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  1. TheManFromPOST

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Just for you @Kimmo actually looking good today
  2. TheManFromPOST

    What a joke

    has there ever been a good US president?
  3. TheManFromPOST

    Dear TMFP

    I thought of posting a picture of what my foot looks like today, but I could not be bothered having to tape it up after
  4. TheManFromPOST

    Here's a thought

    Years on Atomic = lots arguments read on Atomic = 11 million minds changed due to Atomic arguments = 0
  5. TheManFromPOST

    Dear TMFP

    that's better, pick on the guy who's body is falling apart
  6. TheManFromPOST

    Here's a thought

    I have a thought, stop making threads targeting Leo
  7. TheManFromPOST

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I knew there was something missing from my life;
  8. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    you guys are smarter than me, how does Facebook AI censorship work? Yesterday I went with a friend to the NGA, while there we noticed an exhibit of nude photography, my friend took photos and tried to post them on facebook, one of the photos FB took an immediate dislike and would not post the photo the other photos showed just as much flesh, so why did FB choose one photo to censor?
  9. Don't try the dairy free Magnum it is not the greatest thing under the sun it might taste better up your bum la dee da, de dum
  10. TheManFromPOST

    The gospel of Leonid

    hey Leo, since this is your thread, and I agree with most of your politics; got a good Matzoh ball soup recipe?
  11. TheManFromPOST

    The gospel of Leonid

    this will end well
  12. TheManFromPOST

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    socialism for everyone
  13. TheManFromPOST

    What a joke

    it is all amusing we are here in Australia, and are just handful of people who cannot vote in American elections and even if we have American friends we know we cannot change their political view
  14. TheManFromPOST

    What a joke

    and with the Democrats being bigger idiots, Trump will win the 2020 election
  15. TheManFromPOST

    What a joke

    Disagree, if ALL companies had to pay a minimum wage, then they would adapt to the new system I liken it to (for example) a franchise 'Chris Burgers' want to open their first store in a new town. because they have an internationally known brand, the battle through red tape is eased, they get the roads altered so customers can more easily access their business, and they get a tax breaks for the first 10 years Meanwhile "Pete's Burgers' who does not have the money to grease palms, or spend fancy advertising, has to deal with crappy parking and no tax breaks Big business will survive without government handouts