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  1. TheManFromPOST

    Do own many things that others wouldn't?

    nup bought this a few months ago, the original, hand drawn, schematic of a pinball machine from 1964
  2. TheManFromPOST

    Where did it go ?!

    ...sounds like a punch line to a joke
  3. TheManFromPOST

    Where did it go ?!

    You need to look up more often shooting star happen all the time best one I ever saw game down glittery green
  4. TheManFromPOST

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    .and I thought you liked me
  5. TheManFromPOST

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Ahhh, that is better
  6. TheManFromPOST

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Two months ago I lost another toe, it had been hard and black, I was told it was OK, it will heal itself. four days later it had gone gooey and black and had to be amputeted Tuesday a third toe started looking bad, I had an appointment in hospital anyway two doctors murmered and decided to pump me full of antibiotics and hopefully it would fix itself but no beds available, so a night in ED fun, in emergency they take blood pressure every hour, the lights are always on and it is busy most of the night, so no sleep morning comes and my usual surgeon comes in, sticks a needle in just a blood blister I hate diabeties
  7. TheManFromPOST

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    The date stamp is wrong this is AUSTRALIA, not some backwards, flea bitten silly place DAY/ MONTH/ YEAR thank you
  8. TheManFromPOST

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    we now have a reputation? .....and sound effects????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. OK, you probably have me beat diabetes, necrotizing facitits, deep depression, lost big toe, more depression, lost another toe (depression disappeared, weird) been told that my life span has thus been shortened found you can still mess up an idiot proof insulin injection (miss the fat, inject into a blood vessel) business closed 6 of the last 12 months but my 2.8yo grandson thinks I am awesome
  10. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    because if the staff see his small genitals, at least they can still know he's nigga enough to have bling ? This time I was back in Ballarat hospital. we are all pasty white ;) (except for my Doctor, young, beautiful and I could not tell where she was from) (but that has been my overall experience, most medical professionals seem way too young)
  11. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    if you need surgery, all jewellery, false teeth, everything needs to be removed if something goes wrong, you dont want bling to get in the way of them saving your life I understand if you need one item for luck or whatever, but once you are in a hospital gown, you are unimpressive anyway
  12. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    without jumping on you for a natural enough gender stereotype thats a non-issue, i question why any person would want such expensive jewellery. but the probable answer is, it couldnt hurt his appeal to hot young nurses - duh! :P LOLs Pinball machines are a good investment :D
  13. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    OK, just got out from another stay in hospital while there , the young guy in the bed next to was upset as two rings and a necklace he bought to hospital were "misplaced" (later found) he claimed these 3 pieces of jewelry were $8000 I question why any male would want such expensive jewelry? (and why you would still be wearing them in hospital)
  14. TheManFromPOST

    Getting on, it's not too bad.

    Getting older sucks just got home from another stay in hospital being a Grandpa is cool though
  15. TheManFromPOST

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    12 months ago i would be paraniod and not want my data stored now though, it is easier fir me if each clinic i attend has the information in front of them