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    Macbook Pro in Hong Kong

    Before anyone suggests it, I am aware of Apple price standardizing worldwide, but am curious to know if anyone knows of any sweet hookups in Hong Kong for a Cheaper MBP. The handfull of retailers are offering the same price as the HK online store, which although is a few hundred AU cheap than AU, still isnt that made Azn discount im searching for. Lay it on me bros.
  2. Friml

    Minimal Techno Minimix (15mins)

    guess you're all still stuck in the 90's loving trance then. :P
  3. 6 tracks kinda mashed/mixed in Ableton Live. All tracks are Thomas Schumacher. Who produces very sophisticated subtle minimal techno. I usually produce my own music, and haven't actually made a mix before. Used traditional DJ tools only e.g EQ kills, and delay in one part i think. It's condensed about 30mins down to half. 60% of the set are two tracks or key elements playing in unison. https://download.yousendit.com/MnFqQ1ZnT00rV3hjR0E9PQ 13MB 128Kbs
  4. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1257...mp;l=18678b29e1 should be able to view it if you log in, right? NPC160 400NC x2 800NC
  5. Friml

    iphone OS 3.0

    just became availible, like 5 mins ago, mofo's! hello mms, copy.paste and internet tethering! peace.
  6. My P4 PC was recently injected with a new lease on life after i installed a Radeon 3850 AGP Card. This card set me back a fair it, so I dont want to abandon it. I'm now looking at doing a CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade and need a board that can take the AGP card with a 775 Intel CPU. I've heard that the hybrid PCI-E and AGP are trouble, so I was looking for some recommendations. I want to hang on to the case/PSU(antec truepower 430) / opticals (IDE) and if possible the hard drives. although, its not a big deal if i have to grab a new drive. This is just a secondary computer primarily used for gaming so keeping the price right down would be good. Once i get the board ill get some advice on other components too.
  7. Friml

    DJ Equipment

    use serato. its the industry standard.
  8. Friml

    New HDD in macbook. Where?

    Sorry about all this ... Just to clarify, in CCC do i select the option of "copy the entire contents" of my "HDD" to the (bootable) external drive, or do i make a "new disk image" to the external? Then is it simply a matter of holding alt when the new blank drive is in the mac, booting from the external, and then copying it all back over to the new internal? Will this procedure copy and retain all system files / preferences / application / data / everything properly like it was never touched?
  9. Friml

    New HDD in macbook. Where?

    So i dont make in actual .dmg image? I just make a direct copy of everything on to the USB disk?
  10. Friml

    New HDD in macbook. Where?

    thanks for the feedback, all. i think im going to go with a 5400 500GB drive. Capacity is important, and i have no real complaints with my current performance. Do you notice a real kick in speed? I'm also not too comfy putting a faster drive than the stock. How exactly do i go about making an image in CCC? Make an image of HDD on to a external mac formatted drive, but how do you get the image back on to the new blank HDD once installed?
  11. Friml

    New HDD in macbook. Where?

    Tomorrow im looking at getting a higher capacity HDD put in my macbook, and i have a few quieries... Whats the highest capacity that service centers offer? I've got macbook circa May2007. Are 7200rpm drives availible? Fairly sure the current drive (120GB) is 5400. If they are, are the any issues (aside from assumed battery loss) , such as large rise in temperature etc. Would it make the machine any less stable? I bought the macbook from Nextbyte, but aren't thrilled with the idea of them installing the drive becuase of thier infamous pricing. Does anyone have any suggestions of a center in the Melbourne Metro Area? Hopefully done on the spot? Finally, what should i use to make an image of my current drive? Is it fairly straight forward? An image takes care of EVERYTHING yes? Sorry for the 20 questions. Thanks.
  12. Friml

    Leopard Upgrade for bootcamp?

    no one?
  13. Friml

    Leopard Upgrade for bootcamp?

    I'm currently running a macbook dual booting Tiger and XP, and in order to do so I had to source an old beta version of bootcamp. The work I'm doing in XP requires the the lappy to be as stable as possible (live music performance) , and although I haven't had any issues with bootcamp beta running XP I'm curious to know if upgrading to leopard (an added bonus) and thus gaining access to the released bootcamp would potentially improve stability? Are there any known improvements with the released bootcamp coming with leopard? Or any thoughts thoughts on the matter?
  14. I'ts fine for proofing. Anthril: If i was shooting on the stuff, that would be a good idea. I only ever use it for proofing exposure etc. I'm still too adicted to 160NC. Its literally the only film I've shot in the last year or so.
  15. Friml

    Macro Lens > Cheap Scanner

    screw that, ill just use my Nikon 4000ED. *runs* i came in here to see just how bad the copies were going to look, but you know what. The black and white copied pretty damn well. The colour might be better when the white point is neutralized.