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  1. On 7/20/2019 at 9:02 PM, NZT48 said:

    I didn't put the burden of (dis)proof on anyone.


    It's far harder to prove something isn't real than to prove it is real. As neither side has found any clear proof, I'd say that the case for a diety existing is somewhat poorer than the case for it not existing.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Rybags said:

    I've never bought a song, TV show or movie through iTunes or similar service.


    To the best of my knowledge my last physical purchase of a new piece of music was "Just Push Play" from Aerosmith which would likely have been shortly after it's release in March 2001.


    Most recent purchase of music equipment, instrument - no idea.



    I'm one of those goody two shoes who pays for everything. I haven't downloaded anything illegally since about 2004.


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  3. I recently finished The Taking of Annie Thorne by C.J. Tudor. It was VERY good. 


    I'm now half way through The Long Earth by Pratchett and  Baxter. I'm enjoying it, but I suspect it will not top Annie Thorne.

  4. On 6/30/2019 at 10:49 PM, Rybags said:

    This probably became more famous when used somewhere else a few years later - can you guess what it is?

    Don't post your answer - just post the time index of when you realised it (most will probably not get it).







    I know that tune, but can't put my finger on where from!



  5. 9 hours ago, Nich... said:

    If it's just for basic stuff, see what her RSP is offring.  At least they'll have to support it, that way.


    iinet - it's the same dodgy modem they gave me. It takes a full 15 minutes to restore Internet connectivity when restarted. They sent it and it sits unopened because it truly is a POS.

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  6. In hindsight, my friend would have waited longer as it appears that only 11 people have had it connected, and none of the more technologically adept people have yet.  She's been told that even if someone installed a non-vectoring router, they wouldn't know who it was. I hope everyone pays heed.

  7. I've been out of the tech loop for a long time (although I can still manage to fix most home computer and network problems)


    I'm wondering what recommendations people have for a new NBN modem. It will be used in an apartment and the body corporate specify that it be a vectoring modem. I'm looking at Netgear Nighthawk AC1900, but I'm wondering if there's something just as good that will do a similar job cheaper. The owner will only use it for basic tasks and Fetch TV so it doesn't need to be as fast as the AC1900. 


    Thanks for any input 🙂

  8. On 7/6/2019 at 8:44 PM, Nich... said:

    Why you hating on desert biomes for?



    No hate, but they aren't so productive. I believe that deserts have a tendency to expand and our interference has caused a lot of desertification. 


    In any case, nature will take over no matter what we do. Once our species is extinct our impact will have been that we introduced some species to different areas and let nature run its course. Call me a cynic, but we'll all be dead in the end.


  9. On 7/6/2019 at 8:43 PM, Chaos.Lady said:

    Oh dear god. I got an Oppo and it is the worst. The OS is so very very bad. No app drawer, getting widgets and managing screens is awful. Bluetooth connectivity is appalling.  It refuses to connect with any smart wearable at all. 

    I'm looking at going back to an ancient Samsung I chuckled into a drawer with great relief in preference to this Oppo. I miss my trusty Huawei. It went for a swim in the loo and died a very sad death.  Never again will I let a sales person talk me into a phone without triple checking it out.  Oppo is by far the suckiest phone I've ever used. 


    One of my client's 6yo daughter thought it would be fun to flush my Samsung S7 down the toilet last week. We didn't believe her when she told us that's where she'd hidden it. Fortunately it was too big to flush away, and it survived without any apparent problem. Go Samsung! That said, my S5 died when it fried on the charger. If I had left it much longer it would have caught fire. It was too hot to touch and the metal of the charger and USB slot had melted. 

  10. 9 hours ago, Kimmo said:

    My first job was painting houses, and the next was working with flagpoles and yacht masts, so I was pretty comfy on a ladder, back in the day. But a few years ago I came off a truly shithouse little stool, and sprained a couple of fingers, which still can't fully straighten. After copping that from just three feet, I seem to have lost my bravado somewhat. 




    That seemed suss to me... Nearly 45 here, got bored of it after a minute or so. 



    I'm 46 and find I can do it on my right leg, but lack balance on my left. I know a bit of yoga would fix that right up.

  11. 6 hours ago, chrisg said:



    More like centuries SN and we don't do chain gangs any more so it would be a commercial enterprise that would really struggle to ever see a benefit.


    I also wonder what unintended environmental outcomes might occur, essentially you would be joining two ecosystems that whilst they do have very indirect interconnections are actually very different.


    It's also not a river, its salt water that would have to make its mind up which way it wanted to flow - memory says there is a height difference between the two oceans but regardless over time you'd have some interesting salination issues to contend with as well.


    No, I can't see it ever happening, probably just as well.







    Yes, it would be ocean water, but it would still bring rain. Salination issues occur only around the vicinity of the shores. However, the desert would surely shrink over time. I know we don't do chain gangs anymore, but I'm not exactly opposed to it.  I think it would be an interesting conquest, but I'm sure it won't happen. 


  12. On 7/5/2019 at 11:25 AM, Nich... said:

    Won't that effect the IOD-El Ninx system that feeds water to the SE of Australia?
    But also, significant enough rainfall to make up for cutting the murray darling system in half?


    I expect it would affect most systems.  It would effectively be like cutting the country into two halves. People here have mentioned pipelines, but what I mean is to cut an entire, wide river between east and west, effectively with extremely cheap prisoner labour. I'm sure it would take decades. I don't actually see it happening though.

  13. Interesting. I was under the impression that the MD was dry in some parts.  I believe some farms (such as Cubbie Station) are entitled to far too many litres of water and are stockpiling in their dams. 


    How about we get prisoners to dig a trench from the Pacific to the Indian and change the entire system.

  14. 15 hours ago, eveln said:

    Ahh, okay. I started it, watched about three or four eps. and was distracted elsewhere . I'm not sure I want to see the " crash and burn " of it ... cos I know it's got to come 😉


    I watched the end of the season. It's a cliffhanger. No crash and burn yet.