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  1. lemaster22

    chiropractor vs physiotherapist

    http://chiropractors.asn.au/AM/Template.cf..._Qualificationsostiopaths require nothing at all whereas chiros need 5 years at uni cant imagine its all bs hlass i was aware of anti-inflammatories working on pain but ive had swelling in a disc and i cant tell you how much just two of the prescription tablets i took helped went from rolling out of bed cripple to driving and flying for most of the day and being fine after taking them before i left
  2. lemaster22

    chiropractor vs physiotherapist

    ostiopaths are not regulated and do not require any training so..... chiros do work but some are better than others so word of mouth is key but then some work for a couple of people and no one else if its swelling the doc should even be able to work that one out and give some anti-inflammatories and they will stop it dead
  3. lemaster22

    is wallpaper worth much ?

    cousins mum just found a roll of the original wallpaper from when he was a kid circa 1978 what would that be worth?
  4. lemaster22

    Collarbones can be weird...

    a mate had something similar happen doc said there was nothing could be done until the ligaments tightened or something along those lines he had a lot of pain though when he used any strength
  5. lemaster22

    Do any Australian highschools have "proms"?

    heard it before sorry the other version i heard was better
  6. lemaster22

    Relationship issues.

    who says its PND?she could just be a bitch were you both arguing before the kid came? if so it aint PND she will be just using the kid as an excuse to get her way even if it was she aint depressed enough not to hook up with an old BF
  7. lemaster22

    Relationship issues.

    fucking spot on dude that nail is hit
  8. lemaster22

    Relationship issues.

    umm hes not fucking other people so maybe they dont feel the same
  9. lemaster22

    Relationship issues.

    If I only had a dollar for everytime I've heard that one..... +10
  10. lemaster22

    Relationship issues.

    if shes sleeping around and youre both arguing all the time what exactly are you trying to save? move on for the sake of your kid or else the kid will be messed up
  11. lemaster22

    Gamepad compatibility?

    i have a wireless xbox controller on my tv pc works great but still useless for fps you just need the dongle and drivers and all xbox compatible controllers will work
  12. lemaster22

    New Baldur's Gate

    was going to buy it for my nephew on his ipad but apparently it needs a few bugs sorted
  13. lemaster22

    New insult "Australian"

    I dont see the point of them doing that? If you want to sing in French then do so,it might of been nice.. gotta love bogans..:P and I +1 to the comment. Also knowing me if I was in that situation I would of stood up for the person getting hurled abuse (Why didnt anyone do that?) because im a nice person. i thought it was really quite disgusting who would want to live around there
  14. lemaster22

    Israel Vs Gaza

    where do i check the box for everybody else wins who really cares they have been killing each other for years whats going to change?
  15. lemaster22

    my dad

    Dubai Television was refused permission to broadcast 'The Flintstones'. "A claim was made that people in Dubai would not understand the humour" but we know for a fact that people in Abu Dhabi Do