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  1. Spriggan

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Wildstar If you have not played before give it a go its free and fun
  2. Spriggan

    Looking for a new game to play

    I just started wildstar It is surprisingly really fucking good. Combat is amazing and the dung are hard as hell
  3. Spriggan

    What was the first game you ever played?

    probably tetris on one of those cheap generic hand helds that had one game. Or super mario on the nes
  4. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    So there is a battle pass for every major. Valve is going to bank so much fucking cash
  5. Spriggan

    What game have you played the most?

    I have a feeling I remember seeing hte post when you were born :S
  6. Spriggan

    What game have you played the most?

    i played wow for many years for way to many hours 5/2/2011 USD 14.99 1-month Automatic Charge Recurring, USD 14.99 per month that was my last subscription. Honestly I can no remember how many days worth of play I had but it was pushing a year. Its a drug I still get cravings for it :S Oh yeah like 400 hours in cs go and a few hundred in dota 2
  7. Spriggan

    CS GO

    I found a clan. Very casual everyone is nice happy days http://steamcommunity.com/groups/artofchessboxing
  8. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    logged in for the first time in months yesterday. Reborn works really well now, all the new features are 100% on the old game
  9. Spriggan

    Good Friday

    I cooked a really nice eye fillet tonight, with blue cheese sauce was divine
  10. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    im sorta trying to claw my way back up after the csgo derank. But im starting to get a bit dota twitchy again at the moment
  11. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    iv stopped playing since the reborn client
  12. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    This major is fucking shit
  13. Spriggan

    CS GO

    Looking for people to play with. Deranked to silver elite master (was gn2 pre patch) Anyone want to muck around and have some fun. Would actually like to play regularly with the same people and learn some strats and roles.
  14. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    still not played just watching. Reborn is sorta killing the economy, harder to find cosmetics and lots of broken shit :(
  15. Spriggan

    Dota 2

    alliance is black