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  1. Traveling in india with a roaming (indian) sim card, that's painful. I did have 2GB international roaming on my Telstra SIM card for emergencies
  2. smadge1

    Clive Palmer

    He is Trump Lite in a way. But, he likes to sit in the comfortable space between the two major parties, and cherry pick the policies of both.
  3. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    What's the use case for this?
  4. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I bought 3 items I had a $100 jaycar gift voucher, and the Powerbank seemed like a good deal (I already have an Anker 20,000mAh Powerbank, but it doesn't have QC or USB Type-C PD) The USB Type-C to MicroUSB 3.0 Type-B cable I bought to test with (Some laptops and Macs have USB Type-C Ports, I'd like to see if the cable works with external HDDs) and I got the 3TB Drive to start storing my DJI Spark footage/photos, but I'll need to grab a second one so I can keep redundant copies. I hit send earlier and got interrupted at work, forgot to add in the details
  5. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    3TB USB3 HDD https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/toshiba-3tb-canvio-basics-portable-hard-drive-black-tobacv3tb#features
  6. smadge1

    Magazine Clearout!

    Much Appreciated!
  7. smadge1

    The most special people

    hoo boy, Last time I saw Zebra, I went to visit him at his work. I couldn't even comprehend the sort of stuff he was working with. This was more than enterprise networking, more than running a datacentre, madness!
  8. smadge1

    Drone Photography

  9. smadge1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Oh dear, it seems I’ve bought a Spark and a Tello There goes all my free time
  10. smadge1

    Drone Photography

    I have acquired a DJI Spark drone, an entry level video/photography drone. After I work out the mechanics of flying a drone, I'd love to learn some of the photography side of it. Anyone have any hints or tips? One day I'd like a Mavic Air, but at this stage, I just can't justify it.
  11. smadge1

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    My time has come... I rent a little flat underneath a house. The owner lives upstairs. When I moved in back in 2012, I paid for HFC installation for Bigpond cable (which is what my current connection is) However, I'm told that we only have one free NTD per address, and I'm hoping that because I'm the only customer on the HFC, that I can get it. But when the landlady wants to migrate her Optus connection, she'll have to pay for an additional NTD ($300) To be honest, I just want my own internet connection, and not have to share. Multiple customers could use the Telstra HFC simply by using a splitter and adding a new modem, so why is NBN different?
  12. smadge1

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Bernie running is a win for Trump...
  13. smadge1

    Magazine Clearout!

    I'm still waiting for Fenn and others to get back to me... I'd like some more 88,89,85,96 happy to pay + postage! pretty please!
  14. smadge1

    just had a cool thought

    A Chrysler 300C I used to drive only had 1kph difference between the speedo and the built-in sat-nav. Not sure if they calibrated it to be close at the factory, or whether the GPS actually calibrates the speedo on the fly.