the Cisco Networking Academy Program at QUT which covers all the CCNA material. For subsequent CCNP subjects I studied the books (primarily the exam certification guides, because they're more concise) and also read up on some dodgy Cisco exams which you can find online, to get an idea of the STUPID FSCKING POORLY WORDED CISCO QUESTIONS they inevitably ask.
  7. Not sure what you mean by "one port on each switch with 0 config" ? Also be careful with your expectations - the methods by which packets are distributed across the members of a link aggregation bundle/port channel will vary depending on the switch. Cisco don't distribute on a round-robin basis - they hash based on MAC address, IP address or Layer 4 port information. This can result in single traffic streams, or a small number of them, only utilising one member of a bundle/port channel. (google 'Cisco etherchannel hash' for more info). I don't know what Netgear do.
  8. segger

    Need another geek!

    Take what whichever way I will? Your statement, your sense of humour or your penis?
  9. segger

    Need another geek!

    Apologies for the delayed reply... I've been a little busy because we haven't hired anyone yet :-p mudg3 yeah I think i remember you. Will PM you some info. smadge - not looking for specific qualifications. Need someone with a good head (troubleshooting capability and ability to learn new, sometimes complex systems) and sense of humour (ok the last requirement is probably mine, not the company's). If you or someone else have a bit of experience and this capability then training isn't too much of an issue. I don't think we'll have 'hobo' on a position description any time soon though. garlic - yes. We have a wide range of work which needs to be done so anyone with a skill level in the CCNA to CCNP type range would be suitable. Would you like to work with me?
  10. The company I work for is in need of another full-time geek as our project list (and consequently, number of managed networks) is overflowing. We're a small company with a focus on design & management of large corporate networks - particularly WAN and wireless (class licenced and licenced microwave) for mining and construction clients. We have two Atomicans working here so why not shoot for a third. We need someone with intermediate to advanced network skills - experience with mining companies and large corporates is a bonus. I'll leave out all the usual gory job advertisement bullshit. (team players, dynamic innovative companies, needing staff due to explosive growth... the kinda stuff that makes marketroids spooge their Calvin Klein hipsters). If you have the right skillset and mindset, you'll be useful and at home! The individual needs a sense of humour (and ability to tolerate me) and right level of tact. If this job description arouses you and you're in Brisbane, please PM me or reply here.
  11. The Australian Government have announced a review of the Australian Classification System and are taking public submissions with a closing date of 15 July 2011. This is directly relevant to the classification of video games (R18+ anyone?) and also to the proposed mandatory Internet filter. Someone on a mailing list referenced this Slashdot article which mentions that there have been few reviews due to a lack of publicity. I also notice that the Classification Scheme Review was mentioned here on Atomic. This needs some high profile publicity on the Atomic website - gamers and Internet users need to make their voices heard before the closing date! The Classification Scheme Review paper can be downloaded here. As Anonymous Coward 'Kactus' posted on Slashdot: "Any Aussies should go to http://www.alrc.gov.au/content/classificat...line-submission to fill it out while keeping the report side by side, and working through them together. Its the easiest way. The report is linked at the top, and you have to register as well."
  12. Can you elaborate on this part? Maybe provide a diagram?
  13. segger

    Magnetic Vision

    That's crazy shit. You have bigger (and more metallic) balls than I. Also awesome.
  14. segger

    Big Day Out 2011

    True that. Most awesome show evar.
  15. segger

    [BNE] HB visiting, dinner or lunch?

    Hahaha. And yeah the pie was pretty win, scythe. Thanks for coming out for the lunch in both honour and absece of HB, scythewhore. (o.O) I got home OK and ended up working almost continually until now, preparing for and dealing with water-related network issues. Fun!!