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    Radiator question

    lol, didn't even notice but then the front page goes back a whole year... my oh my *takes a potshot at bouncing tumbleweed* *rides on through town*
  2. arjo

    Radiator question

    automotive high heat != CPU high heat. unless you like running at the 85/90 degree mark... if ur water rig is running above 45 you should be worried. an engine running at that.... well, it aint running... glycol reduces the thermal capacity of ur liquid. unless you've got dissimilar metals (cue wet trout slap), don't. if u can get real distilled, use that, else deionised. if your scheme water is soft (ie, few minerals, rain, dam etc) even that's OK (most are bore sourced, don't use in that case). I used rainwater for 3 years without a hitch. if ur worried about bugs, a good slash of metho helps keep the green down (about 15%). but a jug of deionised will do great in most loops. if u want colour, a drip or 3 of food grade dye is fine (sunset orange, aqua green, regal purple, check cakemaking forums for some really cool palettes, or just get a glass of water n screw around with ratios, keep a notepad handy, n get creative) but the question is radiator size. if you just want stock, remember a heatsink is less efficient than a radiator. so if ur stock fan is 92mm, you can probably get away with a fast 80mm. probably. nobody here would condone it, but you won't melt it. what is most relevant is what's gonna fit. be practical. go for the biggest you can fit into ur rig. what you can mount is most important, especially if ur upgrading an existing rig, rather than remoulding the whole machine. if your on the upgrade path, there are many things to consider. flow rate. tubing size. fan speeds. way back when, I replaced a 600 lph pump with a 3000 lph. <3 degrees, on a single 120mm heatercore, even with an extra 50w being pumped into the loop by a stupidhuge pump (itdidexplodeanfloodmyrigbutwewonttalkaboutthat) a different rig got <2 degrees goin from 10mm to 13mm pipe, everything else being the same. are you for silence or performance? there are wide spaced radiators that do very well at a whole 600 rpm (120mm), but can't hold a candle to a tight grid at 1200 rpm. but u look like uve got that on lock. go large as u can fit.
  3. arjo

    Roll Call!

    Leonid, I feels ya. started highschool, met some fellow geeks n got into the atomic spirit of things. my 'education' was spent lanning, gaming, hackin mah rig n teach in meself wicked elite electronics. now I'm closer to 30 than 20, n held a 'real job' for years, in electronic engineering, building beautiful elaborate gizmology. learnt far more relevant things here than I did in any class thru high school. gotta laugh at mum now, giving me shit for 'wasting time on the internet' n ' not concentrating on homework'. the things I learnt there are what pays my rent n keeps the fridge full now... anywhoo. I bought a cheap water block recent, n plan to spend the weekend shoehorning the fucker into an old Q6600 rig. was a pig overclocker on air (just to hot) n i just wanna crank a rig to Max. even tho it'll come nowhere close to a current off the shelf rig, I'm gonna build something awesome. thought I'd stick my head in here n see what the happity-haps are. so, arjo signing back in. will lurk, throw a pair of cents about when relevant, mayhap y'all see a build log. good to see some familiar names in a forum, I do hope ur keepin it elite. veh veh veh very atomic! lol
  4. arjo

    Q6600 OC...

    Its been a while since i fucked around with my 6600, but I always found there were 'holes' in the fsb speed. its all to do with multipliers. dont ask me on the fsb exact numbers, but you'd bump up ur fsb, then hit a wall, where no amount of volts or other tweaking would let it be stable. but jump up say 10/20mhz, and bam, rock stable. I seem to recall major issues in the 350-370 area, Id have stability for a 5mhz range, then nothing wall, jump up an extra 3mhz, stable, another 2 mhz, nothing. fustrating. poisions quite right, lock down your cpus ability, by upping ya multi n keeping the bus low. when you know where your aiming, find the highest fsb ur board will do happily. then amalgamate the 2 to get a stable system. keep in mind tho that its not just a incremental raise-raise-raise. flying blind, n taking a bigger step up n trying to find solid ground can work wonders. mine would do 3.7 with a prohibitive amount of air n noise n heat, 3.4 comfortably (low speed 120mm fans.
  5. arjo

    the d525, what dja rekon it can do?

    Ya missed my point totally dude... I dont want a out of the box NAS. their a dime a dozen. Ive never bought an OEM pc n dont plan to. I could probably manage what i want to do with parts lying around the house. I feel like building something a bit different, put some effort in and end up with unique. I thought that was kinda clear. that aside, looks like a pretty neat box, if ya just want to plug something in. which I dont :-/ similar with the overkill cooling. its totally unnecessary im aware, were talking 30odd watts here. but something I want to create... so i shall. i dont know where you get the idea that longevity/reliability is a problem with water. pumps are far more robust than fans, and a sealed loop is exactly that. properly designed, once commissioned, i'd trust a w/c for a very long time. one of the few articles i've read that do clock similar hardware hard showed a 13% increase in power for a 33% performance gain. thats a payoff im happy with. although its day to day jobs will be undemanding, I will be asking it to do a bit of dsp here n there. but as I said, Im wanting the challange/satisfaction from a custom rig. whats the point if its stock? its about tuning the hardware to what its capable of. Whilst I appreciate the interest, I dont see the point of naysaying
  6. my +1 suggestion: Fennel. favorite veg ever. unique taste, great texture. aniseseedy (liquorice), but gets really mild with a med cook. I tend to add it in the part of the cook, for stronger flavor n better crisp. not so great with beef, ok with lamb, but zomgawesome with pork. works better with sweeter blends, dont bother if ur doin anything chilli. pork tomato carrot spices slow, then fennel n extra herbs in the last 1/3 of cooking, win. I dont have a slowcooker tho... i rekon if u put it in at the beginning you'd kill its flavor. but for a good variety of tastes, its worth having in ur book. and right now, really good fennels coming out of the ground. prices are down, sizes are 3 fold up. if you've not tried it, do.
  7. So, Ive bin thinkin about d525's pretty hard, ones bin serving as my main desktop for over 6 months now, as I can carry my aspire one pretty much anywhere. I've a q6600 that sucks vast juice (220w v 18-24w), and only really sees uptime when ive games to play or something to encode, or getting something from the archive it holds (6 hdd's mofo, but only ~1.3tb. shuddup, archive being the key word). but i can flip mah netbook out and have anything ive got on hand... well, on hand. snappy enough when its lightly loaded, but gawd, it chokes with multi tasks, n many tabs. forget HD/1080p. Im wanting to offload fileserver from the q6600, n torrents from the netbook (maybe 8:24 hrs on a fat pipe, not enough for me to be happy seeding from) onto a lightweight rig that im happy to leave on 24/7. enter the atom ITX. Im waiting on a gigabyte D525 ITX platform in the post. it'll sit 24/7 with (planned) few tb of stowage n a 250gb raid0 backup, probably headless, acting a seeder, fileserver, probly firewall, possible ham radio monitor, n whatever else i can dream for it. but shit, I learnt this trade here, and I aint gonna let this thing Idle at Stock. sacrilegious. I'd be very keen to hear what Atomicans, Doin It Right, have made this platform do. few reviews take overclocking this thing seriously, n few mobos really let you. but i hear 'low power, passive/pissweak cooling = poor overclock' all over the place. to my ear, i think, '1337 cooling, moderate power, n a board that'll let me = a nice bit of extra beef'. im not deluding myself, this thing'll never compete with i-series desktops, but IT AINT SPOSED TO. totally different kettle of fish. 2 of the 5 gigabyte bios's have let you tweak important settings, n the latest 'f5' bios incoperates a new clockgen chip. no word on its settings yet. I but pray it lets me twiddle. so if all goes well, I shall have a pretty light, efficient, dataplex, prime for tweaking and then the MPC spirit hits. My plan is to strap some lowgrade watercooling to this thing, make it silent, n clock like a bitch. ive not seen anyone aftermarket cool these things, probably cos it'd need to be custom. no sweat, my last 6 wc rigs have been homebrew. ive al bar stock avalible thru work, n some sketches of what i want drawn. the projects going ahead, I'd just like to hear what ya'll think in the meantime. so, in your experience, what dja think I can do with this wee toy?