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  1. TheManFromPOST

    how crap is this government ?

    what went wrong was choosing Bill Shorten as leader never came across as sincere, Hawke dieing last week showed a huge difference between a man who could lead and a try hard
  2. for the senate I voted for 'the pirate party'
  3. TheManFromPOST


    there is a lot of bad stuff in there, permission to kill, rape, keep slaves
  4. TheManFromPOST


    i have no pvroblem with the bible it is a great work of fiction
  5. TheManFromPOST


    "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
  6. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    coming to Atomic give me an ad for ear wax removal
  7. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    Cleaning the contacts in the relays on one of my older games pull apart the switchstack, then use a small pad dipped in isopropal alcohol on my dremel to clean the crud of the contacts. then reassemble Fun
  8. TheManFromPOST

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Nobody is disputing that but he still looks better than Hillary in 2016, and most of the democratic contenders for 2020
  9. there is no need for police or armies only god can judge and his might is inescapable
  10. TheManFromPOST


    'Need' would be a much smaller number it would depend on the type of civilization that you want a city of a few hundred would be enough to be self sustaining but if you want technology, then you would want millions of citizens
  11. TheManFromPOST


    get out of the capital cities and try telling me we are even close to being over populated
  12. TheManFromPOST


    actually no, it does not farmers are more efficient than they were 30 years ago, so we can grow more food, feed more people
  13. TheManFromPOST


    please remember, this is not my argument at what point does it become a person, rather than a glob of cells (or when does it gain a soul [hey, we are on topic])? a heart forms and can pump blood, a brain forms and a nervous system develops or do you consider it to have rights from the moment of conception ? too many questions that I personally dont have an answer for is a glob of cells a person? no after 36 weeks of gestation (and there are no health issues), should abortions be allowed? no I don't know where the right cut off point is
  14. TheManFromPOST


    What is annoying is when the other side has better arguments Take the abortion issue, I am for abortion (on demand, first trimester. not necessarily so in the third trimester) but I will admit, the anti-abortion people have a better argument
  15. TheManFromPOST


    i disagree strongly ones beliefs are shaped by your experiences, you can choose to learn or not as a teen, I thought gays were icky, thus homosexuals deserved no rights in my 20s I realised that nobody would choose to be gay, you were born that way. so if a person had no choice to be gay then they had the same rights as everybody else I choose to change the way I thought