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  1. ozacube

    Large Text Document won't open

    If you know that it's purely text, then you should be able to simply split the file. You mention you've split the file, but how small did you split it? I think 100MB chunks should work well.
  2. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, so sorry about that. Yeah, you should look at the commands you have available to you in regards to the detecting diagonal line.
  3. Think about a square. If you want to find the exact middle of a square without measuring, how would you do it? Also, I said 1 diagonal line of beepers ...
  4. Are you actually doing the course? Or just following the course? ... if you know what I mean. Also, I'll say this, with the algorithm I've got anyway, there's only 1 diagonal line of beepers .. just need to hit that line again! ;-) Of course, you don't have to do it one way or another, a working solution is merely one that works in this case.
  5. Yeah, sorry I haven't really been on. I think you have enough idea to do the other two, with a little playing around, so just a couple of ideas/suggestions. - I think you have too much going on in your checkerboard one ... feels like you need to start over, and figure out and algorithm in your head and on paper first. - Your observation about the diagonals for the midpoint one is very good... I was even wondering how I would do that one before I saw that!!
  6. Now that you've got your own code done, thought you might like this ... http://pastebin.com/wgkR8ekt :-)
  7. Hey Singularity, I've added you as a friend on Steam (berrigan) .. so if this doesn't help, we can try to find some time to chat. ;-) --- It looks to me like you're having a problem splitting the problem into repeatable bites. I should likely ask first, have you been taught about recursion, and are you intending on using it? I'm 50/50 on this, since these problems CAN lend themselves well to such, BUT most programming courses I've seen don't approach it how you are .. it seems more accidental from your code listings. To explain, you have a two functions (problem 4), called makeRowEast & makeRowWest. - Each of these will make a row across the world, dropping blocks along the way, then when it can't move forward, calls moveUpAndTurnAround. - moveUpAndTurnAround does what it says, and then calls the other row making function, makeRowWest/makeRowEast. - After THIS call to makeRowWest is run, it also calls moveUpAndTurnAround. - moveUpAndTurn around runs and calls the first makeRow. - this calls moveUpAndTurn .. which then calls a Row, which then calls MoveUp, which then calls a makeRow ... etc,etc,etc. Each iteration, you are going further down the rabbit hole. I use iteration so you can see the loop... I'm assuming you've done loops. As a general rule, a lot of problems can be done with loops or recursion. Recursion is usually similar to continued iteration loops with a slightly different loop state .. the hard part is making sure you catch the state where the recursion should stop, and you should stop going further down the rabbit hole. It doesn't look like you've made this with this in mind though... I'm not seeing an intentional escape clause. BUT, that could also be because your moveUpAndTurn around function has a logic error .. it makes an assumption which won't always be true. --- A small tip as well, sometimes it helps to program for some special cases straight from the bat. In this case, image a 1x8, and 8x1 world ... they are very similar .. just depends which way you're facing! ;-) --- For problem 3 ... I'll go over the start of your program. Start program -> columnBuilding -> placeColumn -> { (in function) IF no beeper put beeper ELSE move 4 and put beeper if no beeper (side note: you're assuming there will be more than one column) while not blocked, move 4 and if no beeper, put beeper .... } - It appears you're trying to organise your iterations/looping sideways ... - It says columns, which usually implies that it's up/down, and I'm guessing that's the case here, given fact 4 : "The top of the column is marked by a wall, but Karel cannot assume that columns are always five units high, or even that all columns are the same height." & looking at the map a column would then be the 5 stones which are lined up/down the world @ 1,5,9,13. Sometimes, re-assessing the problem can be helpful instead of pondering more over the not working current state of the solution. - Given the above, you may have better luck making a function which can generate a column, and leave you back at the start facing east again.
  8. ozacube

    AAC vs MP3

    I think it helps when you realise where each of these audio specs come from ... MP3 = MPEG 2 Audio Layer 3 = the audio spec from MPEG2 (yes, that ye old video spec) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp3 AAC = Advanced Audio Coding = Standardised in MPEG2 AND MPEG4, and High Efficiency AAC is the audio codec for MPEG4 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding AAC was designed as the replacement for MP3, as part of the larger MPEG specs. Also, for reference, MPEG gets it name from the group doing the standards - Moving Picture Experts Group. So yeah, it was them and the companies therein making a successor.
  9. ozacube

    Razer Game Booster

    Don't forget, it IS in beta. It should be expected that things are going to keep getting improved. Given that maybe it was a little aggresive in what it disabled .. maybe it's just me, but when it says on the package that it's going to disable some services while your game is running, and then it disables some services while the game/3dmark is running, somehow I'm not surprised.See previous comment about beta status, AND I'm sure they would appreciate you telling them about the problem too, hence it being in beta. Seems like some people incorrectly equate beta to evaluation. This should NOT be considered an evaluation worthy version.
  10. ozacube

    WoW Mists of Pandaria

    Hit 90 the other day ... getting geared up has actually been pretty fun. REALLY enjoying the questing so far. The new zones make it a lot of fun. @meowkitty, are you in a guild on Aman'Thul. I'm on there too, in Mischief Makers.
  11. ozacube

    Embedding flash help

    Is there any reason you aren't using swfObject? It's a Javascript to help with all of these differences, and also with replacing any content you might want to show should the user not have flash installed. http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ Also, is that inserting ALL that code in every browser? Looks like it will insert an object within an object for some reason... but I haven't tested it, so not sure just looking at the code. Can sometimes be a little difficult to read with forum formatting and such! :-P
  12. ozacube

    Good Monitor for $200?

    IPS is only a big thing for colour accuracy, and it also better viewing angles, though that's not a big deal anymore. TN (which most are these days), has gotten pretty good, but that's the trade-off -- color accuracy or response time. The better Dell or Samsung IPS (or PVA) panels have pretty good response times now days though, but are more expensive. On the 14ms response time ... it depends. They are sometimes reported differently, so it's best to read a review on each. ;-)
  13. ozacube

    Diablo III hacking debacle

    Sounds like you just copy/pasted the email - therefore missing the URL of the link, and the Atomic forums have auto converted your URL to a link, but NOT the same link as in the email. It sounds like, in the email, the TEXT of the link is different from the URL of the link. Think about a link which says "click here". You're obviously not going to a place called click here (lest all of the internet is pointing there! :-P ), but instead there is a URL which you are going to. Even though the text says that address, it sounds like you are actually being linked to a completely different URL. The thing you tried is also a good idea (if it looks a valid URL that is) - don't CLICK the link, but copy paste the address. And this is where you should realise what's going on - the copied text is an error on the Blizzard website BECAUSE it's not a real page. Blizzard don't have a page there, and likely never will, and if not anything else, then THIS should key you off that this is a fake email with bad intent. The reason the URL looks correct; correct domain, plausible address, etc. is because they want you to think it's valid ... and you did, hook, line and sinker! Good think Chrome was there to help catch this attack! Consider yourself lucky, and take this as a warning. If you didn't have Chrome tell you about the bad URL / phishing, then you would of found yourself on a page that looks EXACTLY like a form on Blizzard.net, but instead just sends the details onto a hacker. It's good that you know part A of what to do: know about valid URLs, and what to look for with domains, etc. Part B :: Hover over the link and check the ACTUAL place the link is going to! I hope this helps you understand the plausible nature of the link, and what to look out for in future! :-)
  14. ozacube

    Diablo III

    Looks to me like there will be plenty of builds that are fun for having a laugh in Hell mode after getting some gear in Inferno.
  15. ozacube

    $3000 gaming rig

    http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/Review/302522,...ing-system.aspx Says it all really ... super cheap to get a decent rig these days; and even places to do it for you for a good price!