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  1. hawkeye

    PC & Tech Authority iOS currently 32bit

    Just checked with our production crew, and it looks like the app *will* be getting the upgrade to 64-bit later this year. Also... Hi!
  2. hawkeye

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    I'll pass this on to the dev folks :)
  3. hawkeye

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

  4. hawkeye

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    Yeah, the case I'm thinking of was much messier, and required much legal counsel.
  5. hawkeye

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    Yeah, there was some shit we needed to jump on because we had to maintain a certain level on anonymity, we couldn't just delete certain posts. And, at the same time, a lot of people were for the experiment of losing WOYM. So it got axed. Trust me, the stuff that went on behind the scenes with the forums was pretty intense at times, and I lost more than a few nights' sleep wondering when the axe might fall.
  6. hawkeye

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    Well, seems like it's a good opportunity to gather the kids around the fireplace and tell and a good old fahioned story :) I'd be telling a porky if I said Atomic was anything like it used to be, but we all know that's true. The mag is long gone, likely never to return. The site has been rolled into PCTA , and now that we're in company with Hyper and PCPP, Atomic's even lower on the rungs of importance. It's sad, but it's true. And that's not based on neglect, either, though I know it is easy to think that is the case. But I put a lot of hard yards into these forums and community, and into the magazine. Into the whole brand, really. But the truth was - as I've said many times - Atomic was in decline before I even came on the scene. Ultimately, Atomic's decline is no one person's fault - it's just that people moved on. It is sad, as I said, but it's also natural. Which leaves us where we are now. It says a lot that this is the first time I've posted on the site in... well, outside of the GW thread, in years. I'm not going to lie - in a very real sense, I too got over these forums. They take a lot, you know, and those of you who know me know that every little emergency on these boards really hit me hard. So, I just don't have the energy; truth be told, it feels really odd to even be chatting again, and to be honest I'm not entirely comfortable here these days - I'm not trying to say 'woe is me', but I think I'm probably not alone in feeling that. People have drifted away from Atomic for all kinds of reasons - for me, it's because investing in this place was really, really unhealthy for me in the long run. Now, that aside, what are our 'plans' for Atomic? Well, Atomic does not live in isolation; it is part of a larger stable of brands now. And it remains, as Chaos has said, a solid little traffic generator - so we're not looking at closing things yet. If I did have my druthers, yeah, we'd merge away and have a single forum for all of our brands, but that's an oddly hard argument to make here. And I'll be honest - when I hear people talk about more integration with the mags and other content, I know how that's worked in the past - it really doesn't have any measurable impact. So, for the time being, we're happy to have Atomic coasting along as it does. You guys really do look after yourselves these days. Things may be quieter, but I don't see that as a necessarily bad thing. And those who point out the impact of other social medias are quite right - I always hate to agree with Twinny (:P) but Facebook is much easier, not only as as a user, but also as a content creator. We get more traffic from FB than we ever did from the forums in terms of article numbers, and we have thriving communities there, not to mention other feeds on Twitter. SocMed is big stuff, and that's a lot of my focus right now. I wish there was more that I could say, but from our point of view, the forum continues to be a quiet success. We're not planning on shutting it down any time soon. If there is more that you guys would like done, chat to the mods - they really do run the place far more than I do these days, and I trust each of them implicitly to do what's best for both every user here, and the community as a whole. That's a bit rambly, but I hope it helps :)
  7. hawkeye

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    I haven't played Fantasy in years. I even play a lot less 40k these days.
  8. hawkeye

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    I am unsurprised.
  9. hawkeye

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    I've been seeing photos from the event showing up on various wargaming feeds on Facebook - looked like a great weekend, especially the Bolt Action stuff.
  10. hawkeye

    Come along to Upgrade Australia!

    Well, this was an evening event... But I get what you guys are saying. But most of our vendors prefer mid-week events, and - historically - we actually a get a better turnout at mid-week events. Sorry!
  11. hawkeye

    Huh? Why did the WOYM thread get locked?

    Bloody mods!
  12. hawkeye

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Oh man, I've been reading about that, and... it just sounds terrible!
  13. hawkeye

    Injecting new blood

    WITNESS ME! Though, really, I'd be more like Immortan Hawkeye, and all the mods would be my Wives, and the rest of the forum would by HALF LIFE WARBOYS!
  14. hawkeye

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    And meant to be a huge change to the setting and rules, too. Interesting times. So what are all you lot working on at the moment? SHOW US YOUR PROJECTS!