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  1. TheManFromPOST

    A few things Atomic has taught me

    what,? i learned nufin
  2. TheManFromPOST

    Go Greta, go !!

    President Trump will save us
  3. TheManFromPOST

    Go Greta, go !!

    the end of the world has been coming for more than 100 years, teens have always been more woke to it, old farts like us have seen it all before see more; the atomic bomb, communism, Vietnam, AIDS
  4. TheManFromPOST

    Anyone seen Cybes lately ?

    it means different things to different people I developed it a year ago, never felt like offing myself I was OK during the week, keeping busy at work, dreaded the weekends, though. too much time to think
  5. TheManFromPOST

    i see dead people

    RIP Aron Eisenberg, Nog from Deep Space 9
  6. TheManFromPOST

    2001 brown face

    but would you know one if you had? down the road from my shop there is an Aboriginal co-op, we get many people from there shopping with us while there is a few that come in with chocolate brown skin, most people who come you need to look close to see the native heritage
  7. TheManFromPOST

    2001 brown face

    Gagh, can you two just get a room already??????
  8. TheManFromPOST

    2001 brown face

    But that is the thing as PM he has championed issues form the leftist agender, now we see that he has been nonPC in the past If it was a harmless bit of fun back then, then maybe calling a person by the wrong pronoun IS NOT a jailable offence today
  9. TheManFromPOST

    2001 brown face

    We need pictures to be fully informed
  10. TheManFromPOST

    What's on your mind?

    My near perfect, not faded, irreplaceable, Pharaoh backglass just slipped out of my fingers
  11. TheManFromPOST

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I installed colored rubbers and replaced the incandescent bulbs with LEDs in my Batman pinball I like the brightness of the LEDS but I think I prefer old fashioned white rubbers
  12. TheManFromPOST

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    I jump out of bed every morning, have breakfast, and give the reaper the middle finger but there will come a day when he will claim me
  13. TheManFromPOST

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

  14. TheManFromPOST


    Pity you, or anyone else, has never prayed for world peace