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  1. Milano

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    NVidia drivers are due out today...http://games.on.net/article/14041/Battlefi...Out_This_Monday http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Results/38916 Now I need a card to go with them..
  2. Milano

    BTW, does any1 know when Half life 2 Episode 3 is coming out?

    Was hoping for a release date..... In that case, just download the "Research & Development" mod. Should make HL2 puzzle-solving fans happy in the mean time.
  3. Milano

    EA shutting down servers on 09 games.

    Luckily I don't play Fifa 09 offline, let alone online anymore, but if I did, i'd be pissed. I never liked how there was a new Fifa game every year. I'd prefer every 2 years minimum, so that they get a good run. Stuff getting a new version every year, for something that's not that better..
  4. Milano

    GT5 Demo hitting PSN Dec 17

    This still on PSN? Had a quick look before, but could only see Prologue & add-ons for it.
  5. Milano

    Move over TiVo: PS3 gets live HDTV recording

    So those shows can be copied straight from the PS3 to your PCs HDD then?
  6. Milano

    Move over TiVo: PS3 gets live HDTV recording

    I got a whole bunch of catalogues this week & that Target price was the cheapest of the lot. I was pretty close to getting this, but i'm having a second PVR thrown in for free with a plasma as part of a promotion so don't have a use for it now. Nephew picked up one of these though, so he's now got an all in one console/BD player/HDtuner now. Niftyyyyy!
  7. The problem isn't local latency/hardware, the problem is the great divide between Australia and the US. Yeah ok. A combination of the NBN, & an increase of our international pipelines would bring about more benefits here. I would've thought that the latter wouldn't be too far away if the former were aimed to fully succeed though.
  8. Good luck with this, but you kind of answered it in your OP, MIB: They've made most of their customers happy for some, if not all of the time. Aussies don't make up most of anyone's customer base when it comes to console games. Americans do. So it might be a while before us Aussies are able to bank on taking a week off work for some quality online game time..........maybe until the NBN or (if you're lucky) your cable speeds are up & running to their full potential.
  9. Milano

    Sony Bravia + Free PS3 Promotion

    I'm monitoring that site, waiting for my bonus unit numbers to hit just over 1000 before pouncing on a Viera.
  10. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    Given how fantastic your old setup looked Milano, I'll be keen to see pics of the new plasma! And on that topic, Uncharted 2 is the first game I have played that made me wish for a bigger and newer telly (my current Panasonic is just beginning to show its age - just don't tell the better half that!). I'll let you know ASAP, elf. What's your current display anyway? Going a bigger screen means co-op should become a lot more bearable as GoW felt a bit cramped on the 42" I found. Does U2 have offline co-op? Haven't heard anything about it so I'm not getting my hopes up.
  11. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    I really want this game, but i've got a new plasma on the way in about a month & want to save it for then. The dilemmas we gamers face...daaaaaamn.
  12. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    The guys with the helmets did take more shots to the head, but I just thought it made sense & worked well as it increased the difficulty toward the end of the game, as oppose to the enemies at the start without headgear. Good to know U2 seems much more polished anyway.
  13. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    I just finished U1 today. Got much better toward the end. So much so, I want to pick up U2.....asap.
  14. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    Most, if not all of my headshots were from a distance. I don't remember shooting them in the face up close. That's what the shotty's for. ;]
  15. Milano

    Uncharted 2

    I'd never play on easy, nuke. Must be on normal. Is it possible the game was updated since you played it? (not sure if PS3 games are updated that often or at all even).