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  1. Linux_Inside V2

    Speedtest.net - How fast is your ISP?

    Moved the other day, finally a house with Cable!
  2. just an FYI, same board here and had the same problem. a BIOS update was released on the 14th of june that says "2.Improve the compatibility of PCI devices." It fixed the issue for me, so give it a try.
  3. Linux_Inside V2

    Windows 7 toolbar problem

    I'm betting the issue is that YouTube videos are playing as HTML5 rather than Flash when using Chrome, I believe Vimeo has HTML5 as well. if you play a video on youtube and right click on the video it'll tell you, you'll either have an option for flash settings or not.
  4. Linux_Inside V2

    I need to vent

    The way forward for small businesses will be the cloud where possible, they want you using Office 365 or Microsoft Partnered Cloud Providers. I agree with mudg3 in that it'll be harder to be a shitty windows admin going forward, if you don't have a real understanding of networking, infrastructure and virtualization your job options will start to diminish.
  5. Linux_Inside V2

    Motorcycle black obelisk

    Seems a bit extreme, I don't know why Japanese bikes have locked ECU's BMW, KTM, Triumph, MV etc have programmable ECU's from the factory. I can just plug my bike in with an OBD-II cable and upload new maps, diagnose etc.
  6. Linux_Inside V2

    I need to vent

    That's the way MS is going anyway. even with server 2012 the emphasis is on managing your servers using server manager on a client machine.
  7. Linux_Inside V2

    I need to vent

    Well they've got 2 choices then, pay for Exchange and Windows, or use Zimbra :P
  8. Whatever you're trying to achieve, you're doing it wrong. Why exactly do you need 2 proxies? :edit: shit, didn't realise this thread was so old...
  9. Linux_Inside V2

    Show us your Rig

    Behold the craptabulous craptraption that is my computer. I've been too lazy to fit the G5 fans and mount the PSU inside the G5's PSU case to clean it up. so it'll look way better when I'm done. I7 2600, GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP, 8GB of ram and an 8800GTS the graphics card is temporary until I get a new one. And the other half of my setup One microserver is running ESXi, the other is my NAS. 4 2TB Barracudas in Raid 5 Late 2008 Macbook pro is my work machine, I'll be upgrading this year sometime.
  10. Linux_Inside V2

    I need to vent

    It wouldn't be hard at all, it's easy to scale exchange as your demand increases and virtualization would only make it easier. You don't to spend millions on infrastructure straight away. You could even start by using a cloud host for only a few hundred a month.
  11. Linux_Inside V2

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    I've been playing this too, I love how much funny shit can happen when you play with mates. We found a car the other night, loaded it up and my paranoid mate freaked out when he saw other players, turned out it was two people from our group... smashed up the car trying to get away but I had to laugh my ass off at it though. Then an hour later after looting NW Airfield, we got owned going back to vybor
  12. Linux_Inside V2

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Planes flying around attacking infantry is one of the things I fucking hate about this game. especially since the plane is fucking untouchable even if you're carrying stingers
  13. I guess the stickers stating "Made in China" on everything must be talking about a different china.
  14. Linux_Inside V2

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Nah, it's pretty ridiculous how the game is going all because they're trying to pander to the kind of moron that jerks off over COD Last night I was playing Wake, we were pinned down to the last point on the map with a chopper circling the point owning everything in sight. and since below radar now means you can't lock a fucking stinger on, there was nothing we could do.
  15. Linux_Inside V2

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Might just be the servers being shitcunts, last night I managed to play for a bit, when I got disconnected 4 other mates did too. so it has to be a server issue Nothing makes me rage like BF3 does. I managed to cut both hands raging at it last night. The simple solution seems to be to stay away from 64 player maps, because they're always full of cod faggots and snipers.