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  1. brains

    survey help

    Survey says... fuck that.
  2. brains

    PSA: Your data isn't 'backed up' unless...

    Reliable with dedup? I suppose you're automatically replicating between online mirrors too?
  3. brains

    PSA: Your data isn't 'backed up' unless...

    Good to see none of you actually have thought this through. Your data isn't backed up until you can prove you can restore it ;)
  4. brains

    Bathurst 1000

    Christ. Every year. Every fucking year. The death of the GTR, despite every bogan cry, is because the Group A format was A) fucking expensive, B) dying worldwide. But it makes an amazing story that it was banned for being too good. This death also spawned the Super Touring category, which still somewhat lives on in WTCC / BTCC / number of other national touring car championships. Also was run in Australia, but it failed miserably compared to the Ford vs Holden showdown in the V8 Supercar category. Which sadly, lives on its own in terms of rules, so no other manufacturers really care enough to meet the rules.
  5. brains

    Can I post jokes about Steve Jobs yet?

    What's the difference between cancer and a dole bludger? Cancer gets Jobs.
  6. brains

    JQ 150 -151 Chc-syd-Chc 4/10/11

    Alan Joyce parachute account?
  7. brains

    OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 960GB

    I've had faster.
  8. brains

    Issue 128 Feedback

    Do we want a review of game engines, or do we want an in depth look at where the technology has been, where it is...and where it's all heading (along with the guts and gore of how it all works)? z No. I think you should definitely write an article about competent power supply in data centres.
  9. brains

    Lion day!

    Don't buy AppleCare from eBay. It's a common scam.
  10. What? Have you seen the kind of 'professionals' in the industry? If they spent multiple years gaining that level of professionalism... well, they should probably never reproduce.
  11. brains

    People continue to confuse me

    That +1 needs to be at least three times larger. Fuck me, this thread makes me happy that I'm about to go out, drink a beer, and then talk shit with people.
  12. brains

    Lion day!

    Just tether your iPhone, not that big of a deal.Regards, Steve.
  13. brains

    Lion day!

    Wireless is currently fucked. Trying to figure out if its a base station -> mba issue, or a lion issue :/. It was dropping out constantly, claiming it was idle, mid transfer. I've got it stable, but it's now doing 50KB/sec. Screen is quite good really. Next to my Dell 2407WFP, you really see the DPI difference. SSD is really snappy. Much better than the last MacBook Air. Haven't done much other testing yet. What do you want to know in particular?
  14. brains

    Lion day!

    Pretty sure brains has the brand spankin' new one. What you make of it so far, dude? z It spent five days in the box. It's good. Now that I've taken it out...