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  1. my friend is stuck in Belgium right now, and she's having socially distant dates. some guy drove 90min to see her and they went walking and talking to a coffee shop. remaining 2m apart at all times.
  2. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    At least in India, the police are using big sticks to enforce curfews.
  3. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Hong Kong has also been dealing with lumps of disposable face masks washing up on beaches
  4. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I guess that's why the Prime Minister called them out on National TV. Send Customs and Border Force after the scoundrels.
  5. smadge1

    i see dead people

    Asterix The Gaul co-creator Albert Uderzo dies in Paris, aged 92 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-25/albert-uderzo,-a-creator-of-french-hero-asterix,-dies-at-92/12087638
  6. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I've had a few days of work in self-isolation due to a cold/fever Not coronavirus, and couldn't get tested for it anyway. I just had to jump through a few hoops to see a GP about a medical certificate for work. Still have a lingering cough today back at work, but I think I can manage it. Spent way too much time watching the news over the past few days. i work in schools, which apparently, is the safest place to be in a global pandemic according to ScoMo. I need to go shopping this afternoon, and I don't like my chances of being able to get my regular stuff (bread/milk/eggs etc)
  7. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I went to buy some macaroni yesterday, as there was plenty on Saturday, but it was all gone now. Plenty of Lasagna sheets though. also... $1,000 would buy a lot of TP Mitt Romney just unveiled a plan to send every American adult a $1,000 check during the coronavirus outbreak
  8. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Either that or rampant piracy! Arrr!
  9. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I work in primary schools, and wouldn't mind the extra holidays (thank goodness I'm permanent) But closing the schools is potentially disruptive across the board. At the moment I'm leaning towards the "At least the kids are in a manageable environment, and can be taught what to do to stay healthy" as opposed to "letting 3 million kids roam free in the community and all the issues that entails" I'm assuming even childcare centres would be part of the closures, so that's one less avenue. There are still questions around whether school aged children will even show symptoms, even though they may be carriers. This risks the whole school community. You're d@#ned if you do, d@#ned if you don't. Mind you, I think it's inevitable though, there's much debate going on in the wider community, I'd say schools may be closed as early as next week.
  10. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Just as I suspected, they had NO long-life milk at Costco when I went to buy it. They did have two pallets of the skim milk though... (I don’t count skim as milk...)
  11. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    How long you reckon until Italy is added to the Travel Ban list? by rights, it should be announced today. Lets wait and see.
  12. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I usually buy a 10-pack of 1L long life milk from Costco every fortnight, I'm kinda hoping they haven't run out next time I go in.
  13. smadge1

    Playing Pioneers - Gone Campin'

    Inside me I have an exploring spirit, I'd love to pack up the car and drive into the outback for weeks. I can barely afford to live by myself in my 2-br flat. I'd love to take a drive for 12-15hrs out of the city, I love the open road. I've done the brisbane to cairns both ways, and brisbane to canberra (with a stop-over in Newcastle) I've done the brisbane to newcastle quite a few times but, none of these were "holidays" I'm planning a trip from brisbane to St George / Dirranbandi / Lightning Ridge hopefully sometime this year.
  14. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Sorry, your bog roll is now contaminated with Coronavirus
  15. smadge1

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Maybe this is the solution to housing affordability?