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    Misadventures with WePrintIt

    I'm not sure why it is but my mother has the same sorts of problems when she deals with varying companies. Her writing skills are hard to beat but I think some morons just don't understand syntax. If you left out apostrophes and commas then they would arrive at the same conclusion.
  2. SacrificialNewt

    13 year old charged with murder

    Plus a fucking million. If somebody wants to play the big-man, then quit fucking escalating. Take it to PM, report it, drop it, do something other than fucking threadshit. Fuzz - I just can't agree. I'll poke LD to come and reply, but I've an aunt, and an uncle, in teaching, that I wouldn't trust to pick up responsbility, or even report something they thought might be a little dangerous. Something big, yes, but most of these events aren't something big. They are, as you point out, sublevel. I remember LD having concerns about people she taught with. There are teachers who don't care. And while I'll agree they are not the rule, my experiences in socialising with them tells me your attitude is more of an exception than theirs. If there is 1 in 20, it is too many, and enough to undo the work from those 19. Must be a NSW thing. :-P There are certainly teachers who don't care. Yes. There are teachers who care but who aren't competent enough to pick up on things that need attending or to deal with them in an appropriate manner, yes. Just to get that out of the way. Socialising with teachers is a dangerous thing to base judgements on. Teachers complain more than any other group of people I have ever encountered. Teachers complaining about students -- and that covers insulting them in social situations, lamenting their responsibilities towards them and swearing vengeance against them -- are very often simply venting. I've done much the same myself. It's actions, though, that count: actions taken behind the scenes, and interactions with the students in question. I'm no apologist, and I could easily rattle of plenty of legitimately shitty teachers and teacher decisions, but I could list far more who have gone well beyond their job description in an attempt to help. Sure, every teacher will, at some point, encounter a student who they just don't like dealing with and can't find that required level of empathy for regardless of their situation. I haven't met mine yet, but I know (s)he's out there somewhere. For every one of those, though, there are 99 other students (or 25 for primary teachers) every year who that teacher *does* put the effort in for. Was corporal punishment legal in NSW in the 80s? Was it practiced at Randwick? Corporal punishment is not the answer. Discipline, yes, but discipline doesn't need to involve pain. A competent teacher is capable of exercising authority regardless. These are kids for Chist's sake, they do respond to adults. I've encountered a lot of fucked-up situations and fucked-up kids, and there are very few that can't be solved with a few calm (or angry) words. Children are not monsters. They are not out for blood. Even the worst of them just wants a place to fit in and a comfortable life. Offer that to them, or offer them the prospect of it, and you're halfway there. No and no and nowhere have I suggested corporal punishment. I am not for corporal punishment. I am however for teachers/neighbours/upstanding community members being able to take a child by the arm and lead them to an authority figure who will deal with them appropriately (parent, principal, police, child services etc). Now it's not even acceptable to touch someone elses child. I'm not talking about hitting them.
  3. SacrificialNewt

    Retro Cartoons!

    Kum Kum
  4. SacrificialNewt

    Gary Coleman loses it big time [probably NWS]

    Also Midgets throw the best punches. Yes, right in the nuts.
  5. SacrificialNewt

    Gary Coleman loses it big time [probably NWS]

    I don't like it I don't like it Please Explain? I don't like it But yeah, she was pushing and he did what he said he does at home in an argument, he walked away. A few expletives does not a wife basher make.
  6. SacrificialNewt

    13 year old charged with murder

    I only know a couple of teachers but one comes to mind - a lady who worked at Randwick North High. Around 20 years ago she was discussing violence in schools with my mother and I remember this clearly because I was incredulous at the thought (Randwick Girls High which I attended was very sedate, or at least in my eyes it was) - they required escorts to their cars in the afternoon because kids came to school with knives. They were advised not to interfere in squabbles amongst the students for their own safety. This was Randwick in the mid 80's. Randwick has never been a low socio-economic area, always mid - high. The problem today is that nobody is allowed to discipline children anymore. The children very quickly learn that they don't 'have' to do anything and chaos ensues. Get one or two willful children in the class and it quickly becomes a power struggle within it's ranks. There is only one way to solve violence like this and that's to start at the top. Revise laws that give all the power to the child and none to the parents and teachers. Not only have they taken power from the adults, they have classes to teach young children that they are not to be abused. This is all fair and well except that to the child, any form of shouting, a smack on the behind or withholding of dessert is also abuse. They can't differentiate so they think they have the power to do what they like. But that's just not going to happen, is it? Discipline of children was once everyone's responsibility and now children are only disciplined if they have one of those rare parents who have the energy to be consistent and watchful. Sad world.
  7. SacrificialNewt

    Sydney toll roads

    No toll there as of a few days ago. All in the process of being dismantled. As for w/e. g2g etc - terms I thought every netizen that spends half their lives on the net knew. I see them all the time.
  8. SacrificialNewt

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    That's because you're not looking in the right place. Why thank you, Fuzz :)
  9. SacrificialNewt

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to see what seehund sees.
  10. SacrificialNewt

    Grumpy old men.......

    Gee, I missed something here - LP is suspended but the newspaper story is from today's date. Can I assume there have been posts removed?
  11. SacrificialNewt

    Justify your existance (deliberate typo)

    If it weren't for the media, his fans may never have realised it was a mistake :P
  12. SacrificialNewt

    13 year old charged with murder

    Like it or not, bullying still happens and in lower socio-economic areas it happens to be more violent. My 14yo daughter went to Mullumbimby High in 2008 and whilst she was not direct friends with Jai Morcombe (the boy who was bashed to death at Mullum last year), she saw him around. Mullum High is a 'No Tolerance for Bullying' school yet she said fights occurred often and personally witnessed a girl shove a stick up another girls nose. She then attended a school 15 minutes north of there in a better socio-economic area with teachers that were just a little more strict and there were never any fights. I'm not saying socio-economic area is the problem but the stance teachers hold and their ability to monitor the schoolyard effectively does. It is very possible that if the school had stopped the bullying then this would never have happened. Imagine the possible scene - the bullied produces knife when the bully corners him in the bathroom - bully laughs and calls him a sissy (or whatever passes for sissy these days) and keeps advancing - bullied acts on impulse and stabs bully - bullied realises the enormity of the situation and coupled with knowing how much his life sucks tries to slit his own throat but is too scared to sink it all the way in. That's just a possible situation. We don't know the full situation yet so who are we to judge except to say this really is tragic.
  13. SacrificialNewt

    As soon as I found this, I'd stop cleaning straight away.

    But she didn't know it was the winner until she rang them. I'd put it aside and keep cleaning.
  14. SacrificialNewt

    Please explain.

    She can go and hang out with the Indians now and have a nice curry.
  15. SacrificialNewt

    Should I hate my mum?

    My mother never gave us cookies and milk. However, being the full time working single mum that she was, we did have KFC a few times a week.
  16. SacrificialNewt

    Should I hate my mum?

    What? You haven't tapped Kablez mum already? You're slipping!
  17. SacrificialNewt

    What do Mexicans put under their carpets?

    Cocks and aims...
  18. SacrificialNewt

    So... Valentines Day.

    Nice gift there, Juggs. I bet Cheeky is in seventh heaven. Nan0 - not good, dude.
  19. SacrificialNewt

    Crackson & The Sleeping theif.

    I see the old sport of verbal joust with the noob is still alive and well. Why go to the movies for cheap, slow entertainment? Just pop some corn in the nuke-it and sit back here and wait :D
  20. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    No. Not sure if you're just being sarcastic but I'll give you a straight answer. It comes in tablet form. You swallow it whole, uncooked, unadulterated (I mean it).
  21. SacrificialNewt

    Green Housing

    Mine faces south and is stone and iron. And here's me for the last 8 years thinking you lived in a cave :P
  22. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    Wow when did you re-appear SN? Welcome back to the madhouse.:-) I drop in once in a blue moon and post a few times then may or may not be back the next day...but thanks :)
  23. SacrificialNewt

    Green Housing

    First thought was north-facing houses of glass and stone.
  24. SacrificialNewt

    Should I hate my mum?

    Gyah!!!! I appreciate the advice... But did you really have to say the word 'lust' in regards to my mum? I have to go gouge my eyes out with an Xbox controller now.... My apologies /smirk