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  1. ... You think there's a chance that people will be bothered to travel when they can't be bothered to log in? I logged in JUST FOR YOU CYBES :P I am expressing interest in the meet but I don't know if I can make it as yet, as Juggs and I may be overseas. It would be great to see you all again! I am literally going down memory lane right now, I have just found my backed up hard drives circa 2004-2006 and the things I am finding, and remembering, are priceless <3 ALSO!!! Elvenwhore, you are a mumma now!! That's wonderful, congrats babe :D EDIT: Re feeling old - I just saw my tagline below which has not been updated in fricking years - are you kidding me I won the nekked comp 10 years ago. TEN!!!! A DECADE!!!!! FKNWUT!!!!?!?!??! /dies
  2. CheekyChops

    After many years, I'm back! :-)

    Aww thanks Cybes and Waltish /waves happily Long time no chat! :)
  3. CheekyChops

    After many years, I'm back! :-)

    Matej! Good to see you around again :) xxx
  4. CheekyChops

    Hello all.

    Hey Grifter :) Im from Sydney too! Welcome aboard the Good Ship Atomic.
  5. CheekyChops

    Am I the only one cracking the s#$ts at social media.

    Yes, I know someone who had their account on FB deleted because FB thought his name was fake haha. It was his real name, isn't even a weird or silly name. He emailed them and it was reinstated. But yeah, that was pretty dumb. I don't add randoms to my FB, it's strictly people I know, work with, or have met, or atomicans. Sometimes if they have usernames like a handle instead of their real names, I forget who they are and I just unfriend them. I have very few people in my friends list who dont use real names, but I know them very well IRL so I know its them. Sometimes I get the urge to argue on people's FB statuses. You know when a friend has made a status and their idiot friend says something that is just so fucking dumb? I have given in to temptation before and joined the conversation with my very different and opposing view and it's never ended well. That kind of forum discussion that we would have here on Atomic doesnt seem to work on FB with extended networks such as "friends of friends". Sometimes it does work and its magical though! Ive met some cool people like that, but ive also had very bad experiences where the mutual friend is stuck between a rock and a hard place feeling like the they to step in or referee and take sides etc. And the "how can you be friends with them!!!" hahaha. All because you dont agree and have a different view. so yes, FB is annoying like that - I want to converse with my friends, not necessarily their dickhead friends. But that is easy fixed by flexing self control and not getting into it with their idiot friends. Or blocking people so they dont appear on your feed works too.
  6. CheekyChops

    What's on your mind?

    You're barely older than me. And you already have a husband. Although, then again, I don't particularly want a husband. Rob. LOL well you can borrow him if you like, try before you buy :P Yeah, people think i'm so old when I say i'm married. Some idiot at work said it adds an extra 10 years to my real age. Gives me the shits.
  7. CheekyChops

    Grudges. Do you keep them?

    This video might interest you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AyTbLqSBfI Yeah I have seen that before, I love Penn and Teller :) I see what they are saying, definately in the daily predictions they make such generalised comments and assumptions that can really apply to anyone. It's flippant too. Thats why I take no notice of that. That video is pretty much why I dont take notice of those daily predictions. But for the personality traits, everyone is going to think they are wonderful and will easily take on the good traits with pride, as you saw in that video. "yes that's sooo me!!" But what about the negative traits, people dont easily jump to claim those, so making a self assessment is pretty inaccurate because it more than likely will not be a true representation, you need someone else to make an observation and unbiased judgement to include any negative traits. What I find uncanny is other people's traits being so spot on to their star sign. I dont take it as an exact science, I know it is not a science. But it is very interesting sometimes! For instance, I am a Leo, and apparently Virgos and Tauruses dont get along with me very well. My dad is a taurus and we were estranged for nearly 10 years. My mum is also a Leo and dad and her divorced. My step mother was a Virgo and we didnt get along at all. Juggs' ex wife is a Virgo, ill let you guess how good our relationship is! All that is circumstantial, but it is kind of funny and something I have noticed and have been amused by. Of course, I have friends who are Virgos and Taurus so as I said, it is not an exact science and I know that - but something fun to refer to. Obviously I dont make decisions based on it and I dont pick and choose my friends over it either haha. Juggs is surrounded by Leo women. Im a Leo, my mum is a Leo and his daughter is a Leo. You ask him what he thinks about Leos :P He doesnt treat astrology as an exact science either, but we are all very similar and react the same way to things, differently to other relatives. Again, circumstantial, but it is interesting. I completely get you and agree with you st8smn. Additionally, my grandma is Chinese and she is very much into the Chinese horoscope, and so is all of my family. We all know each others Chinese signs and again, the traits are there and we find it amusing. We celebrate Chinese New Year every year and if its one of our animal "years", we celebrate it. Its just what we do. Not like a religion though.
  8. CheekyChops

    Grudges. Do you keep them?

    I find star sign personality traits to be pretty spot on. I don't subscribe to daily horoscope predictions though, but the personality traits are uncanny. You get a few exceptions to the norm though, as with anything. Not everyone can be pigeon holed.
  9. CheekyChops

    What's on your mind?

    Another birthday dancing dangerously close to 30. Yikes!! Still got time on my side :) Edit: Wasn't cool enough to join the 27 club, think its safe to say that's a good thing :)
  10. CheekyChops

    Grudges. Do you keep them?

    It's interesting because people often say I'm too forgiving, too nice and naive. I do forgive easily for a lot of things, we all fuck up. I'm no stranger of a fuck up myself. Big things are different though, and yes I do hold grudges when I'm particularly hurt or offended beyond a reasonable scale. I didn't speak to my dad for nearly 10 years. After my parents divorced, he went really weird and become an arsehole. He remarried an awful woman who I have since learned used to abuse him, so whatever she said, goes. I had to sleep in the corner of the main thorough fair outside the garage and the laundry downstairs at their house. It was cold and no privacy at all. The other kids got bedrooms though, her kids were well looked after, bedrooms each. My real brother was even allowed a room but not me. After a string of incidents deteriorating our relationship, including one on NYE one year... Dad and bitch face cunt were hosting a party at their place on NYE. I was the oldest of the kids present (the older of her kids were old enough to drive, so weren't home. I wasn't). The kids at the party wanted to take a walk to the beach to watch the 9pm fire works, I didn't want to go but dad and bitch face cunt asked me to please take them down. I said ok fine. So we were at the beach when suddenly dad rocks up half hour later demanding we go home right now. Confused, we go back. When we get back, dad and bitch face cunt put in a show worthy of a Oscar in front of the party guests. Bitch face cunts daughter had a school friend over and her mum arrived to pick her up. She wasn't happy about her daughter being out unsupervised so instead of being a man and saying sorry we sent our eldest out to take them,money threw me under the bus and yelled at me in front of everyone saying how dare I leave the house and endanger all the kids like that!! I was like what?? And they yelled and screamed putting on a good show, parents of the year! Then they grounded me and sent me to the garage for the rest of the night, to show what good parents they are. I couldn't fucking believe it. Man the fuck up, betrayed. The younger kids thought if was so funny, they teased me and laughed and said sucked in. I nearly punched them in the face I was so mad! So I looked like the worst person ever, and other parents were "disgusted" at me for endangering their kids. I was told to take them! Anyway, more incidents like this happened over many years, so as soon as I turned 18 I had nothing further to do with dad or that bitch faced cunt. They have since divorced and dad has apologised. It doesn't change the past and I struggle to move on. I have tried to, especially for our wedding to have him included and part of it but I still struggle. It's like... I just can't let it go. That's my major problem, letting things go. If I let it go, it's like I'm saying what they did is ok. That they were right or something. It's a cycle, I need to hear an apology and have them mean it to move forward. But it's hard when so much time was lost and can't be rebuilt. It's part of who I am now, I don't really know my dad and didn't have a dad in my life for a fair majority of my time. I have issues because of it all, they don't magically go away just because someone says sorry. I just can't let shit go. It's really my down fall. Yet people say im too forgiving and naive. Ha! Such a contradiction, I don't know who the fuck I am.
  11. So in other words...Long story short, they forgot about me :'( If they did ask me I would have gladly said yes and done an excellent job of it too.
  12. CheekyChops


    I have a random question about the font. It has been such a long time I dont really remember now, but is the font still our beloved "atomic font"...what was it again...i cant remember. I downloaded it years ago and used it to type up my school essays etc lol. No biggie if its different now, just wondering :)
  13. CheekyChops

    Now's the time.

    Virt? come bacccck.
  14. CheekyChops

    Am I the only one cracking the s#$ts at social media.

    I'm heavily into social media, I like it personally but its also part of my professional world, too, being in PR, media relations and community relations these days. Professionally, it is just another channel for PR and another media platform to reach my target people. Personally, I use it to keep up to date with friends and family while im away, and also while im working. Lets face it, I work very unsociable hours on weekends, late at night, early mornings. Im a shift worker. I used to get quite depressed before social media but it helps me stay in the loop now and I dont have to be in everyones pockets all at once in my spare time or down time. My spare time is usually when normal people are at work and cant take phone calls or come hang out with me because they are at work - but they can chat/post on facebook :) Recently I went away to Europe with Sil and Juggs, we went away for 3 weeks and my iphone suddenly did that annoying thing were wifi just doesnt work - the wifi switch greyed out and I couldnt turn it on. I was literally cut off from the internet and my social media cold turkey. At first I hated it, I was dying to log on and keep up. I was very bored the first few days because the others would be on their phones as we all would normally do, but because i couldnt, I noticed for the first time just how much we really depend and rely on it these days. I think after a week, I didnt feel the need to log in so badly and I stopped asking to borrow Juggs' phone lol. the others would tell me important things that popped up online but I wasnt wasting my time online anymore. Which was good cos I was in Europe!! :) When I got home, I logged back in and at first was like YES FINALLY GIMME THE INTERNETZ!!!! but then after a while I noted how much time I was wasting again and I thought maybe i should cut back. So in short, I do enjoy it, I use it personally and professionally for varied reasons. I see why others dont like it now, but as with anything, moderation is key. Too much of anything is a bad thing. And to be honest, social media is no different to the forums here, really. Maybe you arent exposed to as much advertising and campaigning, or data mining (that people willing sign up to, read the fine print!),but you still spend hours here talking shit and wasting time :P