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    Telstra slow in your area?

    Telstra might suck but it's the best one to use in my area... We tried going through iiNet before for 6 months because they have their own DSLAM at the Darwin exchange (Telstra being the only other one which every other ISP goes through). We found the service to be really poor. Frequent dropouts and their billing system would never get it right. On top of that they don't advertise the true cost of signing up for one of their bundled plans. All in all I found it to be a poor ISP that ripped me off. I've had Telstra before for a landline service and a wireless broadband for 12 months a few years back and although I had the occasional dropout and the price was that bit dearer than the competition, overall I found it to be more reliable funnily enough. Now just to update, I called 133933 and the dumb arse robot voice has confirmed that there is a problem with the ADSL service and that their technicians are working on it. Second day into it.... hmm must be a difficult problem or they've got their apprentice techs on it. I'm not sure whether it's just the Darwin exchange, other systems could be affected but if you're around my area then at least you know. Being a 'Darwinite' isn't something to be proud of... Worst drivers in Australia and everyone smells like BO. Give me Brisbane, Sydney or Perth and I'll be a happy man lol (10 years of Melbourne is enough jail time :P) http://www.speedtest.net/result/717260895.png
  2. WTF... Download Speed: 73 kbps (9.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 74 kbps (9.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Sunday, 14 February 2010 5:51:26 PM I'm on 12GB Liberty ADSL2+ plan Anyone else experiencing this? Especially around Darwin?
  3. Volition

    NYE Plans

    Going to a pills in the bum party in Melbourne - Sensation White http://www.sensation.com
  4. Volition

    A science question.

    So if that would mean if there was an observer... ...the bear would find a tree? Does the tree make a sound then? or the bear?
  5. Volition

    A science question.

    So if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, there's no sound? Does a wild bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a rabbit?
  6. Volition

    A science question.

    hmm... I think we're half right after reading this article http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/myst...day_030922.html But that doesn't mean Star Wars got it right :P So if they can't hear it does that mean that there is no sound? Try not to think about it too much 1shot. It'll do your head in.
  7. Volition

    A science question.

    Exactly what he said... Lamens: Space is nothing and sound is a wave that can only travel through something so if there's nothing there to travel through, sound won't travel through space. At least I think that was Lamens... O_o
  8. Volition

    Is it rude to do this?

    Just as interesting as mince meat of dubious quality, from Coles I should think. ...:P I agree :P
  9. Volition

    Is it rude to do this?

    Wow I didn't think this would cause a bunfight over the issue :) I myself don't like to dine at a table where the plates are dirty and we're waiting for the staff to come around and clear our plates. I think that pisses me off more than an intricate detail like taking plates away before everyone is finished. I mean, the staff are only doing their job and I pay it off all the time for that reason. The only thing that narks me a lot is when they shove a segment of the Antartic shelf in my glass, hate it when most of my drink is just ice. Or when they keep hassling me for drinks after I'm finished. Most of their income will come from the drinks at some places but if I want another drink I'll ask the staff when I'm ready. Not when I'm at the punch line of what's the difference between a bucket of sand and a bucket of menstral fluid... I'll also agree with Devere on the quality of staff these days. It has dropped a lot over the years and it's extremely hard to find a place where the staff will actually care about your dining experience, no matter what kind of restaurant you're at. They had a segment on ACA or TT where this restaurant connoisseur was willing to pay $1000 to the first waiter/waitress that looked after him and his 3 mates properly around Sydney. They went to a few cafes and restaurants but eventually they did find this one that was a gentleman and really did his job well.
  10. Volition

    Is it rude to do this?

    No, it was pretty quiet tonight.
  11. Volition

    Is it rude to do this?

    Is it rude for a waiter/waitress to take plates away from the table at a restaurant before everyone at the table has finished eating? I haven't been accustomed to this. My friend had stopped the waiter from taking his plate, he said 'mate, some people are still eating, it's rude to start taking plates away right now. Come back later please' and the waiter had to pause for a few seconds lol Probably wouldn't be a big thing if it was a pub meal mabye... but yeah at a restaurant I can agree that it's a little rude. I'd like to poll this. See if everyone agrees :)
  12. Volition

    So I buy some mince meat at Coles...

    http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/pub...LE/cdi3204c.pdf 'In Australia, it has been estimated that there are 5.4 million cases of foodborne disease annually, costing an estimated $1.2 billion dollars per year.' That was 2007. Can only imagine what the going rate is now. Australia does have a very high proportion of food poisoning for its population and I do believe the relaxed attitude towards food products is to blame as well. When you have mince meat that's fresh looking on the outside but 3/4 of it on the inside is the grey/brown, gluggy look that some believe to be fine, it does beg the question as to how far are you willing to go with shitty food? Apparantly some here go the whole distance... I don't mind if the mince has a little bit of brown through it, I'm not totally anal on meat but I've had combat rations that look better than that mince and that's saying something!
  13. Volition

    So I buy some mince meat at Coles...

    Lol. It's a shame you didn't buy it from a butcher, so he could give you a lesson on meat mincing. It's a shame your mum didn't have dentures. I like teeth.
  14. Volition

    So I buy some mince meat at Coles...

    I've handed back the meat now and the supervisor at the smoke counter was nice. At least she understood where I was coming from. She explained to me that there was another person that came yesterday to hand meat back for the same reasons. She further explained that she was aware of a problem in the meat department that the air conditioning there is malfunctioning. Now if it were anywhere else... probably not a dire issue but this is Darwin and we are in the middle of the fucking 'build-up' where the humidity goes through the roof before the monsoonal rains arrive. The air con is malfunctioning??? If that isn't a disaster waiting to happen! I got my money back and I told her that I will not buy from Coles meat department ever again. Don't advertise 'Fresh' when it is clearly not. Hope she slaps a few people.
  15. Volition

    So...Whos gonna import Alien Versus Predator?

    See what happens when SA puts a hardline Christian in power. It pisses the world off.