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  1. AznSnake

    How do you say “chutzpah” in Chinese?

    My relatives have multiple children there. :D I think that policy doesn't affect the countryside though. *shrug*
  2. AznSnake

    [ALL] Homefront

    I'm with Spanky. I seriously thought China when i glanced at this... but NK... errr... not unless Kim Jong stole the Delorian could this be possible... Which I might add would make a great Back to The Future 4 I agree that the premise is a little weak, their justification being that the unification with South Korea brought them significant technology advances. From this they were able to secure Japan which would bring them even more technological gains. But I ask myself, where was China in all this? Wouldn't they be pissed that the Greater Korean Republic is taking out a nation that owes them a lot of money? Or maybe that was the cause of the US Dollar dropping? Regardless of this, we must remember it's more a game for Americans, for which this scenario would not even be in their worst nightmares. The story does set itself apart from other FPS games where you are glorious American/British soldier who can pound the shit out of anyone because you have the backing of the most technologically advanced and generally powerful military in the world. Now everything is flipped. I do very much love the trailer and am excited for this game purely due to the story so far. That being said, I have heard bad things about the gameplay in Homefront and the engine itself from people who tested the game. I hope the high expectations presented in the trailer and subsequent hype don't bite them in the arse. Remember Spore?
  3. AznSnake

    Racism on a national level....

    There was some study released a little while ago that took sample data from every area in Australia and asked them questions about their views on ethnic/religious groups and multiculturalism in Australia. Anti-Muslim views were by far the largest, with the national average being close to 50%. Anti-Muslim doesn't necessarily mean dislike or hate, as the questions raised did not specifically ask that. Challenging Racism was the study conducted by some university folk. My region was below the state and national averages. Haw haw! Other statistics can be found at this article. You'll notice that the people who are most concerned with Muslims in Australia are the people that think there are significantly more than there are. Australia only has a population of 1.7% following the Muslim faith, if I recall correctly. The ABC article statistics also indicate that mutliculturalism is still viewed quite positively in Australia. I believe the more people know, the more facts they are presented with, the less worried they will be. I mean really, how many Muslims actually want to implement their religion on the entirety of Australia compared to how many Muslims live in Australia? It's the same thing as believing all Muslims are terrorists because a few crazies hijacked some planes and rammed them into the twin towers in the United States. As a bonus it's also awesome that a total of 61% of people polled believe that politicians raise the issue of race and religion to get votes.
  4. AznSnake

    Hamachi Alternative

  5. AznSnake

    Stalker $14.99 on steam

    I played STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and enjoyed it quite a bit. Although I admit the highest difficulty was pretty easy. I got up to the bar with half a million rubles and the best armour in the game.
  6. AznSnake

    Fallout 3 is better than HL2 and Deus Ex

    Some traits had negative effects too. Like Gifted and Skilled. One would increase your SPECIAL stats while decreasing your skills while the other would do the opposite. Also, Charcoal, that's really the big thing that got me at the end. Where the hell was the narration about how my character affected the wastelands? I want to hear how Megaton prospered/failed or how Big Town finally became a big town and shit. That made ending the game worthwhile. I also want the option to continue playing if I chose not to die. >=(
  7. AznSnake

    Fallout 3 is better than HL2 and Deus Ex

    Get access to The Citadel then you can halt the main story. The reason being that Paladin Gunny is there and so is Elder Lyons. Get permission to get power armor training from Lyons then get the training from Gunny! Oh right, keep any power armor you encounter and just repair them up in your inventory (if you have repair skill). Quite handy.
  8. AznSnake

    Mount & Blade

    Ah, that was quite a great game to just fuck around on. Hire some people and build up your army. I'd like to see it expanded in terms of gameplay. That would be quite awesome.
  9. AznSnake

    GTA4 for PC

    Fallout 3 came out at the start of my uni exams. :P It's like they plan release dates just to hurt us.
  10. AznSnake

    Fallout 3 is better than HL2 and Deus Ex

    Couldn't agree with you more. I'm just going to halt the main story in my new game and go on a massive expedition of exploration. There's a lot I haven't seen. Also, to the guy claiming that there were bad perks in Fallout 1 and 2, I think you are remembering traits. There were optional traits that had negative and positive aspects but all perks were positive IIRC. I wonder what people will cook up in the mods to come. EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, one of the great things I've noticed about this is the fact that you can kill the Overseer or not, which is determines whether or not it's Amata's father as Overseer later or someone else when you go back to Vault 101. Just things like that. I thought it was a nice touch.
  11. AznSnake

    Low Aussie Dollar makes STEAM bad value

    STALKER: Clear Sky has already dropped to A$44? Now that's a quick depreciation in value.
  12. AznSnake

    neosteam is a good mmo for f2p?

    Oh god, Second Life. Instead of playing Second Life, just play your own life.
  13. AznSnake

    Diablo III - For casual gamers?

    They could just have different difficulty settings for this right? Some players may want to play it like the old games and then there can be a setting for the casual gamers.
  14. AznSnake

    EB Games 7 day trial return period

    I don't think it covers PC Games in general.
  15. AznSnake

    Meet Tanya :D

    My memory seems to indicate that the former actors of the Red Alert series were infinitely superior in awesomeness and seemed to fit better in their roles. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=fnd0qg4I_MM Just for nostalgia's sake.