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  1. ADO

    What of Atomic?

    Goodnight sweet prince. :(
  2. ADO

    Little old lady cars

    Bulletproof too, as long as it's been looked after and serviced regularly.
  3. ADO

    [Mel]: IT Job

    Yep, about 55k - 65k :)
  4. ADO

    [Mel]: IT Job

    Guys, A friend of mine is looking for someone who can fill a new role in a managed services type environment. Looking for someone with Helpdesk experience, who is cluey, and comfortable with patching and administering servers etc. Anyone interested, let me know. Cheers.
  5. ADO

    Need money help/advice

    Ha yep, those are the big investment four. I'm thinking about the big banking four. But really, either work. There are more jobs than there are qualified and experienced personnel.
  6. ADO

    What's happened to this place?

    Ah. Makes sense.
  7. After some time away, I am shocked to see that there are ~10 people in General Chat at 8pm on a Thursday. It used to be rockin' with hundreds of unique visitors, and nothing lasted on the front page longer than a few hours without any comments. Who scared everyone away?
  8. ADO

    Need money help/advice

    IT is going off at the moment. The big four are going nuts for decent staff, so there are positions available in a cascading effect throughout the industry. Unfortunately, the only way to get a pay rise in IT is to get a new job - at least thats my experience. If you have a .edu.au email address, register on Dreamspark and get a free Microsoft Cert exam voucher. Pass the cert exam, join linkedin, and make some connections. Jump on seek and apply like crazy. If you are good at selling yourself, I guarantee you can be on more money within several weeks. :)
  9. ADO

    My 1961 EK holden

    Please please please tell me you are getting your son involved with this. Absolutely awesome progress. Too often you see people start things like this and never finish, which is a real shame.
  10. ADO

    Need money help/advice

    What are you doing at the moment in IT, Squidy?
  11. ADO

    Which bank?

    Eh. Sounds awfully dodgy. I could go to a new employer, provide Fred Nerks TFN, and get paid in cash. Edit: Thus avoiding Centrelink and the like.
  12. ADO

    Which bank?

    I'd hire someone else. You can certainly find banks with no fees, this woman sounds like a pretentious dumb shit. I would not want someone like that in my employ.
  13. ADO

    Modern War Gear:combat evolved...

    Bangin cleavage. Good watch. I'll probably watch the next ones.
  14. ADO

    Mazda 3 issues, diagnosis?

    Mazda 3 should still clutch start with a dead batt.. I've done it a handful of times.. I still think you should just fork the $70-100 for a new battery. It sounds like a dead or collapsed cell. Have you got a multimeter? Place it on the battery with the car off, record the reading, get someone to try to start the car, and see what reading you get. If you can get the car running, the multi should read about 13-14v. Cheers.
  15. ADO

    My story

    Yep. Crack it on Youtube, I'd definitely give it a watch.