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  1. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    Legal limits? LOL!!!! yeah right!.. they underwrite your log book so that any ULR time your augmenting is only written down as 60 percent, and 50 percent if your fly with 2 crews.. Lol Legal.. don't make me laugh. This is the kinda shit that happens when the legislator is also the owner of the company. Last year i did 1280 hours... legally... LOL!!! You do the maths on that in your civil parts of the world. But it does make you realise a thing or 2 about the place where you guys live.. your very very very lucky! :D anyways, just installed Diablo 3 on my lowly PC box, going to try to give that a bit of a trashing over the next few months. (this will be try number 4, as previous attempts have been halted by the release of the Swarm, SC2, and a few other sweet titles, whose names seem to escape me atm :) I can't seem to keep up with all the new games that come out these days. Kids are going well and its nearly Christmas! (bought the kids ((read more like bought myself)) a Carrera Digital 124 set) which we will be trashing around on after Santa comes down our chimney.. hang on.. we don't even have a chimney.. ;) Lol at any rate, good wishes and a Merry Christmas to one and all. ;D
  2. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    Drive by most prob ;) RL is flat out ATM. Chris, man don't believe it mate, flog you to death they do. Aside from that, it's pretty good. Might be looking to re-locate back to Oz soon..these are interesting times.. :)
  3. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    Prob about time for the bi-yearly chime in... Yay!! :D Peace! and such :D
  4. Vanne

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Bought some 24 mill arcade buttons to replace the ones on the NeoGeo X sticks as they are woeful, the stick itself is rather marvellous though.. Not sure why they went with arcade quality sticks and then used crappy buttons.. swell, should be easy fix… hopefully..
  5. Vanne

    Why is it so hard?

    hmm, i used to be a die hard Manual kinda guy, but since I've conceded to the dark side of auto transmission, id never ever go back!! esp for a car your driving to and from work.. you'd be nuts to go manual. Only for a crappy low power car (read below 1.7 litters) id go manual as you have to wring its neck to get off the lights or remotely do the speed limit. any serious car though for commuting I would go with Auto any day, much, much nicer and easier.. (possibly crappier top end fuel economy, depending on the final drive gear, but these days they are pretty darn good).. and to boot, much more probable to have cruise control on auto boxes The only thing i would now choose a manual for is either a sports or track car. just saying, the young blokey kinda guy in you is saying Manual, (i hear ya), but seriously mate, once you go Auto, you'll wonder why you ever resisted the dark side. Do your commuting self a favour, and join us, join the dark side.. (you will love it, promise :)
  6. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    Rybags, funny you mention that mate, i had that little post pack from you in my hands just the other day when i was stuffing around with setting up my old C-64.. So i still have it, but haven't tested it yet.. lol! Hi everyone that chimed in. :)
  7. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    Gday Cybes! :) glad to see your still kicking around mate. Hows your mum doing? tell her i said Hi please, Wow, Mt Gambier is also a really cool place :) Dir, "Hey man!" :D
  8. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    you know what, evelin. your SPOT ON!!! :D about to have my 3rd kid and yep still abroad.. if your flying somewhere with Emirates, chances are i might be driving ya :) come say G'day. :D just bought a new rig after about 8 years on the same old 775 platform, thought it was time to retire the old one. All the old gang still around? I still fly into ADL every now and then and fondly remember the couple of meets we had there. good memories. :D
  9. Vanne

    Soo.. uhhh.. hey ya! :D

    yeah, been a while again eh? super surprised my log in still works.. sad to see the atomicmpc.com.au link goes to PC-something-or-rather.. Hope everyone is still alive and kicking. Cheers.. *pokies the fire a bit and chucks a few coals in*
  10. I've seen enough of this shit now that I couldn't care less if there is no peace in the Middle East. Live and let live, if you don't, that's your right.
  11. Vanne

    The night my father died.

    Shit mate, glad your old man is ok. On ya for being there :-)
  12. Biggest problem I have with "electric" cars, is that the socket they are recharged from is mostly power generated by burning fossil fuels.. That and the fact that those batts in those current gen cars need to be replaced after 6 or so years and that costs a heap. Great idea, if your running from renuewable energy, filling your car up by burning coal or oil, not so much.
  13. Boy, lots of comments and pretty much all valid. I guess it's not so much a solution we need, but at least we need to start talking about it and hopefully planting a seed of the problem somewhere. I just came back from another Deli trip, and man I cringe. The thing is with most peeps in oz, because your not confronted with it, it doesn't exist for most people.. Boy I do miss /your/ way of life. So many things just taken for granted. :-). (I do not mean that in any bad way shape or form, just the way it is) Such different cultures and norms... So lucky... That is why they call it the lucky country right? Makes me love aus even more every day I am not there. ;-)