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  1. MotoXXX

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    Passthrough is easy, you just can't do it through the GUI. probably doesn't help when studying for your VCP I guess http://rand0mbits.blogspot.com/2010/12/esx...ss-through.html LOL I love how quick Linux people are to call Windows Server a piece of shit. It's anything but.
  2. MotoXXX

    System Admin Job in Melbourne

    We're not discriminating, we are considering all applicants however we would like to give the opportunity for a younger person to progress in their career. Ie. opening the door for someone to get out of level 1 hell :) If you're interested send me your resume.
  3. Hi All, I hope the mods don't mind me posting this here, but I thought it could help out an Atomican looking for a job We've had a System Admin position open up in our organisation and I thought I would post it up here and see if anyone is interested. You'll be working in a small team in Melbourne and assisting in the day to day support of a small data centre. We are mainly a Microsoft and VMWare shop running HP Blade and LeftHand SAN technologies. We also have operations overseas that connect to Melbourne via Citrix (Approximately 200 Citrix virtual machines). If you have experience with VMWare, Microsoft Server (2003 and 2008), IIS, SQL, Citrix, Backup Exec, Cisco and Juniper devices just to name a few, we would love to hear from you! We are ideally looking for someone young who would fit a junior system admin role or who has mastered tech support and is looking to move up. Must be a fast learner! If you have or are currently studying for Microsoft, Cisco or VMWare certs that would be a bonus. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you my email address to send a resume to. Cheers!
  4. MotoXXX

    GTX570 or HD6970?

    Thanks guys. The two cards are pretty much the same price everywhere I've looked. I'm leaning towards the 6970 because of the higher clock and more RAM. If I go for the gtx, can I do anything fancy with my current 280 in the same system?
  5. Hi All, The last video card I bought was a Radeon 9800XT! I was also lucky enough to be gifted a GTX280 early last year that has been doing quite well in my system! It's pretty beefy and has done me well, but after playing the Battlefield 3 Beta it's starting to show its age! So what should I upgrade to? I'm sort of leaning towards the 570 because it has performed better in the few reviews I've seen, but I do like the extra RAM on the HD. The sole reason I want to upgrade is to run Battlefield 3 smoothly at 1080 with most of the bells and whistles enabled. The rest of my system although a generation old is still pretty capable (Q9550, 6GB RAM) Thoughts?!
  6. MotoXXX

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    Yeah it's a shame, but apart from that it's a pretty solid little server! I've got one at home and love it. I'm tempted to buy a few, fill them up with RAM and run a low powered VMWare cluster....I just need to find a use for it! haha
  7. MotoXXX

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    Just FYI - the drives in the N36L are NOT hot swappable! So remember to shut it down before pulling a drive out!
  8. MotoXXX

    PSA: Your data isn't 'backed up' unless...

    tape is just soooooo 20th century redundant disks are cheap as (computer) chips Cheap for onsite backup. Try transporting disks with terabytes of data to an offsite location. Tapes are still robust and hold a huge amount of data for their size. Yes you can use a big pipe to transfer data to storage in the cloud, but that is expensive compared to tape!
  9. MotoXXX

    PSA: Your data isn't 'backed up' unless...

    I've restored terabytes of data from LTO4 and LTO5 tape with out issue. I don't think it's as unreliable as you make out.
  10. MotoXXX

    Another tv show request

    It was Japanese - Tekeshi's Castle or something very similar to that. It's so much funnier watching Japanese people getting hurt for some reason! edit: clip
  11. MotoXXX

    What was your favorite system you had or used?

    My next system was a 2500+ Barton (soon upgraded to a 35W 2400M+) paired with an Abit NF7-S v2.0. That was my favourite system. Rob. I had this exact system with a MSI GeForce Ti4200 - it was awesome for Battlefield 1942!
  12. MotoXXX

    Breaking Bad S4

    Do we really need spoiler tags on every post? Can't we just add *spoilers* to the thread title? Also, EPIC episode!! I thought the Gus scene was a little over the top, but cool none the less!
  13. MotoXXX

    Breaking Bad S4

    I'm almost exploding with anticipation!
  14. MotoXXX

    Breaking Bad S4

    Jesse is kicking goals for Gus... and Gus prolly has some respect for Jesse's loyalty to Walt, though doubtless he feels it's misplaced. What I can't figure out about Gus is why he killed his extremely able henchman who started cooking a batch when Walt gave him an ultimatum... a fit of pique? Seems unlike Gus. He didn't do it because of Walt, he did it because he was seen nosing around at the crime scene of Gail's murder. Ding!
  15. MotoXXX

    Shapes nooo

    Cheddar are awesome! If I open a box I won't stop until they are all gone. Great with wine and cheese :)