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  1. SacrificialNewt

    Crackson & The Sleeping theif.

    I see the old sport of verbal joust with the noob is still alive and well. Why go to the movies for cheap, slow entertainment? Just pop some corn in the nuke-it and sit back here and wait :D
  2. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    No. Not sure if you're just being sarcastic but I'll give you a straight answer. It comes in tablet form. You swallow it whole, uncooked, unadulterated (I mean it).
  3. SacrificialNewt

    Green Housing

    Mine faces south and is stone and iron. And here's me for the last 8 years thinking you lived in a cave :P
  4. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    Wow when did you re-appear SN? Welcome back to the madhouse.:-) I drop in once in a blue moon and post a few times then may or may not be back the next day...but thanks :)
  5. SacrificialNewt

    Green Housing

    First thought was north-facing houses of glass and stone.
  6. SacrificialNewt

    Should I hate my mum?

    Gyah!!!! I appreciate the advice... But did you really have to say the word 'lust' in regards to my mum? I have to go gouge my eyes out with an Xbox controller now.... My apologies /smirk
  7. SacrificialNewt

    Working out

    Get a Wii Fit. I've started using the Wii. Makes it fun!
  8. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    So I should eat more acids? lol no. Amino acid chains are built or disassembled by your cells in protein synthesis. In some people the ability to create a certain amino acid is missing or it becomes deformed and whilst some amino acids are essential for normal life, others aren't and their absence just causes an intolerance to the substances they react with. If you can find a way to counteract the gaseous effect by eating a certain food before drinking then that's awesome. However, there may be nothing you can do but let others suffer ;) http://au.askmen.com/sports/health/38_mens_health.html
  9. SacrificialNewt

    Should I hate my mum?

    I wouldn't be hating her but she does sound awfully wrapped up in the boyfriend of hers. Odds are that once she gets over her lust she'll return to normal. As for the dog hate - a bit insensitive but I guess it's not something to hate over either.
  10. SacrificialNewt

    Air appears to be escaping my anus at an alarming rate

    Different people get gaseous with different substances. Their bodies just seem to process (or fail to process) them differently, producing different gaseous compounds. You might be deficient in some amino acid or trace element required for alcohol processing. For me it's certain vegetables - except that I produce Hydrogen Sulfide. It's disgusting.
  11. Hmm yeah - could be good for multiple coffins - a family screw as such. May need a bigger 'screwdriver' but encasing them in tin will eliminate the dog problem and if they ever need to be exhumed in a few thousand years to make space for housing, we can include one of those keys that come with sardine tins.
  12. SacrificialNewt


    There's a fair chance it's because your friendship causes issues with her new husband. Whether it be because you're too free and easy around her or because he only just learned of your drunken night together. He may seem nice to your face but this really means squat. I have been in this position before and it's easier to ditch the friend in question than have the constant arguments. However, my experiences were pre-facebook.
  13. I think that ordering extra cucumber was your downfall.
  14. SacrificialNewt

    Atomic's Christmas Honours

    Well done everyone - especially all you old sods that have waited 10 years for super status :D
  15. SacrificialNewt

    Facebook account hacked.

    Someone must have been deeply offended. It wasn't me, btw.
  16. SacrificialNewt

    My car had all four of it's wheels stolen last night.

    Must be a noisy world we live in when shit like the stories so far occur and nobody notices anymore.
  17. SacrificialNewt

    Facebook account hacked.

    I can do that. That's what dragged me into Atomic today. I was wondering what was going on.
  18. SacrificialNewt

    Is this reasonable?

    Skull - Never once happened to me. The leases in NSW state that it be in the condition you found it and clean. I am a very good cleaner and excepting for brand new houses, have always left them cleaner than when I moved in. I get compliments on how nice the house is from all RE's when I move out and never have I been stung. I have been on 12 leases so far. So maybe if you have had your bond taken for cleaning then it is more likely because your idea of clean just isn't very clean.
  19. SacrificialNewt

    Teen faints in city centre after giving blood

    I remember when I did my senior first aid course I was told that I was now obliged to stop and offer aid. This was a good 10 years ago though. If I happened upon such a situation today I'd still stop. It's the right thing to do. That said, if I saw these two girls and the conscious one wasn't looking around as if she required help then I would walk on. I would assume the situation didn't require outside aid.
  20. SacrificialNewt

    *cries* why does noone ever notice?

    Well that's why I didn't even bother to separate the two words of my handle. I wouldn't have been able to handle the pain!
  21. SacrificialNewt

    Your short-term memory?

    My memory is shot. Level 3 is max for me at the moment.
  22. SacrificialNewt

    What car do you drive/own?

    2000 Camry Advantage
  23. When I'm working and it's slow, I facebook. I often plug in names from my past and see what turns up. I also befriend suggestions that I am even remotely an acquaintance of. Why? Why the hell not? Why's it creepy to talk to someone from your past?
  24. SacrificialNewt

    Polyphasic sleeping

    Sounds awful regardless. I would presume you will build up a sleep debt and one day you're just going to have to pay the interest on it.