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  1. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    I've been following Diyode on Facebook since they launched, but haven't been in a position to subscribe though.
  2. smadge1

    Did something just happen?

    I dunno, I’d love to join an atomic themed Discord, even if I barely game, and then mostly on PS4.
  3. smadge1

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - My thoughts

    I can't wait to have a play, probably after I get sick of Fallout 76 sometime around christmas. I played about 45 minutes of the beginning when I was at PAX, and I've watched a few streams on Twitch
  4. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    I really want to get into mBots They use both Arduino compatible hardware, and also have a range of programming options, such as Scratch. And the bluetooth version can be programmed on an iPad (4+) mBots come with a range of robotics elements and you add additional elements easily, such as sensors and displays. Plus, you can dive into the raw Arduino programming at any point and use/make your own external devices.
  5. smadge1

    Reclamation Day - November 14th

    I'm looking forward to playing some Fallout 76 soon. Anyone else planning to fire up on Playstation 4?
  6. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    I've been wanting to do this for a while, but none of my schools were particularly interested in spending money on it. One school went straight to EV3...
  7. smadge1

    PSA: Atomic, Hyper, PCPP and PC&TA websites are goneskis

    If anyone would like a link to Dave's Twitter thread, just DM me. Twitter is on the public record, I don't think there'd be an issue with that.
  8. smadge1

    PAX AUS 2018

    I have an Ultimate Gamer Pass (don't ask...) So I'll be there for 3 days! Mostly I just wanna see the Outside Xbox crew, and chill the rest of the time. Also, I hope to see as many Twitch streamers as I can!
  9. smadge1

    damn, it's been a while...

    Well hello!
  10. smadge1

    Desperately Seeking...

    My parents found another box of my stuff, with some additional mags!!
  11. smadge1

    Desperately Seeking...

    Issue #88 still has a cover CD attached!
  12. smadge1

    Desperately Seeking...

    Which issue were you in @Nich...?
  13. smadge1

    Desperately Seeking...

    I’m happy to trade for missing issues as well, you can see my issues up in the OP. EDIT! Good News! My parents found a box with some mags in it!! It contains the copies I was after (well, at least one of each) I guess I'd still love to get extra copies of #88 and #96 if possible. Many of the later ones that i have are subscriber covers. (Also, I have a bunch of PC Authority mags from the same period, but I haven't bothered to sort them out, they don't hold the same value to me, if anyone's a collector, I'm happy to go through them)
  14. smadge1

    Desperately Seeking...

    Edit: Found copies I was looking for, but would like to find some duplicates if possible. I've just sat down to sort out my Atomic Mag collection, I'm pretty sure I had an almost complete collection, but it seems that in moving around, I've misplaced a box, and I'm missing a huge chunk of mags from the middle. Though, that's not exactly what I'm after. I wrote articles in 4 editions 10 years ago. Windows Home Server – An Introduction Issue #88 - June 2008 Windows Home Server – Remote Access Issue #89 - July 2008 Windows Home Server – Extending Your Windows Home Server Part 1 Issue #95 - December 2008 Windows Home Server – Extending Your Windows Home Server Part 2 - Installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Issue #96 - January 2009 These were obviously in the box I'm missing, and I'm devastated. If you or anyone you know has any of these 4 issues in a box, or something, and willing to part with them, I'd greatly appreciate them. I'm happy to pay for them plus postage. Ideally, I'd like multiple copies (I had at least 2 of each of these issues) This means a lot to me, and I'm kicking myself for losing them so easily. I do have the digital versions, but the point of having articles in print was to have physical copies that I can hold. Thanks.
  15. smadge1

    Israel did it.

    Maybe Trump did it, so he'd have the tallest building in Lower Manhattan.