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  1. fredzfrog

    Project Binky

    The direct shoutout to MCM isappreciated I hope they plan on a Mini faceoff when binky is compleated
  2. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Which beach? http://experienceesperance.com.au/about-esperance__trashed/pristine-beaches/ 10 mile anyone?
  3. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    hmm, 2-5 days.. Dry ice might not last that long
  4. fredzfrog

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Hmm.. There doesnt seem to be anything on Ausposts site against Mailing Bacon.. Whats it going to cost me @DEVERE?
  5. fredzfrog

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

    I was a little worried but so glad we've returned Actually super worried! AHHH!
  6. fredzfrog

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Didn't we have a font option? I want to annoy people with a subtle font choice.. Also text colours, Can we have an at0mic green? Emerald and Dark Emerald are nice, but they don't have the same pop. Thanks!
  7. fredzfrog

    Happy Invasion Day

  8. fredzfrog

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

  9. fredzfrog

    The most special people

    The Wallacys are still going along. more active at the book of faces. Mr is doing some great woodwork, and they really helped me out at a moments notice late last year. Much love for them ?
  10. fredzfrog

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    People still do! Many thanks to the Wallacys for helping me out pre-christmas! I was unable to get to a store, due to being unable to get to my car because of another car on fire, and they stepped up, and made it happen. ?
  11. fredzfrog

    The most special people

    Superman is Elsa?!
  12. fredzfrog

    Atomic Heroes and Superheroes v4

    Weird statistic.. But my Hero endowment was by @hawkeye, and Superhero by @Ben Mansill. I feel special ?
  13. fredzfrog

    The most special people

    You forgot to add @Nich... ? Congrats fellow honorees.. Wow! How'd we get here! And just to end this post, It feels kinda weirdly awesome to have been awarded Atomic's second highest forum honor twice. lol.
  14. fredzfrog

    The most special people

    What? WHAT?!???!! ? I was commenting a short while ago that it had been a decade since I was somehow deemed worthy of the title "Hero".. Now i'm even more confused! Thanks @Ben Mansill! I'm honored ?
  15. fredzfrog

    Did something just happen?

    Err, you told us.. All of Nextmedia's tech assets!?