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  1. smadge1

    The Atomicans Discord

    I generally only use discord on my iPad, somtimes my phone.
  2. smadge1

    The Atomicans Discord

    You are all invited to join Discord Back in the day, there were a lot of us who used the AtomicIRC channel, which hasn't really existed for quite some time now. Discord is the replacement of choice (for IRC), and offers many new features, is great for real-time chatting (text/voice) and sharing photos, memes, links etc. It was primarily set up as a platform for real-time gaming communication, and has many gaming related features (for PC) You can chat in a Browser, using the Discord application, or as an app on your mobile device. All conversations are synced between devices. Its much better than Facebook groups, as you don't even need to be on facebook. (this is a pro) Sign up now! https://discord.gg/swKm5vS (Link shouldn't expire, if it isn't working, PM me) Just for now, the Atomicans Discord server is completely SFW (Safe For Work). If you have some experience with moderating or admin'ing a Discord server, let me know. (there is support for bots etc, which I've never used) Also happy for folks who know how, to create and submit some emotes!
  3. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    posted these in another thread, but please enjoy: I was able to buy three spare batteries on clearance from MTA for $7ea
  4. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    This one is pretty awesome, but not open source like the rest of their products unfortunately: Makeblock Airblock, at this stage, it's only programmable using the Makeblock app on compatible iOS or Android devices. I still have to dig into the specifics, but even using the scratch-like programming language should give you a lot of control over the drone. Then today, I spent the rest of my Christmas money on the mBot: I'll be building it shortly, and testing it out next to the Lego EV3 and NXT bots.
  5. smadge1

    The most special people

    oh my!! I thought the glorious age of heroes was long since passed! Thank you Flouncy and the Atomic community! Thanks @Nich...for tagging me, I wouldn't have noticed! I'm still keen to join or run up a Discord server for Atomicans, I haven't set one up yet, but I'm in about 10 different ones at the moment (for several communities) but an Atomican one is missing from my list.
  6. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I used my Leave Loading plus some AfterPay to get a Google Home Hub and Samsung Dex Pad Google Home Hub is pretty awesome, I'd like to buy 2 more to replace my Google Home and Home Mini. The screen adds so much more functionality, and is even a chromecast device for streaming. Dex Pad is good too, but the implementation is clunky. I can't figure out how to use it as a fast charge dock and switch to Dex mode when I want to. Now, it just automatically switches to Dex mode, and I have to turn on the display to switch it back to Fast Charge Mode.
  7. smadge1

    So - who's around these days?

    the Hero tag was always so elusive!
  8. smadge1

    Magazine Clearout!

    When you know how much shipping is to Brisbane, let me know, I'll send you some dollars for postage. If you can help me complete my set, I'd be fine with that too!
  9. smadge1

    Magazine Clearout!

    I'd be keen for the following ones, that I had articles in: Windows Home Server – An Introduction Issue #88 - June 2008 Windows Home Server – Remote Access Issue #89 - July 2008 Windows Home Server – Extending Your Windows Home Server Part 1 Issue #95 - December 2008 Windows Home Server – Extending Your Windows Home Server Part 2 - Installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Issue #96 - January 2009 This is the current state of my collection: (Blue = duplicate, yellow = missing, green = my issues)
  10. I am not anti-vax, but it's always funny to see people's argument that Big Pharma is only interested in making money, and vaccinations are designed to make you sick, not make you immune or healthy.
  11. smadge1

    Reclamation Day - November 14th

    At this point in time, I've had a pretty good experience with the game, sure, I've had glitches and disconnections, but on the whole, it's been well behaved. I just wish that Bethesda had put a lot more effort into the game, give it the polish of what GTA Online is now (and yes, that was a shambles when it first released too) My only regret is that I paid $130 to preorder the "tricentennial" version, which only came with a few extra garments a useless laser pistol and some paint. EB are selling that for $80 plus free Fallout 4 GOTY now...
  12. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    I've been following Diyode on Facebook since they launched, but haven't been in a position to subscribe though.
  13. smadge1

    Did something just happen?

    I dunno, I’d love to join an atomic themed Discord, even if I barely game, and then mostly on PS4.
  14. smadge1

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - My thoughts

    I can't wait to have a play, probably after I get sick of Fallout 76 sometime around christmas. I played about 45 minutes of the beginning when I was at PAX, and I've watched a few streams on Twitch
  15. smadge1

    Arduino for kids.

    I really want to get into mBots They use both Arduino compatible hardware, and also have a range of programming options, such as Scratch. And the bluetooth version can be programmed on an iPad (4+) mBots come with a range of robotics elements and you add additional elements easily, such as sensors and displays. Plus, you can dive into the raw Arduino programming at any point and use/make your own external devices.