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  1. meh. fuck this. see yas

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    Have to have the last word dontcha? Meh. Say whatever you like sunshine, this thread doesnt deserve to be derailed hence I stopped responding to you. Back to the topic at hand, robzy's sex and torture museum pics! >_>
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    Ooh, that sounds like fun The side of chernobyl they dont show you I can has reactorburger?
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    Happy Valentines Day

    Well they say you learn something new everyday. They didn't say it'd be something you'd want to know though :P
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    Indeed. What I'm curious about i the sound, or lack thereof. How strict were they about what buildings you could and couldnt enter? I saw in one of the photos furniture in a hotel room, could you not go in due to hotspots or?
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    Well yes I did. I also noticed the 'eating the snow' part. If you say stupid shit, I suppose people are going to notice and respond to it, huh. By the way, 'whizzing through an area' - if indeed that's what Robzy did - is no doubt fine at certain level of radiation. My question was: is it safe at 95x the background level? Way to miss the point, huh. It's called emphasis for effect, you might find out what it means one day. People notice if you say stupid shit indeed. I notice it from you a lot.
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    Too much fallout would be asking if he took Rad-X on the way in ;)
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    So you have to ingest radioactive substances now in order to be irradiated? Cause, when I was a boy, radiation actually radiated... Did you not notice the stopping part of what I wrote? They're zipping through the area. They're not stopping. Way to completely miss the point. Once again living up to your avatar...
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    I would guess so. Not like you're stopping for a picnic and to eat the snow.
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    oooh you know ive been bugging you for this *leg humps*
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    Crap TV

    You know you can change channels, or just not watch it
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    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    Kills on sisi dont count anyway regardless
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    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    well they've already got a pink dildo
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    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    -_- t3 hairdryers yo
  15. Fuck, just found out a mate lost six of his friends in Kinglake. :(
  16. FAZZ Gundam

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    I dread to think what they're basing the gallente one on -_-
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    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    A Loki being based on...?
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    Hawx Demo

    think ill stick to AC6
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    Foxes on a trampoline

    Quite cute
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    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    "Your Power of 2 account is nearing the final month of the promotion and will soon convert to a regular subscription. The transition is automatic and no action is required on your end to keep the account and your characters active." Well thats bloody interesting considering I haven't been subbed since last year lol
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    13 year old becomes a father

    All fun and games until he has to share his playstation
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    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    O_O Fuck me sideways
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    Cutting it fine...

    Total. Fucking. Morons. Do they have no concept of how much damage a train can do and how long it takes to stop one? Let alone the poor train operator who cant do a damn thing to stop. Gah, oxygen thieves the lot of 'em.
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    Libyan shooting skillz

    Call me a party pooper but I fail to see the humour in civil war.
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    Killzone 2 Demo.

    I reckon a good proportion of this $950 we might see will go towards a ps3 and KZ2 for myself. Flawed as it was I loved Killzone. Fucking hated the bots who could snipe you with grenades though