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  1. SacrificialNewt

    Got some H?

    I am not chicken Sleep was just better to do Than writing haiku
  2. SacrificialNewt

    Got some H?

    Haiku: years after; It's still bloody going on You lot are so weird!
  3. SacrificialNewt

    How old is everone?

    Awww...being on topic is no fun. I am 37. My husband, Spent, is 31... and we are married with children, have and will always have separate accounts, and like it that way :D Hahaha - sorry, couldn't help myself.
  4. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    Not sure...I'll ask but I'm not sure if he'd prefer to come or mind the kids :)
  5. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    The first meet is always like that...but hey, 8 years down the track and even though I hardly ever post on here anymore, these guys are still my friends. I think I've met at least 100 of them. Come. It will be good :D
  6. SacrificialNewt

    Crazy dog man

    It'd be better if he was wearing a dog collar.
  7. SacrificialNewt

    People that drink more than 15 standard drinks

    I read in a magazine today that any more than 4 standard drinks is considered a binge. Personally, I don't drink and never have...not even one.
  8. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    Pringles! Hello :D
  9. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    No one likes being ignored. No one likes a tantrum. Its apparant that very few (if any) are liking your behaviour if you dont get your way. If you want people to get a level where they wish to interact with you, you need to look at what is being said to you in response to your outburts - because there is a common theme. If people choose not to deal with you, theres nothing you, i, or anyone other than the other party can do about it. You cannot, however, attempt to force your presence upon them and then complain loudly when they don't respond. If you are here to play nice, then prove it. Regardless of how others are behaving. There is a lot to be said for being the bigger person. If you're incapable of doing that, and continue with this behaviour that you've already been warned about, then what is left for us to do? You said that so nicely. Well done. It's very hard being nice sometimes.
  10. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    Looking big this year. Have added more photos to the Facebook group :)
  11. SacrificialNewt

    Fr3nzy deals with job rejection...

    Sorry J, but if I received that email reply from you my thoughts would be 'lucky we didn't hire that one.'
  12. SacrificialNewt

    Well this is one way to stop woman beaters

    Lol at Vanna being banned by his parents. Question is, would anyone past their teens even think about being banned by their parents? Does this mean vat3r is pubescent? Pre-pubescent even? As for Chopper - he's the only thug I like. The media has done so much for that dude.
  13. SacrificialNewt

    Scum set free.

    Fair enough. I'm fine with that too.
  14. SacrificialNewt

    Credit card questions.

    If you wait and watch for special deals (sign up for Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar spam), then eventually they have cheap flights listed for your destination and sometimes it will be during the time period you want. I have 3 tickets to Perth for mid April that cost me $149 each with Qantas last month.
  15. SacrificialNewt

    Do I move on or fight?

    Best to leave it be and try not to get the mutual friends involved too much. I have just one comment though - this girl who is totally in love with you and apparently on hold while your ex decides if she wants you back - well, to be fair on her, you obviously don't feel the same way if you're still considering your ex so you really should be just letting her down gently. It just doesn't work unless it's mutual.
  16. SacrificialNewt

    I love chainsaw sculptors.

    That would look really good on my front deck.
  17. SacrificialNewt

    Ridiculous behemoths begone

    They're off in sympathy for the Falcon.
  18. SacrificialNewt

    Politically correct children's books for the 2000s.

    Sit Near Pop Hahaha! Not funny until you remember the original title.
  19. SacrificialNewt

    Gis a liver!

    Quoting your link..."The father of a former heroin addict given just months to live has expressed his gratitude to the WA Government for agreeing to pay for overseas flights to try to save her. 24-year-old Claire Murray has been told she will die within six months without another liver transplant. A previous transplant failed after she resumed her heroin habit and she has been deemed ineligible for another. The State Government is willing to pay for Ms Murray and her father to fly to New Zealand if he is compatible to give her a third of his liver. Michael Murray says he is grateful for the help. "As her father I'm prepared to give my life so my daughter will live," he said. The Health Minister Kim Hames believes the procedure would cost about $230,000 and says he is willing to consider paying for part of it if Ms Murray's father is agreeable. "I've again briefly discussed that with the family and they are happy and we are happy to work on that if that is the case." ------------- Looks like that will be her only option, I hope it works for all of their sakes. If that's the daughter in the photo - she "scrubs up" okay. Here's hoping the fact that her father is willing to be her donor has enough impact on her, for her to get control of the heroin. I too, hope it all goes well for her. I wonder how many in this thread would have a different view if it were a sister or daughter of their own... Hard to know for sure unless we were in that situation. However, I've seen parents still love their children after carrying out heinous crimes. It doesn't mean the rest of the world wouldn't rather see them dead.
  20. SacrificialNewt

    Gis a liver!

    I personally think first in best dressed should not apply to organ transplants. I believe that medical professionals should prioritise who gets it based on need, and likelihood of recovery. Is an 80 year old more deserving of a replacement organ then a 15 year old? These are questions that need to be asked. If it was a simple case of supply outstripping need, I would agree. I would agree but then there would be that 'line drawing' that everyone disagrees on. As for the case in hand - no - I'm even inclined to say 'fuck her'. You don't bite the hand that feeds and then go asking for more while or your good little brothers and sisters haven't had their share yet.
  21. SacrificialNewt

    Drunk mother dropped baby on ground

    Now that I look closer, you appear to be absolutely correct.
  22. He may not be mentally unstable. He may just be a power hungry sadist like most of the wife/child bashers out there. You give him too much credit.
  23. SacrificialNewt

    Drunk mother dropped baby on ground

    I have child-welfare on the phone now. He fails to tell you they're all old enough to look after themselves. Not sure how old the youngest is? 16 or 17 maybe...even 18? Haha.
  24. SacrificialNewt

    Drunk mother dropped baby on ground

    Or she could have just forgotten she was holding a baby and flew her arms open in rage/despair. She only looks at him and the baby. If she were struck then she would have glanced in another direction I should guess.
  25. SacrificialNewt

    Drunk mother dropped baby on ground

    The glow stick was dropped after the baby, in order to pick up the baby. As for dropping the kid to smack him one, you only need one arm to hold an 8 month old.