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  1. 6 hours ago, CheekyChops said:

    Sorry I have been meaning to do this - been feeling less than human lately vomiting 10+ times a day at the moment. Haven't brushed my hair in a week and I literally look like death warmed up. Yay for morning sickness that lasts all bloody day long 😛 


    Definitely not camera ready - and you guys know I absolutely love myself a good camera opportunity lol. Sorry guys.



    I remember that DonnaGEM had hyperemesis with her second pregnancy. It sounds awful. I hope it's only a first trimester thing for you.


  2. 50 minutes ago, CheekyChops said:


    Very true! I took a reformer pilates class once (you know those spring loaded contraption bed things?) at the gym. It was great at first and I was really enjoying it until I popped a bloody rib!


    I had to go to physio to have them pop it back in. IT HURT lol.


    Reformer classes are my gym exercise of choice. I don't know where you went, but at Virgin Active they make you do at least five beginner classes first. It was a PITA because they only ran the beginner classes at WTF  o'clock on a Saturday morning  or one weekday when I had to be at work. 

  3. 6 hours ago, DEVERE said:


    The battery pack sits in a pocket on the left on the back of the jacket so you're not going to have it digging in your back when you sit / recline.  The battery pack is about the size of a standard empty toilet roll - perhaps a little bit longer and last approx 8 hours.. as for weight.. I'm going to guess at around 500g or so.  proper test driving will happen this weekend when we head out to Balladonia again.




    I know a certain mod who could do with one of these.

  4. 7 hours ago, Waltish said:

    I came to this computer thingery, late in life , I'm 63 in June so was

    about 45 or so when I bought My first computer.

    A couple of years earlier  I decided a bloke should be learn-en this


    Was a total Luddite , In regional FNQ not really nerdland, didn't trust the sales folks to talk true .

    Couldn't ask the people I knew/ my age group, they didnt have a clue,

    couldn't ask the young folks who had a clue/ you know looks bad old fuckenz hanging 

    the young lings.

    What to do how to get a clue , I thought I should start small so I bought a N64 with the memory pack.


    Cause I thought it would be a cheap place to start, It worked I had to navigate menus save things load things.

    Zelda OOT Gold cartridge and Turock 2 Seeds of Evil  got me into gaming as well .


    Buoyed by my success I started reading computer mags, I had no clue what they were gibbering about

    Ram HDD  Giga Mega Kilo thingzses , I entered a grey fog that slowly cleared over time.


    Bought the First Issues of Atomic and gave Evelyn the T shirt, before I  even had a computer .

    Got a Pioneer white box. 750mhz Duron , 250 megs ram, 5gig HDD, 16 mb oem Graphics card,

    2x CD rw yes a rather tame system but it got me started. I was on a budget .


    Trying to play the bundled Game DeusX,  Man it was like a slide show.


    Fortunately  The Green Atomic glow had touched me.

    I probably had 4 or so issues and a brand new computer  when I first came to the Forums.

    I soon was fiddling with my system , by the time UT2003 then UT2004

    came out I was running, none of the original system had survived the green treatment.

    My system ran UT2004 at "Holey! Shit!" settings, I was most chuffed

    when I heard that the first time. hehehe


    The green room was an eye opener, I spent so much time here , to

    say it changed my life is the mother of all understatements.  










    You sir, are a true Atomican. 

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  5. It was 2003. I was a 31yo single mother with a 7yo daughter. 

    I was beginning my studies in IT - Cert I (yes, you read right) which was a basic class mostly filled with seniors. 

    There was a link to Atomic in a list they gave us for places to go for technical help.


    I came, I saw, I stayed. I ended up with a Diploma in Systems Administration and a Cert IV in Network Support and was very present here during those years. However, when Ben passed Atomic on and traffic waned, I waned with it. I moved on and never did do much with my technical qualifications. 


    When I joined I had a Pentium 4 1.6GHz. I can't remember the rest of the specs but they were basic. I was never a gamer.


    You can look at my tag line to see what I have now. Meh.

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  6. 20 hours ago, Fenn said:


    I never got so much as a warning from a mod, but I have snogged at least thirty Atomicans. No idea how many tbh. Or who. Probably you. 






    My tally is a big fat zero, except for my now ex-husband, but I introduced him to the place after we got together so that doesn't count. 


    Just think, if even one of you ever kissed me before I met him then my life might have been so much better...or worse. Maybe I should never dwell on that thought! 😄

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  7. How did we used to say it...QFT. Yes, that's exactly how it is. It's the edgy, dynamic and sometimes politically incorrect commentary that made this joint move. We spoke unabashedly in here, and sometimes the words offended our sensibilities, but when we met in person we were friendly. Mostly. I can't speak for everyone. Those times were great and I suspect will be some of the last we lose to dementia. 



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  8. My primary thought is whether the church has done a real number on you or the schizophrenia would have appeared anyway. What I can be sure of is that there is no spiritual entity responsible for any part of your life and you are neither at fault for the events that occurred to others that you seem to blame your self for, nor is hell coming to you or anyone else.


    Unfortunately I have seen many people turn to religion when their mental health has suffered. They need something to hold onto, and the church is very happy to milk it. 


    I really hope you find a way to manage your condition with as little trauma as possible in the future. As much as I disdain organised religion and am inclined towards atheism, I can't imagine living with the sorts of thoughts bestowed upon you.  


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  9. 4 hours ago, Chaos.Lady said:

    I’m pretty sure that was one of the FrisbeeMark comps they would run at early lans. 

    Old pieces of kit was brought in and thrown as far as possible with the furthest getting a prize. I think it started with a hard drive and grew from there.

    This eventually moved to just the wanton destruction of all sorts of kit.  Escalation, thy name is atomic. 



    I think the destruction event Cheeky is partaking in may have been at BaiLAN.


  10. 47 minutes ago, Nich... said:

    Atomic has been, for the last 19 years, a family for me.  There have been some people that I have actually taken a hiatus to avoid dealing with, and there have been people that I speak to almost every day/week and are the rocks that keep me going when everything else in life is getting too much, and there have been all the variations in-betwen.  For most of the last 20 years, my main social circle has been made up of Atomicans:  I've gone to parties and barbecues, gone to Atomican weddings, and had an Atomican at mine.  Just like on the forums, people came and went: life and drama and poor decisions and regret got in the way. 

    Like I said: family.

    When I was young and poor and couldn't afford to get a phone line installed after moving house, Atomicans raised money for me to pass on to Telstra; helped me find different ISPs offering free trials, so I could get back online.  Back in the dialup days.  This was when, say, 2-300mb was meant to be a month's worth of free trial.  Instead, it lasted me less than a week, because I was on the forums so much.

    When I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I'd like to become a mod, I was mostly surprised, I think.  After all the shit I'd put the mod team through, they wanted to give me what?!  I can see the cunning in their plan now, tho', with hindsight: as I came to see it as a type of community service, it very much changed how I saw this place and interacted with this place and even what types of time I was and was not prepared to put into this place. 

    I've wondered on and off for a while now if the forums would or should keep going, and whether we should or could rebuild the community.  But now that the writing is on the wall in triplicate, it's left me a little hollow.  The news is bittersweet.

    Here's to you, you disgustingly magnificent piece of green and black history.  Here's to the friends we have and the friends we had, the things we've learned and everyone that touched us along the way.  Here's to @Ben Mansill and @hawkeye being, without a lie, two of the best bosses I've had.


    Why can't I give this multiple props?



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  11. 7 hours ago, eveln said:


    every now and then I think that ... but then I think if we were all teens the forum might have just died years earlier. From what I'm reading here, all the teens grabbed hold of their lives and ran with it. And that's what at0mic enabled them to do, yes

    As a very  late bloomer to this haven I could wish they checked in more, but really that's life and a futile wish on my part. I'm happy I managed to experience a tiny morsel of the fun that was had here. It's been very good for me


    eidt: Now ... I think, " if only I'd had a place like this was, to come to in my teens ....."


    I was in my early 30s and I cringe at why posted too.


  12. 10 hours ago, @~thehung said:


    Wow. I have no memory of that and I don't make it to anywhere near a 46. Wow. I don't even know why I would say I was LOL


    *edit* I didn't read the full OP. 2 points per yes. I would say I'm still a 46 then. I haven't done any naughty things since that post which I hadn't tried already 😄