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  1. Oogla.


    I'm up ladders often, and I have no fear. Possibly because I've never fallen off one, even if it's a little unstable. I have worried a little about the extendable ones taking my weight when they seem to bow a little at the middle and I'm cleaning 2nd floor windows. However, they always have held so far. I should worry consider I have no insurance and I work as a sole trader. I'm only part time though. I can't afford it. Too much debt, not enough income and family problems mean I can't work more right now. Oh well, that's life.


    Hope you heal well.

  2. Hi Ivan. LTNS. I'm very active on the 'disease' Facebook, but have no interest in any other social media sites. I came back here a few months ago. It's slow going though, and I find I have little time to get into the more political threads these days. 


    For me it's been a decade of a few diamonds, and a lot of rust. 

  3. On 6/7/2019 at 9:30 AM, Leonid said:


    Almost every bit of land bar arid desert is usable for something. The problem is the more usable it is, the more uses it has. It is quite possible that mining a parcel of land is more profitable than its alternate more environmentally benign use.


    So, you say there isn't much work up there. You also say here that the land is usable. Why does it need to be used for something that's more profitable (short term)? Adani has a terrible record, both financially and ecologically. They've been proven to not play ball. Surely there are many other more sustainable things that could be grown on the land. You know what I see as a factor? It might affect the water available to places like Cubbie Station in times of drought. If only the government was more mindful of what they leased our land for. If anything makes a profit, even only a small one, someone will invest in it.


    Please note that I do think drought and floods are a big problem. I also believe coal use is a major factor in this, and deforestation is another. Mining will not improve either.