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  1. pom

    Did something just happen?

    And that's they way it should be!
  2. pom

    [PC] World of Warships

    Not on much right now, finishing off the German tree in WoT, but feel free to add me on the SEA server. Username Drynog , Have been on there since CB.
  3. pom

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    Atomic Paintball: The Battle For Flouncy's Undies. Liquid Lunch with the staff upstairs at the pub around the corner. But then I've been asleep the last few years it seems so I've missed a lot!
  4. pom

    Returning to our roots....

    So I take several years off the forums, and look what happens!
  5. pom

    The question of remaking films

    I'm looking forward to it if it is a reboot. But there are plenty of other 2010 movie remakes/reboots/sequels to watch for: Tron: legacy Clash of the Titans A-Team Alice in Wonderland Robin Hood Piranahs 3d Iron man 2 Toy Story 3 Poltergiest Resident Evil: Afterlife