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  1. TransmissionDump

    Roll Call!

    2003 I entered Serfdom
  2. TransmissionDump

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I'm pickin up good vibrations from Tak
  3. TransmissionDump

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Someone told me there's a reunion thread of old farts in here. So... how ya goin' you bunch of bingo lovers. can't find my old avatar anywhere.. can't even remember what it looks like. Must be alzheimers setting in I'm going to sit back down at the bus stop now and wait for the bus which never comes, just like Harvey Crumpet edit: found the old Av in the archives
  4. TransmissionDump

    Weird experience - post about it on Atomic

    Check your bum for probe marks.
  5. I'm going with the bombardment of incoming protons theory. I'm out in the sticks in NSW and ours has been shit too.
  6. TransmissionDump

    Returning to our roots....

    Heh... This is like watching a bunch of burnt out old farts get the band back together for a coming out of retirement tour.
  7. TransmissionDump

    Star Wars Uncut:Directors Cut.

    Just watched the whole thing from go to wo. That was entertaining! loved it. quite a few lols in there.
  8. TransmissionDump

    It just keeps going and going

    And once we find a habitable exoplanet not too far away, guess what we're going to aim for then. It might even be a two thousand year mission at half light speed to get there spanning generations of spaceborn colonists. It'd piss you off though if 1798 years into the first Earthling exodus to New Earth and some bright bugger perfects FTL or wormhole technology and beats you to the punchline.
  9. TransmissionDump

    Getting over an ex!

    Next time you're having your nostalgic moments just think about how much crap her next bloke is going to cop when he tells her he's having a man cave. She will learn a big lesson there.... give a man his cave and own space and you have a happy husband. It takes a very whipped and supple bloke to acquiesce to a woman's every demand that he does and and obeys her every command. Fuck man, blokes like that even get dressed by their missus.. they wear whatt she buys him. She says sell the motorbike.... they sell it. You end up with a whipped bloke married to a princess. (it can go very equally in the other direction too where a woman is whipped by a bloke constantly dishing out man shit). In any relationship like that no-one is usually happy. Set the ground rules early on in the relationship. Everyone probes the edges looking for a boundary. If yr new girl is "boundary hunting" make sure you define it and stick to your guns, even if sticking to your guns is going to be a source of friction. You'll get much more respect from doing that than if you don't and likewise she should set boundaries for you too. Those boundaries are the foundation stones of a relationship. That, Brock, is where you fucked up in your first one. I can speak from experience here 'cause I made the exact same fuck up, I'd rather just go with the whatever she said as to avoid a confrontation. The relationship I'm in now is one where we found the boundaries in each other and now we enjoy a healthy mutual respect for each other. :) Of course you'll miss her man, we all grieve a loss of something that we invested a lot of emotional time and energy into. Take the good things from that relationship into your next one and one thing to remember, don't make the new person pay for what the old person did to you. It's hard to do that as we all get damaged in one way or another but by practising that you'll find harmony. TD
  10. TransmissionDump

    I like my women how I like my motorcycle engines

    Madonna came close, all it'd take is a bit of tweaking and the conical ones would be cylindrical.
  11. TransmissionDump

    The slow death of forums.

    I think you're right GL0Be. A forum will always exist though for topical discussions from like minded people, social networking is very general and broad.
  12. I love the mouse in this one.
  13. TransmissionDump

    How much is the cube root of 2589^16?

    Hmmmm.... last line in the link. Options V TransmissionDump The options won that day.
  14. TransmissionDump

    How much is the cube root of 2589^16?

    1946, but you had to join the US army to play with it.
  15. GL0Be! How the hell are ya?