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  1. I've just spent a month being with mum in hospital. Thank fuck she's getting better. It's just a long, long journey back to health.
  2. At this time of year, Saint Nick/Father Christmas/Papa Noel/etc and his helper elves/photographers are usually waiting to hear from all the children and have a photo taken. There is usually no lines, and a long break between sessions, so the kids can have a great chat/experience with the jolly old man. Also you have a better chance of snagging your kids "must have limited edition" present. Also if the young ones get fussy, and just not cooperating, then there's a lot of time to still get that treasured momento. Getting to the week before Christmas, the lines get long, interaction time is less.. it just gets messy. Source: I spent 2 years "modelling" If you have a question, please ask, I'm happy to answer most questions!
  3. That reminds me of when i Just got adsl at home.. a mate needed a 100mb program downloaded. So I got that, then downloaded the french version too because the download was so fast!
  4. So i've had a few rather janky internet connections in the past.. When I first mved to Melbourne in the early 2000's, I moved in with 2 atomicans and we shared a dialup connection! Later on when I moved to my own place, i had dialup again, but no dedicated modem, so it went from the wall, to a laptop that had a built in modem, to a pcmcia network card, then crossover network cable to my main pc. I think an old freeware program made this possible, analoguex's proxy. http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/Network/proxy/Freeware.htm looks like the site is near abandoned now. Thankfully in the years since then, i've had propper adsl, adsl2+ and fttn connections, but moving for work has left me with a need for a new cobbled together system. Today i'm living in an area with no phone lines, and really spotty 4g coverage. My solution was to get a USB 4g wifi dongle, plugged into a usb wall charger, with an external antenna hanging in the window. Im getting a rather constant connection, but the speeds do go up and down. The extra $15/month for the sim card added to my plan doesnt really affect me too much, and the dongle and antenna only cost $60 all up on ebay. So, whats the craziest way you've connected?
  5. fredzfrog

    Project Binky

    Woo hoo! i'm about to eat some hobnobs with a cuppa
  6. fredzfrog

    Clive Palmer

    But his Aborigional Candidate in WA is spruiking about how UAP wants to help aborigional health. FFS.
  7. fredzfrog

    The most special people

    farts! lol
  8. fredzfrog

    Project Binky

    The direct shoutout to MCM isappreciated I hope they plan on a Mini faceoff when binky is compleated
  9. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Which beach? http://experienceesperance.com.au/about-esperance__trashed/pristine-beaches/ 10 mile anyone?
  10. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    hmm, 2-5 days.. Dry ice might not last that long
  11. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Hmm.. There doesnt seem to be anything on Ausposts site against Mailing Bacon.. Whats it going to cost me @DEVERE?
  12. fredzfrog

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

    I was a little worried but so glad we've returned Actually super worried! AHHH!
  13. fredzfrog

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Didn't we have a font option? I want to annoy people with a subtle font choice.. Also text colours, Can we have an at0mic green? Emerald and Dark Emerald are nice, but they don't have the same pop. Thanks!
  14. fredzfrog

    Happy Invasion Day