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  1. phate666

    Craptastic v4.0

    *tips hat *stumbles looking for the exit light
  2. phate666

    Craptastic v4.0

    LP, I can't imbed either. I hope it was "Don't Come Around here No More".
  3. phate666

    Craptastic v4.0

    10 years? Stay on topic. Care Factor= Zero. =D I would've typed 2001 but some pedantic fucker would've asked which month!
  4. phate666

    Craptastic v4.0

    Pete Townsend. Oh, Oh......Oh,Oh.
  5. phate666

    Craptastic v4.0

    Care Factor = Zero. 2010. And this place is sucking ass. Even with the Banee's let loose this forum blows. Rage Quit? Nuh. Mods pissing me off? Nuh. Squids fucking my long dead Ma for the 3rd time? Nuh. Virt skull-fucking me from a great height? Nuh. Tak not being ignored by his new Missus? Nuh. Juggalo not being put in an Ambulance? Nuh. Plebs not being smacked? Nuh. Waltish learning to fly? Nuh. 1shot on a moto-bicycle? Nuh. index finally realising his balls will never touch his ankles? Nuh. Rybags & OJ tongue kissing on V Day? Nuh. Twinair, Middy & dasgill in the same room with 1 tallie of VB between them? Nuh? Greaver & Xap talking sheep? Nuh. robzy making a joke about Morris (minor)? Nuh. hlass working out that a one sided argument is a precursor to schizophrenia? Nuh. Fatbodybuilder for playing Rugby? Nuh. Hyper-H0rse constructing a meaningful sentence? Nuh. All the n00bs for not mentioning/b/? Nuh. Bowiee, aliali, chrisg, Logicpr0be, datafast caelum, seehund, Rion, Cybes, Master Scythe, zebra and m0zes have kept this board alive and interesting for myself for the last 10 years, but all good things, my friends, come to an end. Thanks Gentlemen. Dissect my at0mic corpse, pick at my bones, piss on my grave....but always upgrade my mainboard and frag 0n! 1st and final thread! Yeah Me. * I've already closed the door, no chance of it hitting my ass on the way out. * For all those playing at home. I have only deleted my account @ at0mic, not my love of life.
  6. phate666

    Should I hate my mum?

    Meh. All Mum's taste the same. Salty coins and latex. "Would you like some cookies and Milk?" "Can I watch you change your batteries?"
  7. phate666

    Indian protestors

    [quote name='The Fuzz damn you!' date='Feb 14 2010, 01:44 PM' post='56136 Well, that's a completely different issue from what you were just complaining about. It's the job of our federal politicians to deal with matters of international diplomacy, regardless of the validity of any complaints. If you don't like the way our politicians are handling it though, that is hardly going to be fixed by complaining about Indian news media and accusing all brown people of conspiring against "us". Fuzz, you truly are capable of shitting me. The last time I saw a Federal Politician in a street brawl defending ethnic uprising in our country was Malcom Frazer expressing his rights to Freedom of opinion by dropping his daks. Myself. I have a hard time filtering through this thread to see anyone bar the OP, remaining on Topic. Bait is for fish. Opinon is our right.
  8. phate666

    Indian protestors

    The Scoreboard Mentality of which you speak, could be applied to every thread since the inception of this fine sub culture known as the Green Room. Also, would it appease you if it was a coroners report and court decision instead of a sensationalist media beat up? The end result remains the same.
  9. phate666

    Indian protestors

    Cyb3er, that's the opening post from 7 months ago. The Indian students protesting attacks because they believe they are seen as soft targets. It seems their own race see them as push overs as well. Is this latest incident off-topic?
  10. phate666

    eBay funny

    Must've been some good acid going round in '73! That thing is ug-fucking-ly!
  11. phate666

    Ewww I have to go to the dentist.

    Mean? You should've seen me before they strapped me in the chair and started chanting.
  12. phate666

    Ewww I have to go to the dentist.

    They helped me out.
  13. phate666

    Women = Sex Tools

    I made it to the blonde on the Wacka-Packa. Tilt. Game Over.
  14. phate666

    Does the internet give people false bravado?

    Hmmmmm. It does seem odd that bikeracer's grammar & attitude has dodged 1shot's attention. The plot thickens.
  15. phate666

    Australian of the year goes to....

    I bet he does a great version of Boys From the Bush.