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  1. Fragasaurus

    Hello At0mic! New gaming PC advice!

    I figured it was an ambitious price tag. I'm just so far out of touch as far as what's good and what's good value these days, hoping posting here might give me a finger hold in the wall of new tech so I can get up to speed. Where's a quirky tech magazine when you need one
  2. Gentlefolks of At0mic, hurrow! I wish to build a new PC and I am woefully out of date on trends/best type of hardware. Basic surfing, creating 3D models for my 3D printer and playing WoW will be it's primary jobs. It needs to be reasonably future proof, and money be tight for a Dad with other silly hobbies. I asked for a budget of $800 but there's a chance I could add more $$$ to the pot depending on garage sale action. Probably $1200 max. Maybe. Current build is: Intel Core i5 - 4690K Asus H97M-PLUS 16GB DDR3 Nvidia GTX 960 210GB SSD Looking for: Upgraded CPU Upgraded GPU New MOBO 1TB SSD preferably M2 16GB RAM Everything to fit inside a Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini ITX Tower Case No need for RGB, stock cooling is fine. Unsure on whether I would need a new PSU, unsure of what plug form factors are current. If there's anyone with advice and recommendations I'd love to hear them. Thank you
  3. Hurro. Wasn't sure of precisely the correct spot for this question so if this is the wrong section plzmovemodskaythx So, long story short after 26 years doing the same job with absolutely nothing to show for it qualification wise, and after being butt fucked and demoted 2 years ago, enough is enough. I know nothing of the job market but I have to start somewhere. I want to get a nationally recognised piece of paper that says I can do Microsoft Office products real good. Does anyone know of an RTA that does online training and assessment? I'm located in Perth and have easily googled these guys https://www.appliededucation.edu.au/ who offer a course for $495, but is there anywhere else that anyone knows of? My Google-Fu is poor. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Many loves, The Fragasaurus
  4. Fragasaurus

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    So I heard about this local server thingo when my rock was turned over. Is it just for WoT, and what's this part-time horsepuckey they're talking about?
  5. Fragasaurus

    Buying Windows 10 from an online store

    Well you see I have a legit vision disability.... So this is my deal... Let's just say it's a shame you probably do to..... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade Free is an expensive price to pay. Thanks for that tip MS And thanks everyone else for their input, very grateful for your time :)
  6. Fragasaurus

    Buying Windows 10 from an online store

    Hi folks and folkerinos! Long time no post. I'm thinking of buying Windows 10 from ozgameshop.com. Costage is 89.99AUD, but I am wondering, am I doing the wrong thing here legally? It's obviously half the price of what I can buy it for here in Australia, I haven't had any issues with purchasing from them previously even if they're UK based. Victimless crime or Adani level enviromental destruction?
  7. Fragasaurus

    Building/buying classroom computers

    Thanks Atomicans, plenty of food for thought with those options.
  8. Hurrow! My wife is a primary school teacher, and her class (or any other class in the whole damn primary school) has no access to PC's. I need/want to remedy this, but I'm stumped on how to go about it. I'm thinking I could either go down the second hand route, buy small form factor boxes or some sort of high powered single box VM shennanigans (which I know absolutely nothing about). Looking to build/run 3 separate systems. Any help appreciated, budget being reasonably cheep. Edit: More than likely using a version of Windows as the O/S
  9. Just read that Prince has passed away suddenly: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/31410396/pop-icon-prince-dead-at-57-entertainment-website-tmz/ It appears to be confirmed, although I still hold out hope for it to be wrong with TMZ being mentioned :( I really wanted to go to the concert in Perth, but being married with a kiddy made me throw it into the too hard basket. He was an amazing artist and he played a permanent gig in my life's personal soundtrack. Vale Prince.
  10. Fragasaurus

    Merry Christmas

    May the Consumer Fairy shower you with technological toys of substance! For those more carbon-inclined, I hope that you spend the day with someone you care about, family and friends! *back to occasional lurking*
  11. Fragasaurus

    Roll Call!

    Woo hoo! I am back in now thanks MS. Holy crap, it's the Spicoli! Nice one :)
  12. Fragasaurus

    Roll Call!

    Whelp, just checking in to checkout the new look......oh, and I heard Logicpr0be was back :P
  13. Fragasaurus

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Thanks for the info, esp the Woodland Scenics site. Lots of info to digest :)
  14. Fragasaurus

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    First up, read the thread, love your work :) I'm needing some help tracking down some resources for beginners diorama making; I'm making plans to make a diorama for my daughter and I's Skylander portal and figurines, but I'm finding it hard to find something for a complete n00b, that's relatively comprehensive. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  15. Fragasaurus

    What's on your mind?

    Culled a few books from the shelf, and had a flash of inspiration and rang to hospital to see if they still had a book cart (last time I was in hospital was 1978). Huzzah, they still have a library of sorts for patients, so I'm going to drop them off tomorrow. Much better satisfaction than getting $20 credit at a mouldy book exchange, maybe rub off some of the bad karma I've picked upon the way :)