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  1. I have been setting up our company in Quickbooks Light and when invoicing, it puts everything that appears after the main invoicing chart on every page it prints. I would like it to be only at the end as it includes terms of trade and the customer sign off. I have not found a way to do it within the program, the program's help menus or Intuit's forums.


    Does anyone know if it is even possible with this version?

  2. My middle daughter "Kelly" drew this by hand... then scanned into her computer and used her wacom tablet to polish off. She did this picture last week for a competition for Waterstones Books. She didn't win but got lots of freebies.


    Oh.. She is 15.. And loves dragons too !!


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    They are just brilliant. She could have a good career with those talents.

  3. I used to draw when I was younger but stopped when I had my first born at 22. I never really did much to enhance it but I did have some natural talent that perhaps could have been made good with some decent classes. My biggest problem is I'd start with my main subject and do pretty well with that and then do something quick with the background just to finish fast.


    I wish I could paint though. Somehow being good at one doesn't necessarily mean you're good at both. I need to rest my wrist on something to steady my hand so my painting skills suck.


    Nice dragons btw :)


    Love those cartoons A bomb. They're great too.


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