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  1. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I have owned, for quite some time, a heavy duty (10A) 20M extension lead, and my place has an external power-point right out the front. Seems it was fate that I would buy and use a 240V whipper snipper. I'd prefer a battery powered one, but they are a lot more expensive. Maybe I could do everything on two batteries. And anyway, it has a 3yr replacement warranty, so it'll be good for at least 3 years.
  2. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    gotta do some lawn work, first time I’ve lived in a place with a lawn. It’s only 3x3m, didn’t want to deal with two-stroke machines.
  3. smadge1

    Customers. Thanks for coming

    Used to work for a guy with a Limo business, he said the worst customers were the govt and corps that had 60 day accounts, and they were always paid late (something to do with payment cycles) and then on a cheque, which has to clear. He spent a lot of time trying to switch them to corp/credit card payments.
  4. smadge1

    Atomic Streamers

    If you stream at all (on any platform) I'd like to make a list for people to check out. I understand most people use Twitch, but we won't exclude anyone who uses an alternative platform, such as Mixer or Youtube etc. Please list your Stream's Channel URL (such as twitch.tv etc) Optionally: List the game/s or genres you mainly play If you have a set schedule, some idea of the days/times you usually stream If you have a discord server, you don't need to list it, but you may want to mention it.
  5. smadge1

    I wish I was a phone

    Luenig’s sister has called him out on the cartoon, https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-25/artist-mary-leunig-responds-to-brothers-controversial-cartoon/11638932
  6. smadge1

    Google begins to scare me

    When I first joined facebook, I used an email address specifically created for it, I just added my name, DOB and City. Within a day, it was suggesting people that I might know and it was fairly bang on accurate. I can only assume it had used location data, because these were people I'd been in physical proximity with (Family, friends, work colleagues, etc)
  7. smadge1

    A few things Atomic has taught me

    Takoma popped up on the Discord, but he's not particularly active there either.
  8. smadge1

    Your mug, my mug, or everyones bloody mug ?

    I work at three sites, I take my mug to work every day.
  9. smadge1

    PAX AUS 2019

    3 Sleeps!
  10. smadge1

    PAX AUS 2019

    The app is now available with the schedule. I'll be there again, 3-day.
  11. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I got myself a Surface Go (LTE) and a Yamaha AG06 Mixing Console / USB Audio Interface (and some mics and all the various things to connect them together) have to sacrifice 15GB of the storage for an install of Cubasis AI 10 just for laughs, the AG06 also works with Mac, Android and iOS devices!
  12. smadge1

    PTSD - an utter curse

    I knew a guy who flew choppers in Vietnam, and he was only recently diagnosed with PTSD. They actually involved his whole family in the diagnosis and treatment program, as his family were the people who were most affected by it.