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    Hey U.S., welcome to the Third World!

    The only thing that pleases me about this is that George Bush will go down in history as the cause of all this...
  2. SacrificialNewt

    Colour IQ?

    With all you people with 3 digit + scores, do people ever comment on your fashion sense or lack thereof?
  3. SacrificialNewt

    Who else draws?

    They are just brilliant. She could have a good career with those talents.
  4. SacrificialNewt

    Colour IQ?

    11 Where I mixed up was between green and blue which may explain why my mother is always arguing different hues around the aqua mark are more green or blue with me.
  5. SacrificialNewt

    Who else draws?

    I used to draw when I was younger but stopped when I had my first born at 22. I never really did much to enhance it but I did have some natural talent that perhaps could have been made good with some decent classes. My biggest problem is I'd start with my main subject and do pretty well with that and then do something quick with the background just to finish fast. I wish I could paint though. Somehow being good at one doesn't necessarily mean you're good at both. I need to rest my wrist on something to steady my hand so my painting skills suck. Nice dragons btw :) Love those cartoons A bomb. They're great too.
  6. SacrificialNewt

    I tried...

    What shit? Please explain...
  7. SacrificialNewt

    Forks in the road....

    I think it has to be your own personal choice but if you have no family to roof and feed then I'd go with the job you love. It may lead to more and money does not equal happiness.
  8. SacrificialNewt


    I don't notice any effect but I have a bit every day so maybe I just don't know life without it.
  9. SacrificialNewt

    Talk Loike A Pirrate Day

    Oi sai fock orf - should nae be talk loik a fockin' poirate day. Should be talk loik a fockin' Oirish bastard day!
  10. SacrificialNewt

    Reminiscing Atomic of Old

    Sounds too much like work to me.
  11. My mother told me something interesting... A couple of weeks ago she got one of those phone calls that are silent for a minute before some Indian guy comes on trying to sell you something. He says 'Our records show that your computer is running slow'. My mum says no it isn't and hangs up. Since then she's noticed her Internet (not her computer) is slow to load pages. Then last night the same mob calls and says it again. Mum replied again with no it's not, my computer is running fine and she says he sounded genuinely shocked. He reiterated that his records showed it was running slow and asked if she was sure it was OK. Question - has anyone come across a scam where someone has intercepted a PC or Internet connection and used or throttled it in order to scam people into buying some 'optimisation' program? She's with TPG and has an ADSL2 connection. I'm thinking she may have picked a virus or keylogger through a torrent program.
  12. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    I will suggest she try on her laptop. She had a funny problem from memory though... Even though it's a standalone network hooked up to a standard d-link router with no server or proxy, she couldn't use automatic settings for DNS so flushing it will be to no avail. She had to enter an IP address into the DNS field in TCP/IP to get Internet and we don't know why. That said, the slowness in Internet speed wasn't always there. She hasn't formatted since we built the computer though. She's afraid of losing her beloved settings (she's a real stickler for user set settings) and I'm no longer in Sydney to format it for her. Yes she's aware of the file and settings transfer wizard.
  13. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    Speed tests seem fine. She then went on to load some random pages but they took 15 - 20 seconds to load. On a good day they only take 5 seconds. Commsec was the worst offender at 20 seconds. I just tested it myself and I'm only on a 1500 connection yet it loaded immediately. Her network usage never raised above .5% and her task manager shows no programs accessing the CPU except what she's using at the time. Virus scan is clean. Does anyone else on TPG have times of the day when it runs slower than others? Does the commsec site have a peak hour where the problem may be on their end?
  14. SacrificialNewt

    Nearly die? Post about it on Atomic!

    Whilst it would have damaged the back end of your car I doubt you would have died :P
  15. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    I sent her an email with the speedtest link so we'll have to see. They may well just be cold calling and the shocked reaction may be all part of the marketing. It's good to hear nobody else has experienced this revolting type of sales pitch.
  16. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    Mayhaps. If that is the case then I'm glad she still said no, it's fine.
  17. SacrificialNewt

    Guess what I can do?

    Something to add to your CV.
  18. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    Is your mum currently single? Sure - but unhealthy. lol
  19. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    If it was a keylogger then it would be easy to get her name...but then again, there's all sorts of other information they could use against her too. She banks online afterall. It's possible we're just dreaming up a conspiracy of course. Maybe TPG are just crappy ATM. Of course, it would be easy for someone in the call centre to pull a dodgy too.
  20. SacrificialNewt

    We live easy lives

    What's to understand? Some people are just fucked. Well, most actually, but anyway, yeah, the world is a shitty place, with a few bright patches, until the darkness consumes those as well. We're fucked. Well yeah :|
  21. SacrificialNewt

    We live easy lives

    It's always the ones of the dead or terrified children that get to me. I can't understand people wanting to hurt children.
  22. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    I believe she's done a scan. She's fairly PC savvy - even owned a computer company in the early 80's and is very proficient in older stuff like FOXbase and she learned how to program in pascal (showing her age much). I'm more interested in whether anyone's come across this bunch of shysters and if they really can slow an ADSL connection without appearing to do any other damage.
  23. SacrificialNewt

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    She has Avast and uses a torrent commander program (name of which escapes me) which acts as a torrent firewall but I'm thinking she really should do a rootkit search, reformat and use a full firewall.
  24. SacrificialNewt


    There's an awful lot of whooping cough going around. It doesn't present itself with the whooping noise in adults quite like it does children. I only recently learned that adults (especially those planning a family) should get a booster of the triple antigen. That said, I am not a doctor and that is not a diagnosis.