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    Old School Problem - Motorola Razr V3

    Something like this is what I'd suggest. Not all the Razrs have a memory card slot, but Bluetooth FTW!
  2. thesorehead

    Surface Pro 2

    Ah. That's not Metro, just tested it on my Surface and that's what it looks like with the window maximised and "auto-hide taskbar" :P. Trust me, the Desktop is behind that window! :D I think that eventually there will be Metro versions of the Office apps. MS is probably way ahead of me here, but they should take data from how people use the Office Online web apps (as well as their existing Metro apps like Mail and OneNote) and use it to include just the key functions to keep the casual Metro users happy. Then, stick those limited functions into a Metro UI and offer them offline packaged as an app that can be pinned and run like any other.
  3. thesorehead

    Solitary confinement for 10 years, make your choice.

    Cut your solitary confinement sentence in half - 15 credits. Assuming it's 5 years then free, not 5 years then normal prison. Small window - 6 credits. Assuming I can see outside, and some sky or at least sunlight. One fast food meal of your choice per week - 1 credit. Assuming I get to choose each week. ...that's 22 points, and I'm torn. Assuming you also get a TV to play it on and appropriate control perpherals, if I could get a Steambox with Garry's Mod, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress then I would have my entertainment and creativity needs sorted. But I don't think you can get all three of them in one machine and still call it a console. Surely a PC can be put in "kiosk mode", boot straight to Big Picture with only those three games installed and available through Steam? Would that count? Anyway, assuming it doesn't I'd go for cell-cleaning (2), rubber ball (3) and phone call (2), with one point left!
  4. thesorehead

    Surface Pro 2

    Could you please link to this? I know it's planned, but I've not seen it anywhere yet and it's not turned up on my Surface RT. Office has always been something that kicks you into the Desktop.
  5. thesorehead

    Best portable device for a Uni student

    What's your budget? Assuming we're working with a "student's budget" here, IMHO it's a choice between Surface 2 with Type Cover and that very cool ASUS The Tick linked to. Surface 2 has a better screen, comes with Office including Outlook, is smaller and has all the capability packed into the "tablet" portion (i.e. you don't need to plug in a dock to get a USB 3.0 port and it stands up on its own). ASUS has done well to include Office Home and Student, plus full Windows and a (probably, based on prior similar portables) pretty good keyboard. Oh and apparently it charges using microUSB, which is very cool. Won't charge as fast as Surface, but microUSB is the standard nowadays. If you need to install custom software or Office plugins for use at uni, the ASUS wins hands down. If you prefer the thing to be more appliance-like, and you just need Office (or you're happy to use your desktop for your course's custom software/plugins), IMHO Surface 2 is worth the extra ~$80. I personally love my Surface RT, even though it has niggles (which Surface 2 addresses comprehensively) because WinRT is very much a tablet OS - I can't screw it up, and nobody else can either.
  6. thesorehead

    PSA: Winamp closing down

    Don't care who buys it, so long as it doesn't die. I already use Winamp in fullscreen (when it's not minimised to a strip up the top). Something like this: would work pretty well as a Metro app, I reckon. Scale it a bit to make it more finger friendly, but you get the idea.
  7. thesorehead

    PSA: Winamp closing down

    Love Winamp, still use it almost daily, hands-down the BEST out of the box music library I've ever used. I don't know why everybody else gets albums wrong, but Winamp has never let me down. I've downloaded the (now) final version and will keep loving it. Have had a few recommendations for foobar over the years, tried it once but found it too much bother to get it set up for anything useful. If it's still the same I don't see any reason to bother.
  8. thesorehead

    Your hobby.

    Hmmm... Apart from gaming and reading, I've just taken up dance again after nearly a year off. It's good to be back! Also at the moment I'm sharing a Dwarf Fortress with some fellows over on another forum - it's like passing around a virtual ant farm that sometimes gets invaded by the odd huge hairy leech, winged ravening snail or trolls led by a green-eyed, web-spitting, exoskeletal demon ape.
  9. thesorehead

    WoW - Worlds of Draenor Expansion

    Quit in Vanilla @ level 42, played a little bit in BC, never looked back and this doesn't change anything. If they want me to even consider it, they need to have zone control consequences as they did in the inimitable Shattered Galaxy. I was hoping that this would be the purpose of Garrisons, but that part of it just looks like World of Farmville.
  10. thesorehead

    Smart Watches

    Was shopping for a super-cheap Casio for daily use (and maybe another one for sweaty-workout use, damn they're cheap!) when I stumbled across this bad boy: Casio GB6900AA-1 , and looking around a bit more, the 2nd generation device: Casio GBX6900B-2 And the product promo website: http://world.g-shock.com/us/en/ble/ The first gen was cool, but the second gen basically offers everything I could personally ask for from a smartwatch: music control, notifications of all kinds, changing watch settings from the phone app (rather than using unintuitive button combinations on the device) and the phone locator function that ended up being so handy, The Verge's reviewer ended up using it all the time instead of just remembering where his phone was. But in case that wasn't good enough, the thing is still a CASIO G-Shock watch (i.e. tough as nails), will tell the time whether or not a phone is nearby (although it'll update itself if it is paired with a phone), and has a two year battery life. Two years!. All for the sum of $215 from Amazon (pretty reasonable IMHO). Now, I'm more interested in personally buying a dumb watch at this point, but for those of you who do have a use for smartwatches: thoughts? Why the hell aren't these killer devices given a bit more coverage?!
  11. thesorehead

    Things that make you go 'wtf'?

    Seems legit.
  12. thesorehead


    one of the remarkable things reported by people blogging about their experience with Soylent is that they feel really full after a portion of the stuff. Like they've just eaten a very filling meal. That is exactly my point. Seconded, big time. Food pyramids; nutritional studies; counting calories; energy I/O ... all this research has already been done, why should I have to go do it all over again? Wouldn't it be good if someone who *had* done all that research created a foodstuff that would be an optimal mix of nutrients based on said research? Food approached as an engineering problem, with all the hassle taken out of it. We've already done this for transport: I don't know how exactly a car or bus works or how a jet plane flies (beyond really general principles), so I pay the money that someone else charges to make use of that tech to get from one place to another. For leisure, I might build a billy-cart or go snowboarding. We've done this for communication: does anybody here have an intimate understanding of cell networks? Again, I know that really general principles but I couldn't build a radio to save my life so if I want to communicate, I pay the money and use the tech. If I like, I can write and hand-deliver a letter to someone special. Similarly, if I could "pay the money and use the tech" to fulfil all my nutrition needs I totally would. Like the plane and smartphone I would be using the tech developed and understood by somebody else to achieve the desired result. I would still bake, roast and fry food for pleasure and enjoy the luxuries of coffee, chocolate and eating out. But like the billy-cart or handwritten letter, these would be things I do because I enjoy them rather than because I have to meet a physical need.
  13. thesorehead

    To Boldly Go, Star Trek Continues.

    CGI. 60s TV. /facepalm
  14. thesorehead


    I think that Rob Rhinehart really outlines the point of Soylent as well as anybody could. Which kind of makes sense XP. http://blog.soylent.me/post/64789154918/so...ng-announcement for the click-impaired: I for one welcome the option.
  15. thesorehead


    Hmmmm I thought they were aiming for a lower cost, around the $5/day mark... I've been following Soylent for a few months and by all accounts it's the real deal: you can seriously live off the stuff, active lifestyle and all, without feeling hungry or being malnourished. Rob Rhinehart tested it on himself as a personal project long, long before deciding to make it a commercial product and has had volunteer beta-testers providing feedback for ages. From impressions I've read it tastes like "nothing" - a little bit sweet, and with a chalky texture, but it doesn't taste "like" anything in particular. Which is good because then you can make it taste like anything! I love the idea, and TBH even at $65/week it's cheaper than my current food bill. I enjoy eating nice food but most of the time I eat because I'm hungry and I know my body needs fuel. For $65/week I would replace ~90% of my eating with Soylent. It's really not about price, as SS said it's more about making the best nutrition as easy as possible. He's done a heap of research and testing, even getting blood work done when he was just doing it as a hobby project and blogging about it. To answer your question: yes, you'd have Soylent because it's faster. It's not just faster than frying up some sausages or making a salad. It's more nutritious too. The amount of preparation time you'd have to put in, in order to get a "real food" meal that's as nutritionally complete as Soylent is orders of magnitude greater. Don't get me wrong, if I was on Soylent I wouldn't give up eating. But I would be able to cook and eat for pleasure and leisure. I would have more time in my day for doing things that I enjoy other than eating or cooking. That's the real appeal of Soylent.